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The Man from Hell

Author:Autumn Wind 123

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《The Man from Hell》 Volume 1
1 That's Unscientific!
2 He is... a Demon!
3 Kill Everything Possible!
4 This Man Should Never be Offended!
5 This Item is a Bit Dirty!
6 Ye Feng is My Boy Friend!
7 Does Your Mom Know That You're So Shameless?
8 No, No, No! You Must have Misheard it!
9 That's F*cking Stimulating!
10 I Am a Demon!
11 An Educated Rogue is Frightening!
12 He's Not a Human!
13 I Misunderstood You!
14 He's a Puzzle!
15 Fatty! Brother...
16 It's Just a Trick!
17 Waiting for a Person!
18 Night Rose!
19 You Have Two Choices!
20 Bragging or Not?
21 Are You Wrong or Not?
22 My Respects to You, Mr. Ye!
23 My Respects to You, boss!
24 You Can Die Together!
25 I Will Satisfy You!
26 See You Never!
27 Made a Great Profi
28 Well, I Will Satisfy You!
29 It's My First Time. How About It?”
30 He's Absolutely Insane!
31 You’re Refusing a Toast Only to Drink a Forfeit!
32 That’s...Amazing!
33 Is...that You?
34 He's My Feng!
35 I Will Drink It Up, Help Yourselves!
36 Ye Feng’s Belongings!
37 Furious An Xi!
《The Man from Hell》 Volume 2
38 Never!
39 Ye Feng is Dead!
40 The Terrifying Six-Finger Snake!
41 He is a Real Demon!
42 A Demon!
43 Leave me Alone!
44 Ye Feng’s Charges
45 He Called You an Idiot!
46 The Devil Coach!
47 Fast! Precise! Fierce!
48 Now That You’ve Come, Why not Stay?
49 You Can’t Pull Him Out of there!
50 It is...Him!
51 Devil Iron Mountain!
52 Do You Really Want to Hear It?
53 The Piece of Soul!
54 He’s Gone Too Far!
55 Please Save My Father, Ye Feng!
56 That’s Incredible!
57 Please Accept Me As Your Disciple!
58 You Must Be Infertile!
59 Please Save Bai Clan, Mr. Ye!
60 The Evil Young Master——Gong Yunfei!
61 The Old Scores between Him and I Should Come to an End!
62 I Don’t Beat People Like That!
63 Did You Commit the Crime?
64 Why Is He Here?
65 Unbelievable!
66 My Boyfriend——Ye Feng!
67 That Brat is Dead!
68 I Will Treat Him with Respect!
69 How... Did He Do It!
70 If So, Go Die!
71 Who the Hell is this Monster!
72 Well! Break His Leg then!
73 A Greater Loss!
74 A Person Who Deserves Death!
75 Perhaps I’ve Fallen in Love with Him!
76 One Bowl of Noodles for Two People!
77 Gong Yunfei, I’m Here for Your Life!
78 I Choose to Kill You!
79 If You Don’t Die, I Won’t Be Happy!
80 He's Crazy!
81 Jiangshi City Will Face Great Change!
82 Do You Want to Die?
83 Won’t You Give Me a Reasonable Reply?
84 It’s So Good to be With You!
85 So… So Beautiful!
86 I Don't Want Money!
87 Kill Him in Three Movements!
88 When Your Heart is Ugly, It Cannot Be Cured!
89 The Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe!
90 Mysterious Xun’er!
91 He’s a Member of the Ye Clan!
92 It’s Time for a Massacre...
93 Stay Alive, Ye Feng!
94 You Deserve Death!
95 I Will Make Your Dream Come True!
96 It’s a Long Journey to Hell, Bon Voyage!
97 You’re Really Courting Death!
98 The Patron of Sikong Clan!
99 How Do You Like This Pattern?
100 Dark Lolita!
101 Perhaps, I should Kill Him!
102 The Pit is Ready. It’s Time to Bury Him!
103 Leave Some Holes!
104 Someone Else is Courting Death!
105 Therefore, You Must Die!
106 You Have to Die This Time!
107 Kill People With Me Tonight!
108 I Will Protect You In the Afterlife!
109 An Awakened Unrivaled Body!
110 Grand Owner!
111 Demon Emperor is Waiting for You!
112 The Youngest King on the Streets!
113 The Eighth One!
114 Break His Limbs and Let Him Crawl Out?
115 If So, Go Die!
116 Pitifully, You’re Courting Death!
117 Heavenly Forbidden Immortal Stone!
118 You’ve Misunderstood Me!
119 Young Mister, Wait a Moment!
120 You’re Really Something!
121 A Magical Instrument——Broken Sword!
122 The Power of the Sword!
123 What a Magical Man!
124 How Many Smacks Would It Take to Make You Shut Up?
125 Heart of Queens!
126 The First Gift!
