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The Long-awaited Mr Han

Author:As If Dawn

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“Take me in, I“ll do anything you want me to!“

In her previous life, Lu Man is sent to prison after being framed by her step-sister and an asshole. After being released from prison, the only thing that greets her is her mother“s tombstone. Seeing the asshole and bitch getting happily along together like one big family with her birth father and step-mother, she sets out to die ...
《The Long-awaited Mr Han》 Volume 1
1 She Must Escape
2 This... Isn't This Han Zhuoli?
3 Those Who Should Be Teased, Must Be Teased
4 She Had Been Schemed Against by Idiots in Her Past Life
5 Surprisingly, Han Zhuoli Did Not Expose the Truth
6 A Slap in the Face
7 Why Are You Interested in an Ordinary Woman Like Me?
8 Has Your Ex-Boyfriend Ever Seen You Like This?
9 Looking Down Now, Han Zhouli's Hand Had Unexpectedly...
10 Young Master Han, Shouldn't You Let Go of Me First?
11 What Right Do They Have to Bully People Like That?
12 But the Title Mrs He Was Also Stolen from Lu Man by Lu Qi
13 Lu Man, Why Are You Acting Crazy!
14 Now that Xia Qingwei Was Dead, She Won't Let Lu Man Go Either
15 The Two of You, One's a B*stard and The Other's a B*tch
16 I Will Let You Go Today, but You Still Can't Get Away, Understood?
17 Is It Alright for You to Take Advantage of Lu Qi?
18 At That Moment, Both of Their Faces Were the Same.
19 I Am Your Daughter Too
20 More Despicable Than Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi?
21 I'm Not Even the Culprit. So Why Should I Turn Myself In?
22 This Man Is a Fickle and Selfish Man
23 It Turns Out Being a Mistress is Hereditary
24 Who Hasn't Met a B*stard or Two?
25 He Had Barely Chased After Her When He Saw That Lu Man Had Entered a Black Nissan
26 Lu Qi Had No Way of Redeeming Herself Anymore
27 She Had Been Too Naive
28 Lu Man's Tears Instantly Rolled Down
29 An Important Clue: "Budding Starlet"
30 Use Her Mother to Threaten Her!
31 If She Doesn't Want Her Mother's Illness to Relapse After Witnessing That Scene, She Will Obediently Leave with Us.
32 Are You Sure You Weren't Bullied?
33 It Is Me Who Is a Burden on Her
34 Lu Qiyuan Had Brought Some Men and They Ran Hurriedly Into the Hospital
35 Take Her Away!
36 You Wish!
37 You're Shameless
38 Some People's Mouths Are Just as Filthy as Their Hear
39 This Is Her Duty as an Older Sister, to Help Her Younger Sister
40 Crashing Heavily Into the Person Coming out of the Life Coming out of the Lif
41 Rushing up to Me as Soon as You See Me, Do You Miss Me That Much?
42 I'll Follow Everything You Say
43 Do You Remember What I Said The Last Time?
44 Han Zhuoli Gave a Low Laugh, Calling Her a Vixen in His Hear
45 The Han Zhuoli Who Had Been Quiet All This While, Instantly Took out a Card
46 Han Zhuoli Raised His Eyebrows. Did He Chase Her to Pay Him Back?
47 Give Me Your Phone Number
48 Han Zhuoli Carried Her off the Floor, Turning Around Only to Press Her into the Corner of the Wall
49 Lu Man Gritted Her Teeth Angrily, Is This Man a Rascal?
50 Has He Come Here Today Just to Eat Dog Food?
51 Use Your Charm to Get Her
52 Who Cares About How Han Zhuoli Looks at Her
53 From Now On, Lu Qi's Happy Days Come to An End.
54 Aren't We A Family?
55 That Unfilial Thing, Probably Never Ever Treated Him as Her Father!
56 Lu Qiyuan Subconsciously Froze. However, His Hand Was Already Held Back by the Bodyguards Han Zhuoli Had Left Behind
57 Stop Humiliating Yourself
58 If This Isn't Bullying, What Is This?
59 She Must Say Thank You to Han Zhuoli
60 Lu Man Hurriedly Entered, and Saw the Young Person Sitting on the Floor, Face All Bruised Up
61 Who Sent You Here?
62 Calling the Police
63 It Was Her and Lu Qi’s Idea to Get Someone to Steal the Money Needed to Save Xia Qingwei
64 The Police Came to Their House
65 Lu Man Added Her Bank Card to Her Alipay Account and Immediately Transferred 100,000 yuan to Han Zhuoli
66 Can You Forgive Me for Offending You Before?
67 Don't Blatantly Show off to Mr Han What Lu Man Gave Us but Not Him
68 I Was Bullied So Much in There
69 Can't Wait for You to Go to Jail!
70 Once She Can't Even Afford to Pay for Xia Qingwei's Follow-Up Medical Treatment, She Will Have to Listen to Us Obediently!
71 Zhou Cheng Took a Look and Was Immediately Impressed by Han Zhuoli's Cunning Attentiveness.
72 Without Arousing Lu Man's Suspicion, Have Her Go for an Interview at the Han Corporation
73 Lu Hanli Woke Up
74 Han Zhuoli Had Helped Her a Lot, yet Lu Man Knew Nothing About I
75 If He Had Agreed, Mr Han Would Have Made Sure That Lu Hanli Suffers in the Entertainment Industry
76 Interview
77 I Have the Confidence
78 Enemies Are Indeed Bound to Cross Paths
79 Apologize to Your Sister
80 Han Zhuoli Asked Lowly, "When Did Lu Man Leave?"
81 If It’s not given to her, She Will Snatch It; If She Can't Snatch It, She Will Steal It; If She Can't Steal It, She Will Ruin I
