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The Long-awaited Mr Han

Author:As If Dawn

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“Take me in, I“ll do anything you want me to!“

In her previous life, Lu Man is sent to prison after being framed by her step-sister and an asshole. After being released from prison, the only thing that greets her is her mother“s tombstone. Seeing the asshole and bitch getting happily along together like one big family with her birth father and step-mother, she sets out to die ...
《The Long-awaited Mr Han》 Volume 1
1 She Must Escape
2 This... Isn't This Han Zhuoli?
3 Those Who Should Be Teased, Must Be Teased
4 She Had Been Schemed Against by Idiots in Her Past Life
5 Surprisingly, Han Zhuoli Did Not Expose the Truth
6 A Slap in the Face
7 Why Are You Interested in an Ordinary Woman Like Me?
8 Has Your Ex-Boyfriend Ever Seen You Like This?
9 Looking Down Now, Han Zhouli's Hand Had Unexpectedly...
10 Young Master Han, Shouldn't You Let Go of Me First?
11 What Right Do They Have to Bully People Like That?
12 But the Title Mrs He Was Also Stolen from Lu Man by Lu Qi
13 Lu Man, Why Are You Acting Crazy!
14 Now that Xia Qingwei Was Dead, She Won't Let Lu Man Go Either
15 The Two of You, One's a B*stard and The Other's a B*tch
16 I Will Let You Go Today, but You Still Can't Get Away, Understood?
17 Is It Alright for You to Take Advantage of Lu Qi?
18 At That Moment, Both of Their Faces Were the Same.
19 I Am Your Daughter Too
20 More Despicable Than Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi?
21 I'm Not Even the Culprit. So Why Should I Turn Myself In?
22 This Man Is a Fickle and Selfish Man
23 It Turns Out Being a Mistress is Hereditary
24 Who Hasn't Met a B*stard or Two?
25 He Had Barely Chased After Her When He Saw That Lu Man Had Entered a Black Nissan
26 Lu Qi Had No Way of Redeeming Herself Anymore
27 She Had Been Too Naive
28 Lu Man's Tears Instantly Rolled Down
29 An Important Clue: "Budding Starlet"
30 Use Her Mother to Threaten Her!
31 If She Doesn't Want Her Mother's Illness to Relapse After Witnessing That Scene, She Will Obediently Leave with Us.
32 Are You Sure You Weren't Bullied?
33 It Is Me Who Is a Burden on Her
34 Lu Qiyuan Had Brought Some Men and They Ran Hurriedly Into the Hospital
35 Take Her Away!
36 You Wish!
37 You're Shameless
38 Some People's Mouths Are Just as Filthy as Their Hear
39 This Is Her Duty as an Older Sister, to Help Her Younger Sister
40 Crashing Heavily Into the Person Coming out of the Life Coming out of the Lif
41 Rushing up to Me as Soon as You See Me, Do You Miss Me That Much?
42 I'll Follow Everything You Say
43 Do You Remember What I Said The Last Time?
44 Han Zhuoli Gave a Low Laugh, Calling Her a Vixen in His Hear
45 The Han Zhuoli Who Had Been Quiet All This While, Instantly Took out a Card
46 Han Zhuoli Raised His Eyebrows. Did He Chase Her to Pay Him Back?
47 Give Me Your Phone Number
48 Han Zhuoli Carried Her off the Floor, Turning Around Only to Press Her into the Corner of the Wall
49 Lu Man Gritted Her Teeth Angrily, Is This Man a Rascal?
50 Has He Come Here Today Just to Eat Dog Food?
51 Use Your Charm to Get Her
52 Who Cares About How Han Zhuoli Looks at Her
53 From Now On, Lu Qi's Happy Days Come to An End.
54 Aren't We A Family?
55 That Unfilial Thing, Probably Never Ever Treated Him as Her Father!
56 Lu Qiyuan Subconsciously Froze. However, His Hand Was Already Held Back by the Bodyguards Han Zhuoli Had Left Behind
57 Stop Humiliating Yourself
58 If This Isn't Bullying, What Is This?
59 She Must Say Thank You to Han Zhuoli
60 Lu Man Hurriedly Entered, and Saw the Young Person Sitting on the Floor, Face All Bruised Up
61 Who Sent You Here?
62 Calling the Police
63 It Was Lu Qi and Her Idea to Get Someone to Steal the Money Needed to Save Xia Qingwei
64 The Police Came to Their House
