The Long-awaited Mr Han
1044 Ignoring
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The Long-awaited Mr Han
Author :As If Dawn
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1044 Ignoring

"But we both did not know about each other's situation," Wang Juhuai said, finding it a pity. "If I had known that she had already been divorced for so long, I would have come and found her sooner. Thinking about how she had suffered alone in the past ten or so years, I blame myself. Why did I keep hiding? I thought she was married and was with her own family, so I did not dare to appear all that while, not daring to see her living with someone else, scared to disturb her daily life."

"The good thing was, when I came back this time around, we still ended up meeting," Wang Juhuai said with a sigh. "Finally, we can be together again. We met each other again with so much difficulty, I naturally won't return to America. We met only after more than twenty years. It's our fate. We didn't want to miss it and delay any longer, so we got married."

Wang Juhuai was proud and even a bit gloating as he said, "We got our marriage certificate on the seventh day of the New Year."

Seventh day?

Lu Qiyuan was stunned.

Wasn't that the day he saw Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai hugging each other on the street?!

He did not think that that day, they had actually gone to get their marriage certificate!

Already getting their marriage certificate after being reunited for a short time, Xia Qingwei really was very excited!

Wait, wait…

He's saying that they were reunited, that they were lovers in the past…

Could it be that the man in front of him was Xia Qingwei's first love?

This was the first love she had never forgotten!

No wonder Xia Qingwei got together with him.

Lu Qiyuan was extremely angry.

The funny thing was that he still spoke to Wang Juhuai about Xia Qingwei's first love when Wang Juhuai was the one that Xia Qingwei had never been able to forget.

No wonder Wang Juhuai was so happy when they were talking about it at that time.

He was really like an idi*t!

They must be mocking him in his heart!

"Congratulations, congratulations," Mrs. He said in surprise.

She was more emotional than Mayor He and, upon hearing Wang Juhuai's words, was truly happy for them. She was touched after hearing about their feelings and fate over so many years.

"Although it's been many years, as long as you two can be together again, that's fate," Mrs. He said.

Lu Qiyuan's expression was ugly at the side, and his lips were pressed together tightly.

It was a pity that no one was bothering with Lu Qiyuan's anger.

Wang Juhuai saw it, but he could not be bothered with Lu Qiyuan's emotions and became angrier and angrier.

Mrs. He said, touched, "I did not think that when Mr. Wang returned to the country, there would be such a big surprise."

"That's right." Wang Juhuai could not hide his happiness.

Mayor He said, "You just said that you would not return to America again. Have you decided to stay permanently in the country?"

"That's right. Naturally, I'll be following Xiao Xia. Because Xiao Xia is staying here, I'll stay here as well," Wang Juhuai explained as he smiled.

Despite not saying too much, from his attitude, words, and tone, they could see his love for Xia Qingwei.

Mrs. He was very envious while Lu Qiyuan was extremely angry, and he finally remembered a problem. Mayor He and Mrs. He were so polite to Wang Juhuai. Why was that so?

After hearing Mrs. He's words, he found out she was even his fan.

"Hahaha, no wonder Mr. Wang can come to participate in the dinner party," Mayor He said with a laugh. "Then thank you so much, Mrs. Wang."

Wang Juhuai happily heard the title "Mrs. Wang." That was very nice to hear.

But when Lu Qiyuan heard it, he felt very unhappy.

Originally, she was Mrs. Lu, but now, she'd become Mrs. Wang.

Xia Qingwei was finally able to reach what she wanted and became Mrs. Wang.

Lu Qiyuan was standing there like a see-through person, but even after so long, there was no one paying attention to him.

Mayor He and Mrs. He's attention was all concentrated on Wang Juhuai. Because of Wang Juhuai, even Xia Qingwei also got their respect.


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