82 Don't Even Talk About Being a Second Female Lead, She Can't Even Play the Role of a Tree
83 Leave Quickly, Stop Humiliating Yourself Here
84 Xia Qingyang Was Precisely What They Call a Dumb Teammate
85 Don't Just Make Some Random Pig or Dog My Paren
86 Go and Request Han Zhuoli to Give Qi Qi a Role
87 I'm Just a Small Fry. It'd Be Difficult to Meet Han Zhuoli
88 Xiao Han Has the Heart to Purposely Come and See Me
89 Looking down, Han Zhuoli Caught a Glimpse of It, and Used His Thumb to Slowly Rub Her Fist Open
90 Han Zhuoli's Breaths Heated up, His Throat Moistening
91 He's a Really Good Person
92 You Know Each Other?
93 You Can Take Care of Her, But Don't Fall for Lu Man
94 She's The Kind of Person Without Much Wisdom
95 There Are So Many People Looking, If Something Spreads, It Would Not Be Good
96 I Won't Be Angry Because of This
97 He Did Not Bother to Think More About It and Grabbed Lu Man's Wris
98 You Still Dare to Hold Some Other Man's Hand?
99 You Saw That She's Pretty, So You Started to Like Her?
100 Her Relationship With Assistant Zheng is Also Good?
101 I Won't Let Her Get Away!
102 She Would Not Be Chased Away By Anyone!
103 Lu Man, Miss Dai Is Waiting Here for The CEO
《The Long-awaited Mr Han》 Volume 2
104 As Lu Man Turned Her Head, Her Gaze Went past Zheng Tianming and Landed on Han Zhuoli's Face
105 My Dad Does Not Know You Either
106 You Must Be Feeling Aggrieved
107 Why Don't You Call Big Brother Han For Me To Hear?
108 Han Zhuoli's Eyes Warmed Up Even More And His Smile Deepened, "Then Say It Once For Me To Hear?"
109 Han Zhuoli Took The Grain of Rice That Had Been On Her Lip Earlier, and Put It Into His Own Mouth
110 Your Attitude Was Not Enough To Let Them Properly Understand Lu Man's Importance
111 Lu Man Is Very Impressive
112 I Also Want to Apply and Participate in the Test with Lu Man
113 He Just Wanted to Help Lu Man Without Any Principles
114 Whoever Loses, Resigns
115 It Really Was Not Some Special Treatmen
116 He Liked How She Plays Dirty and Rip-Off Others
117 The More She Thought About It, the More She Felt That Han Zhuoli's Words Were Laden with Meaning
118 Will Never Let Lu Man Have It Easy
119 Wu Lize Was Blatantly Flirting with His Girl Right in Front of Him
120 Ultimately, What She Was Afraid of Still Happened. Han Zhuoli Indeed Walked Towards Her
121 Who Do You Want To Have Something With?
122 You're Asking Me What I Like About You?
123 Do You Know What I'm Thinking of Doing the Most Right Now?
124 Xia Qingwei's Expression Changed and Looked at Han Zhuoli and Lu Man Interestingly, Judging Them.
125 "Why Did You Kick Me?" Han Zhuoli Asked Innocently
126 I've Seen People Coming on Strongly to Me Before, But I've Never Come Across Anyone Speaking in Such a Straightforward Way Like You!