65 Lu Man Added Her Bank Card to Her Alipay Account and Immediately Transferred 100,000 yuan to Han Zhuoli
66 Can You Forgive Me for Offending You Before?
67 Don't Blatantly Show off to Mr Han What Lu Man Gave Us but Not Him
68 I Was Bullied So Much in There
69 Can't Wait for You to Go to Jail!
70 Once She Can't Even Afford to Pay for Xia Qingwei's Follow-Up Medical Treatment, She Will Have to Listen to Us Obediently!
71 Zhou Cheng Took a Look and Was Immediately Impressed by Han Zhuoli's Cunning Attentiveness.
72 Without Arousing Lu Man's Suspicion, Have Her Go for an Interview at the Han Corporation
73 Lu Hanli Woke Up
74 Han Zhuoli Had Helped Her a Lot, yet Lu Man Knew Nothing About I
75 If He Had Agreed, Mr Han Would Have Made Sure That Lu Hanli Suffers in the Entertainment Industry
76 Interview
77 I Have the Confidence
78 Enemies Are Indeed Bound to Cross Paths
79 Apologize to Your Sister
80 Han Zhuoli Asked Lowly, "When Did Lu Man Leave?"
81 If It’s not given to her, She Will Snatch It; If She Can't Snatch It, She Will Steal It; If She Can't Steal It, She Will Ruin I
82 Don't Even Talk About Being a Second Female Lead, She Can't Even Play the Role of a Tree
83 Leave Quickly, Stop Humiliating Yourself Here
84 Xia Qingyang Was Precisely What They Call a Dumb Teammate
85 Don't Just Make Some Random Pig or Dog My Paren
86 Go and Speak With Han Zhuoli and Ask Him to Give Qi Qi a Role
87 I'm Just a Small Fry. It'd Be Difficult to Meet Han Zhuoli
88 Xiao Han Has the Heart to Purposely Come and See Me
89 Looking down, Han Zhuoli Caught a Glimpse of It, and Used His Thumb to Slowly Rub Her Fist Open
90 Han Zhuoli's Breaths Heated up, His Throat Moistening
91 He's a Really Good Person
92 You Know Each Other?
93 You Can Take Care of Her, But Don't Fall for Lu Man
94 She's The Kind of Person Without Much Wisdom
95 There Are So Many People Looking, If Something Spreads, It Would Not Be Good
96 I Won't Be Angry Because of This
97 He Did Not Bother to Think More About It and Grabbed Lu Man's Wris
98 You Still Dare to Hold Some Other Man's Hand?
99 You Saw That She's Pretty, So You Started to Like Her?
100 Her Relationship With Assistant Zheng is Also Good?
101 I Won't Let Her Get Away!
102 She Would Not Be Chased Away By Anyone!
103 Lu Man, Miss Dai Is Waiting Here for The CEO
《The Long-awaited Mr Han》 Volume 2
104 As Lu Man Turned Her Head, Her Gaze Went past Zheng Tianming and Landed on Han Zhuoli's Face
105 My Dad Does Not Know You Either
106 You Must Be Feeling Aggrieved
107 Why Don't You Call Big Brother Han For Me To Hear?
108 Han Zhuoli's Eyes Warmed Up Even More And His Smile Deepened, "Then Say It Once For Me To Hear?"
109 Han Zhuoli Took The Grain of Rice That Had Been On Her Lip Earlier, and Put It Into His Own Mouth
110 Your Attitude Was Not Enough To Let Them Properly Understand Lu Man's Importance
111 Lu Man Is Very Impressive
112 I Also Want to Apply and Participate in the Test with Lu Man
113 He Just Wanted to Help Lu Man Without Any Principles
114 Whoever Loses, Resigns
115 It Really Was Not Some Special Treatmen
116 He Liked How She Plays Dirty and Rip-Off Others
117 The More She Thought About It, the More She Felt That Han Zhuoli's Words Were Laden with Meaning
118 Will Never Let Lu Man Have It Easy
119 Wu Lize Was Blatantly Flirting with His Girl Right in Front of Him
120 Ultimately, What She Was Afraid of Still Happened. Han Zhuoli Indeed Walked Towards Her
121 Who Do You Want To Have Something With?
122 You're Asking Me What I Like About You?
123 Do You Know What I'm Thinking of Doing the Most Right Now?
124 Xia Qingwei's Expression Changed and Looked at Han Zhuoli and Lu Man Interestingly, Judging Them.
125 "Why Did You Kick Me?" Han Zhuoli Asked Innocently
126 I've Seen People Coming on Strongly to Me Before, But I've Never Come Across Anyone Speaking in Such a Straightforward Way Like You!