127 Why Do You Court Death!
128 I...Want Your Life!
129 You know Who I Am!
130 The Petrified Onlookers!
131 The Start of an Assassination
132 The Road Towards Netherworld was Slippery, Let Me Give You a Favor!
133 A Man Should Keep His Promise!
134 An Overwhelming Strike!
135 An Xi’s Crisis!
136 Coming to Jiangbei City!
137 Demon’s Blood!
138 You Can Take Away the Glass of Hard Drink; But, Leave Your Head!
139 Right, You’re Courting Death!
140 Invite Him Back!
141 Keep the Grass or Die!
142 Blood for Blood!
143 Overwhelming Punch!
144 All of Them Will Die!
145 He is Coming!
146 The Name of the Battle Formation is Bloody Slaughter!
147 An One-sided Battle!
148 The Start of a Nightmare!
149 A Deity
150 Wedding! Bride! Funeral Objects!
151 It’s Time to Wash Jiangshi City!
152 The Blood Trip!
153 He...Won’t Die!
154 A Weird Rune!
155 Revival Spell!
156 Can I Kill You Now?
157 Nice to See You, My Demonic Corpse!
158 It Tasted Good!
159 I Order Your Souls to Come Back!
160 Demonic Corpse A’Si!
161 The Doomsday of Leng Clan!
162 The Complete Collapse of the Leng Clan!
163 A Storm’s on its Way!
164 The Samsara of Demon Valley!
165 The National Goddess Ruoyi!
166 How Did I Sexually Harass You!
167 Who Else!
168 Heavens-Reaching Demonic Servant!
169 The Arrival of Tank!
170 I’m Looking to Take His Life!
171 It’s Enough for Me to Kill You!
172 The Real Power of Heavens-Reaching Stairs!
173 Kill Tank in Four Steps!
174 Walking Towards Hell!
175 I...Love You!
176 Let Me Show You My Heart!
177 Sweeping Over Jiangnan Province in Three Days!
178 There Will Be No Powerhouse Left in JiangnanProvince!
179 Are You Ready?
180 The Nine-Level Bloody Formation!
181 The Start of A Bloody Battle!
182 A Crazy Battle!
183 Jiangshi City is Your Graveyard!
184 Go...Die!
185 Let Me See You Off!
186 Master’s Original Crystal!
187 You...Are a Demon!
188 I Don’t Break My Promise!
189 The Demonic Guards!
190 Big Waves
191 Demon!
192 Is It Very Cool?
193 A Lecher!
194 The Night of Revenge!
195 If I Didn’t Show Up, How Would I Kill You!
196 The Start of the Blood Sacrifice
197 The Ultimate Battle!
198 Soul-Returning Mountain——The Graveyard!
199 That’s Why You Must Die!
200 Deadpool Fierce Spirit!
201 The Peak Stage of Master? Just So-So!
202 A Big Surprise!
203 Re-encountering Bai Yi!
204 Perhaps I should Kill Him!
205 There’s No More Black Cross in East Asia From Now On!
206 We’re Here to Take Your Humble Lives At the Order of Our Owner!
207 It’s Just the Beginning!
208 The Gathering of the Powers!
209 The Loser Will Die!
210 The One Who Kills You!
211 I’m Waiting for You!
212 Semi-Master Versus Semi-Legend!
213 I Demand Your Life!
214 I Will Break Both You and Your Spiritual Instrument!
215 The Battle God of Xiangjiang City
216 The One Who Tore You Apar
217 Who Are You
218 Sweeping Over the Miao Region
219 The Nightmare!
220 Lets See Who Has More Men!
221 Demonic Valley!
222 Entering Demonic Valley!
223 Go Away or Die!
224 You’re Courting Death!
225 Cracking Down A Legend-class Powerhouse!
226 Dark… Misses You So Much!
《The Man from Hell》 Volume 3
227 The Man Consecrated by the Demons!
228 Remember That We’re a Family!
229 It’s Time for You to Pay with Your Life!
230 The Start of the Horrible Counter-Attack!
231 You're Dead in My Eyes!
232 You Cannot Die!
233 Demons are Undying!
234 The First One!
235 If You’re My Enemy, You Must Die!
236 You’re Not Qualified to Be My Slave!
237 As You Will!
238 Do You Like My Gift?
239 Fang Ying is About to Die!
240 Get Out or Die!
241 Evil Spiritual Fetus!
242 The Spiritual Fetus Is Mature; Reap It At 8 Pm!
243 If I Want Him to Die, He Cannot Live!
244 Because You’re A Ghost and I Am A Demon!
245 Storm Is Coming!
246 It’s… You!
247 He’s Your Betrothed Husband!
248 Looking For The One In the Childhood!
249 Hi, My Beloved Boy from my Childhood!
250 Three Months!
251 Okay, Let’s Start!
252 Soul Master!
253 12 Years No See!