127 I've Always Kissed You with a Reason
128 Bad Things Are More Likely to Happen When It's a Useless Man
129 I Am Completely Stuck in the Palm of Your Hand
130 He's Seated Way Too High Up. I Can't Reach Him
131 Meeting Han Zhuoli
132 You Are Not Finding The CEO To Eat?
133 If You Know It’s Inappropriate, Then You Can Come Up Yourself
134 You Could Not Help But Feel Sorry For Me, Right?
135 You Can Try Calling Me That Once
136 This Afternoon, I Saw Lu Man Come To Find The CEO
137 Han Zhuoli Recognized Wu Lize’s Voice From Over The Phone
138 Dai Yiran Entered Ablaze With Anger And Directly Rushed Towards Her
139 Lu Man, Be Less Shameless and Stay Far Away From Big Brother Han
140 Big... Big Brother Han, Why Did You Come Here?
141 At That Moment, Only Lu Man and Han Zhuoli Were Inside and There Was A Pin Drop Silence In the Room
142 I Did Not Know That You Like Me So Much
143 My Girlfriend Has Too Much Work, Let Me Help
144 At That Moment, His Long Arms were Like Long Chains, Tightly Trapping Lu Man
145 If It Hurts, That Means It Isn't a Dream
146 If She Can Do It, Why Can't You?
147 To Think That I Thought We Were Friends. You Don't Even Want to Help Me with This Small Favor.
148 There's a Virus in Here
149 Help Me to Keep an Eye out, Don't Let Others Notice.
150 Do Whatever You Have to Do to Your Heart's Content. I'll Be Watching Your Back
151 Wrapped Around Her Little Finger
152 Can the File Inside Still Be Recovered?
153 Are You an Idiot?
154 Who Said That I've Lost?
155 How Could Lu Man Possibly Know What She Was Thinking Of!
156 She Will Never Be My Competitor, Ever.
157 I'll Give up the Spot to You Guys
158 Lu Man, Keep the Invitation Card Properly. You'll Be Going with Me After Work.
159 Based on the Fact That Lu Man Has Already Passed The Tes
160 Why Was His Girl So Impressive!
161 This Voice Was So Enticing That Lu Man Felt as If Her Head Was About to Burs
162 You Must Be Doing This on Purpose, Making Me Like You More and More
163 Your Heart Will Be Kept Here with Me, You Can't Take It Back.
164 Standing on Her Tiptoes, She Pecked Han Zhuoli on the Chin
165 Have You Written Your Resignation Letter Yet?
166 You Don't Know? Zheng Tianming Likes Lu Man!
167 If You Don't Come Out Now, I'll Expose You Myself
168 Utterly Regretting I
169 Seeing Lu Man Walking Together With Wu Lize, Han Zhuoli Felt That It Was An Eyesore
170 I Thought That You Were Very Bold
171 Why Not We Head Home, to My Home
172 It Hurts, Buddy
173 How Could Lu Man Even Attend Such a Grand Event?
174 Once We Find the Right Opportunity, We'll Chase Her Away!
175 This Isn't Somewhere You Can Come To
176 Young Master Han, You Are Too Much
177 I'm Advising You To Stay Away From Lu Man, She Brings Disaster
178 You Are Not Actually Invited
179 Being Chased Away
180 You Finally Stopped Being Single?
181 Even You Can Find A Girlfriend? You Can't!
182 It Is A Pity If You Don't Enter The Entertainment Circle
183 Why Did You Change Your Way Of Calling Her To Mom Suddenly?
184 You Never Thought Of Marrying Me Before?
185 Since You Have This Ability, You Can Help Your Younger Sister Too
186 Don't Regre
187 Son-in-Law?
188 The Two of You Look Great Standing Next to Each Other
189 I Think That My Skills Can Still Be Saved Somehow
190 I Don't Want to Let You Go
191 Why Are You Lying to Me!
192 If You Really Think That Dai Yiran Is So Great, You Can Keep Her for Yourself
193 Isn't This Sequence Like Meeting the Parents?