127 I've Always Kissed You with a Reason
128 Bad Things Are More Likely to Happen When It's a Useless Man
129 I Am Completely Stuck in the Palm of Your Hand
130 He's Seated Way Too High Up. I Can't Reach Him
131 Meeting Han Zhuoli
132 You Are Not Finding The CEO To Eat?
133 If You Know It’s Inappropriate, Then You Can Come Up Yourself
134 You Could Not Help But Feel Sorry For Me, Right?
135 You Can Try Calling Me That Once
136 This Afternoon, I Saw Lu Man Come To Find The CEO
137 Han Zhuoli Recognized Wu Lize’s Voice From Over The Phone
138 Dai Yiran Entered Ablaze With Anger And Directly Rushed Towards Her
139 Lu Man, Be Less Shameless and Stay Far Away From Big Brother Han
140 Big... Big Brother Han, Why Did You Come Here?
141 At That Moment, Only Lu Man and Han Zhuoli Were Inside and There Was A Pin Drop Silence In the Room
142 I Did Not Know That You Like Me So Much
143 My Girlfriend Has Too Much Work, Let Me Help
144 At That Moment, His Long Arms were Like Long Chains, Tightly Trapping Lu Man
145 If It Hurts, That Means It Isn't a Dream
146 If She Can Do It, Why Can't You?
147 To Think That I Thought We Were Friends. You Don't Even Want to Help Me with This Small Favor.
148 There's a Virus in Here
149 Help Me to Keep an Eye out, Don't Let Others Notice.
150 Do Whatever You Have to Do to Your Heart's Content. I'll Be Watching Your Back
151 Wrapped Around Her Little Finger
152 Can the File Inside Still Be Recovered?
153 Are You an Idiot?
154 Who Said That I've Lost?
155 How Could Lu Man Possibly Know What She Was Thinking Of!
156 She Will Never Be My Competitor, Ever.
157 I'll Give up the Spot to You Guys
158 Lu Man, Keep the Invitation Card Properly. You'll Be Going with Me After Work.
159 Based on the Fact That Lu Man Has Already Passed The Tes
160 Why Was His Girl So Impressive!
161 This Voice Was So Enticing That Lu Man Felt as If Her Head Was About to Burs
162 You Must Be Doing This on Purpose, Making Me Like You More and More
163 Your Heart Will Be Kept Here with Me, You Can't Take It Back.
164 Standing on Her Tiptoes, She Pecked Han Zhuoli on the Chin
165 Have You Written Your Resignation Letter Yet?
166 You Don't Know? Zheng Tianming Likes Lu Man!
167 If You Don't Come Out Now, I'll Expose You Myself
168 Utterly Regretting I
169 Seeing Lu Man Walking Together With Wu Lize, Han Zhuoli Felt That It Was An Eyesore
170 I Thought That You Were Very Bold
171 Why Not We Head Home, to My Home
172 It Hurts, Buddy
173 How Could Lu Man Even Attend Such a Grand Event?
174 Once We Find the Right Opportunity, We'll Chase Her Away!
175 This Isn't Somewhere You Can Come To
176 Young Master Han, You Are Too Much
177 I'm Advising You To Stay Away From Lu Man, She Brings Disaster
178 You Are Not Actually Invited
179 Being Chased Away
180 You Finally Stopped Being Single?
181 Even You Can Find A Girlfriend? You Can't!
182 It Is A Pity If You Don't Enter The Entertainment Circle
183 Why Did You Change Your Way Of Calling Her To Mom Suddenly?
184 You Never Thought Of Marrying Me Before?
185 Since You Have This Ability, You Can Help Your Younger Sister Too
186 Don't Regre
187 Son-in-Law?