254 Don't You Want to See Me?
255 Because My Family Name is Ye!
256 Ye Feng Is Right!
257 Ye Feng Must Die!
258 Ye Feng!
259 The Arrival of the Devil!
260 I Will Kill You in Four Movements!
261 The Rule is the Winner Can Survive!
262 Have You Prepared Your Original Crystals?
263 The Doomsday of the Legends!
264 Crazy! He’s Courting Death!
265 I Can Still… Stand It!
266 Insidious Zuo Hengshan!
267 Demonic-Slaughter Fist Thorns!
268 The Arrival of the Real Powers of Dark Kill!
269 Are You Wrong?
270 The Code of the Demons
271 The Owner Suzerain!
272 The Age of Ferocity!
273 The Most Terrifying Person!
274 Emperor Sin!
275 The Reappearance of the Wolf King!
276 Ye Feng of the Huaxia Country!
277 This Ghost Is Mine!
278 Do You Think that You’re the Only One who has Myth-class Followers?
279 Hearts Racing, Blood Burning!
280 The Reappearance of the Demon King!
281 Now You Can Go Die!
282 The Reappearance of Ghost Deity!
283 Soul-Eating Skull!
284 I Don’t Take Dead People as my Slaves!
285 Nightmare’s New King!
286 See You in the Afterlife!
287 Dare You Say It Again!
288 You’re Lord Greedy Wolf!
289 Only Ten Seconds!
290 Carol Secret Method!
291 A Sudden Change!
292 A Terrifying Ant Farm!
293 Your Life is Mine!
294 The Fall of the No. 1 Powerhouse in the Huaxia Country!
295 A Bloody Pledge!
296 The Treasure in Chaos Abyss!
297 The Secrets in the Ant Nest!
298 Its Name Was Little Ant!
299 The Glory of the Ant King!
300 The Return of the King!
《The Man from Hell》 Text
301 I Will Kill You With My Finger!
302 Returning to Jiangshi City!
303 Here Comes Death!
304 Paying It off With Their Blood and Mourning It With Their Lives!
305 How Do You Write the Word Die?
306 Ye Feng is Back!
307 This is Terror!
308 They’re Waiting for You in the Netherworld!
309 That Must Be a Hallucination!
310 Ultimate Form!
311 How Could I Forgive You!
312 Night Has Returned!
313 Lord Wu Returns!
314 Demons Take My Order!
315 Kill! Kill! Kill!
316 You Must Die!
317 Here Comes the Bloody Sacrifice!
318 Seven Heavens-Splitting Swords!
319 The Power of the Ant Army!
320 I Will Take Revenge For You!
321 Are You Sure?
322 The Deity of the Swordsmanship Sect!
323 No Matter What, You’re Just An Animal!
324 The Appearance of the Animal Emperor!
325 Hmm, Barbecue!
326 The Extermination of the Swordsmanship Sect!
327 Oblivious Goddess Sutra!
328 She’s… Missing!
329 I Love You So Much!
330 Bai Yi! Bai Yi!
331 Right! It’s Me!
332 Because I am… Ye Feng!
333 There Will Be No Goddesses After Tonight!
334 The Arrival of the Demons!
335 Blow Them Up!
336 Undying Body!
337 You Can Die now!
338 Are You Ready For Death?
339 The Queen’s Last Trump Card!
340 That’s... Impossible!
341 Waiting for the Demon Emperor’s Return!
342 Posuo God’s Clan!
343 The Blessed One!
344 Presumptuous Huangfu!
345 Take It! Kill Him!
346 Monsters!
347 Evil Huangfu Xuan
348 Reappearance of Tuoba Clan
349 Do You Believe?
350 It’s Been 10,000 Years No See!
351 Metal-Eating Golden Beetles!
352 The Attack of an Emperor-Class Beast!
353 Are You Alright?
354 I Will Exterminate Your Clan!
355 A Bloody Battle in Jiangshi City!
356 If You Dare to Come, You Will Die!
357 Terrifying Real Deities!