194 Never Allow Anybody from the Dai Family to Enter
195 I Already Have a Girlfriend
196 She Still Preferred a Simpler Girl
197 Let Me Consider I
198 They Said That You... You Seduced the Boss to Climb the Ranks
199 Who the Heck Praises People with Such a Furious Expression!
200 Someone Is Feeling Guilty
201 Spit On His Face
202 Help Her Clean Up Her Image?
203 I Already Have A Boyfriend
204 Send Me A Copy Of The Voice Recording
205 Ye Xiaoxing Waited For The Verdic
206 The Situation Is Serious, Instantly Dismiss Her
207 Where's The Evidence?
208 We Are All Colleagues, Don't Be Too Overboard
209 Do You Dare to Follow Me to Get a Sample to Test It?
210 Lu Man, I'm Begging You
211 All of Us Have to Be Careful
212 I'm Hungry
213 Han Zhuoli's Hungry Gaze Got The Green Signal
214 Best Newcomer Award Nomination
215 Dessert After The Meal
216 Take Brutal Revenge
217 Stirring Up A Thousand Waves
218 You Still Have A Chance Next Year
219 I Will Definitely Get An Award
220 The CEO Has Already Nominated Me
221 The CEO Will Go With All Of You
222 CEO, There's No One Sitting Next To You Right?
223 Just Pitying You
224 Getting An Award? Totally Impossible!
225 A Crying Child Will Get Milk
226 The Winner of This Year's Best Newcomer Award
227 Confessed to Him on Stage
228 Can't Stand to See Anything Good Happen to You
229 There Will Be Plenty of People Wanting to Scout Her Over
230 She Doesn't Even Call Me Zhuoli or Big Brother Zhuoli
231 Something So Embarrassing, How Can They Casually Say It Ou
232 Bring You Home For Them To Take A Look
233 If You Push Me Too Far, I'll Take You Home Right Away
234 My Self Control Is Really Not As Good As You Think It Is
235 Thankfully There's Xiao Han
236 You're Not Going to Give Me a Goodnight Kiss?
237 Headhun
238 Director Sun Yiwu Has Come to Our Company to Cast People
239 Audition
240 Have Some Decency Even If You Are Chasing After Celebrities
241 Both of You, Get Out!
242 Director Sun Wants You to Try, Is That Alright?
243 Holding Hands in Front of Everyone
244 Lu Man Is My Girlfriend
245 I Want To Try
246 Praise
247 Entering The Cas
248 I Won't Let You Regret Your Initial Choice
249 Tenderly Calling Him Big Brother Han
250 Should I Make a Stamp Here?
251 It's Not So Easy to Make It in the Entertainment Industry!
252 I Thought You Were Differen
253 Are You Someone to be Ashamed of?
254 Why Would There Even Be a Good Car in This Poor Area?
255 Like She Has Changed her Soul or Something
256 Have You Thought About Going Back to University?
257 Don't Try and Dirty Our House with Your Filth!
258 Why Don't You Give This Role to Your Younger Sister Instead
259 Will You Pay For My Penalty For Breach Of Contract?
260 Don't Come Back Lacking An Arm Or A Leg When You Go To Film
261 Make It Such That She Can't Join The Filming Crew
262 What Right Do You Have To Stop Lu Man From Joining The Film Crew
263 Can You Be Sure That Lu Qi Is Your Biological Daughter?
264 Police Officer, This Is All A Misunderstanding
265 She Hasn't Even Acknowledged You, Yet You Are Calling Her Mother-In-Law Already
266 Being Forced To Watch A Public Display Of Affection
267 Give Me A Wave Of Popularity
268 You Are Lu Qi?
269 My Sister Has Something On And Cannot Make I
270 Wait A While More
271 I'll Stay Here to Accompany You
272 I Want To Become A Fan Of Lu Man
273 His Girl Had Such A Domineering Nature
274 She's Young Master Han’s Mistress?
275 She's A Newcomer, What Right Does She Have To Be Treated Like An A-Lister
276 An Old Lady And A Middle Age Rich Lady
277 Little Girl, Quickly Carry Me On Your Back
278 What a Coincidence, My Boyfriend's Grandmother Also Has The Surname Zhou
279 The Old Lady Was Tricked By Lu Man
280 The Director Did Not Even Say That, You Should Just Give Up
281 Keep Dragging People Down
282 Auntie, You Really Don't Know How To Lie, Do You Know That?
283 Why Didn't You Ask Who It Was Before Opening The Door?
284 My Boyfriend Is The Bes
285 The Old Madam's Habit Of Protecting Those She Is Close To Came Up Again
286 If You Aren't Scared, Don't Stammer
287 Are We That Kind Of Unreasonable People?
288 Even If You Aren't Happy You Have To Endure I
289 I Want To Apologize To You
290 You're A Senior, So What You Say Is Righ
291 Her? A Top-Notch Talent?
292 The CEO Is Treating Everyone In The Crew To A Meal
293 His CEO Was Petty In That Aspec
294 You Don't Even Recognize Your Own Boyfriend Anymore
295 I Just Wanted You To Come In and Bask in the Warmth
296 First Time Seeing Han Zhuoli's Sleeping Figure
297 I Want To Learn How to Perform
298 In The Future, You'll Have To Pay Me Back
299 My Man Man Is So Smar
300 All Bark And No Bite
301 Why Did You Bring A Pretty Lady Along Today?
302 Xia Qingwei Shocking Action
303 I'll Ruin Lu Qi Firs
304 Don't Tell Them This Was Playing On Loop
305 Was This Really Still That Sickly, Frail, Old Ex-Wife He Had?
306 From Your Looks, I Can Tell That You Really Ain't A Good Person
307 I'll Tear You Apar
308 Taken over the Top Three Spots On "Trending"
309 You're Not Related to Me, Why Should I Care About You?
310 You are in trouble
311 Even If They Had Nothing Better to Do, Why Think of Messing with Lu Man?
312 Lu Man Fights Back
313 Feel Free and Bravely Do What You Have to Do
314 Darling, Hubby, Zhuoli—Take Your Pick
315 It Was Great to Have a Backing After All
316 You Sure Care a Lot!
317 Are You Possibly Even Thinking of Hitting People?
318 Really Different From What I Imagined
319 Remember To Go to the Movie Theater to Support the Movie During the Holidays
320 There's No Crisis She Cannot Solve
321 I'll Help You Settle Such a Small Matter.
322 All of You, Apologize to Mr. Wang!
323 Intentionally Making Things Difficul
324 Pack up Your Things and Leave!
325 This Was Definitely a Trap!
326 Don't Listen What He's Saying
327 My Girlfriend
328 Just Now, You Wanted My Girlfriend To Get Lost?
329 This Was Really Unexpected Trouble
330 You're Being Low-Key
331 The Difference Was Too Big
332 Banned
333 She Bad Mouthed Lu Man, I'll Badmouth Her Till She Dies
334 Support Lu Man
335 Boycotting Lu Man
336 Counterattack
337 Be Mentally Prepared
338 The First Fan
339 You're Shameless to Jump onto the Bandwagon for Popularity!
340 Give Him a Gold Star for His Effor
341 There're Still... Still Matters to Attend To
342 A Slap in the Face
343 Positive Energy
344 I've Been Quite Busy Recently, Don't Come And Find Me
345 No Sense Of Loyalty
346 Fired Up
347 We Can Work Together
348 Lying To Yourself
349 Domineering
350 Meeting
351 It's That Your Luck Is Good
352 Make One Look Better
353 Meeting the In-Laws
354 Haven't Touched It In More Than 20 Years
355 Passionate Love
356 Could Never Be Worthy
357 You Want Me to Watch It?
358 I Hope That You're the Only One at Home
359 He Would Rather Stay Single for Thirty Years
360 She Can't Find Han Zhuoli!
361 Whom Did You See?
362 Someone Behind Lu Man Supporting Her
363 Why Is She Running?
364 You Can Fix It?
365 How Dare You Lie to Me
366 Acting Like She Owned the Entire Red Carpe
367 There Really Are All Sorts of Rare Creatures in This World
368 Didn't You Not Want to Come at All?
369 You Have A Boyfriend Already?
370 If People Attack Me, I'll Return It To Them Tenfold
371 Limitless Potential
372 All Scenes Deleted
373 Wait Till New Year, Let Me Bring You Home
374 Giving Her Face But She Doesn't Want I
375 Mother-in-law Is Too Open-Minded
376 You Don't Miss Me?
377 Did Not Have Any Good Intentions
378 Staying In The Same Room
379 Staying Over
380 Is There Anything You Can't Do?
381 Such Threatening Power
382 The Wrong Size
383 This Man Was Way Too Cunning
384 I Didn't Interrupt Anything, Did I?
385 How Else Could They Find Out?
386 Here with ILL-Intentions
387 Surrounded
388 Apologize
389 Why Did He Also Curse
390 The Current Situation Is All Too Familiar
391 The Ticket Sales Report Has Come Out!
《The Long-awaited Mr Han》 Volume 3
392 I Don't Believe It!
393 Banned
394 Fighting To Curry Favor
395 This Is Called An Apology?
396 One Sentence, I'll Scare You Till You Call Me Dad
397 Lu Man Making A Move
398 Exposing Dirt On Her
399 Heart Aches For Bai Shuangshuang
400 You Can Only Hope For The Bes
401 I Want To Call Lu Man Grandaun
402 Mr Han, I'm Bai Shuangshuang
403 Disinfec
404 I'm At Your Doorstep
405 Couldn't Help but Feel a Little Excited
406 This Little Girl Must Be Feeling Embarrassed
407 Seducing Her Man, How Could She Let Her Go?
408 Group of Frenzied People!
409 Come and Pay A New Year's Visi
410 The Mother and Daughter Pair Are Vixens
411 Madam Is Threating To Commit Suicide!
412 Stop Making Such a Big Fuss
413 Don't Even Want My Life
414 Where Did The Liberal Mother-in-law Go?
415 His Little Girl was Really Picky upon Waking Up
416 Rich people Really Know How To Play
417 There Is Still You To Be The Scapegoa
418 Couldn’t get a Girlfriend!
419 Today He was the Ultimate Scapegoa
420 Lu Man Is My Face, My Life
421 Who Can Bully Her
422 She Saw him As A Weak Chicken
423 As per old sayings, the Oldest Sister-In-Law Is Like A Mother
424 There Is No If
425 You're Going To Let Her Bully Me Like That?
426 Who Is This Woman Being Rude To!
427 Is Our Principal Someone You Can Call Over So Easily?
428 Unable To Accomplish Anything, But Able To Ruin Everything
429 Regret Choosing This Place
430 Stop All The Investments
431 Quickly Apologize to Lu Man!
432 He Was Stunned By How Thick-Skinned Lu Man Was
433 As Soon As She Opens Her Mouth, She Insults A Person till they wish to be dead
434 Even More Like A Celebrity Than A Celebrity
435 What an Upright Child
436 You're Dead
437 Saying One Thing But Meaning Something Else
438 Eloquen
439 Only Played a Small Role
440 Performance
441 Anger Relieved
442 Don't Keep Mixing Around with Those Ordinary People
443 Just Say What You Have to Say, No Need to Get So Close
444 Exactly When Will You Stop Hiding
445 There's This Kind of... The feeling of Being Treated As An Outsider
446 Bullying Lu Man
447 Follow Me Home
448 I Can Go Down Myself
449 Acting Cute When Sick
450 Why Don't You Lie Down With Me?
451 I Need your Help with Something
452 Behave as She Usually Does
453 Another Ally
454 Unexplained Confidence
455 Heart to Heart Talk
456 Cannot Arrange A Kiss Scene
457 The Legendary Bringing Investment Into The Production Group
458 Lu Man Really Helped Him Gain Face
459 Doesn’t Hold Back At All
460 How Heartbreaking!
461 Of Course, We'll Sleep Together
462 Carry You
463 Can I?
464 I Will Go Buy Them Now
465 How About You Strangle Me?
466 I Won't Tell You
467 Han Zhuoli, I Love You So Much
468 No Matter What I Will Stick By Your Side
469 China's Best Mother-in-law
470 You Didn't Stick To Your Word
471 Differential Treatmen
472 Lu Man, Don't Be Too Bold
473 On Purpose
474 If You Want To Film, Then Quit School
475 Why Do I Have To Apologize
476 Looking for The Principal
477 Snitched
478 Do You Really Want Me to Check?
479 Give Me Just One Chance, I Will Change
480 Never Seen Someone Who Was So Dumb But Still So Arrogan
481 She Can Film Her Show, It Has Nothing To Do With Me
482 As Expected, You Are Still So Evil
483 He Zhengbai Took Big Strides Towards Lu Man
484 Confidence Is a Good Thing, but Narcissism Isn't!
485 I'll Hit You Every Single Time I See You
486 Bumpkin
487 Keeping Mum and Suffering Silently? It Was Impossible
488 I've Been Waiting for Her for So Long
489 Lu Man Did a Good Job Hitting Him!
490 Is It Such a Big Deal to Date
491 Getting Played
492 He Zhengbai Was Replaced Too
493 Mother And Daughter Fall Ou
494 Just Thankful To Lu Man
495 Serves Lu Qi Righ
496 Great Army of the Goddess of Fury
497 Some People Would Just Say the Grapes Are Sour When They Can't Have I
498 I'm Here to Fetch Her Back Home
499 Man Man, I Really Missed You
500 Back with Ill-Intentions
501 Threatening Me?
502 He Really Was An Imbecile
503 Continue Working Hard
504 Slapped In The Face
505 His Words Moved Her Too Much
506 They Are Just Being Bitter
507 Shameless
508 Not Allowed to Perform Any Romantic Scenes with Male Classmates
509 Times Have Changed
510 As You Wish
511 Red Tiger Is Going to Flop
512 A Slap in the Face
513 Made a Mistake Doing Something Else out of Good Will
514 A Bit Slower
515 Spouting Rubbish
516 Look At How Lu Man Is Embarrassed
517 Lu Man Forced Us Into A Dead End
518 Played Into The Hands Of A Little Girl
519 Distasteful Personality
520 Targe
521 Mortifying for Him
522 A Little Romantic
523 The Audience's Reactions
524 Because You Are Mine
525 Green with Jealousy
526 From Day to Nigh
527 A Personal Welcome
528 What's Wrong with Watching It a Few Times?
529 Fighting Hero First Day's Ticket Sales
530 Definitely Talented and Capable
531 The Audience Still Knows Bes
532 Already Los
533 The First Day Box Office Result of Red Tiger is Out!
534 Mistake
535 Did He Fake This
536 They Have Lu Man!
537 Face Still Swollen
538 Something was Lacking
539 You Don't Need A Swimming Costume
540 I'll Help You Press
541 The Internet Exploded Again
542 Destroy Fighting Hero
543 Pitiful Zhang Xiaoying
544 The Terror of Facing Lu Man’s Rage
545 Mock
546 Tremble in Fear, Zhang Xiaoying!
547 Giving You A Free Ticket To Trending
548 Really Wanted To Curse
549 I'm Still Too Naive
550 Admit Defea
551 Really F*cking Mischievous
552 You All Are Really Bullying People!
553 Threaten
554 Please Grow a Heart!
555 Just Can't Do I
556 Took Steroids
557 I Can’t Do This
558 Cursed to Be Inarticulate
559 This Has Nothing To Do With Money
560 Like Entering A Wolf's Den
561 Such A Sweet Talker
562 Strike Up A Conversation
563 Definitely Having A Sugar Daddy
564 Scared
565 Exam Results
566 Must Be The Topper
567 You Better Say How Much You've Scored
568 Lu Man Was Really Bluffing
569 If Zhang Xiaoying Isn't First Place, Then Who Could It Be?
570 Started Slapping Faces The Moment School Started
571 Too Immoral
572 Not Allowed to Raise Your Head
573 As Silent as the Grave
574 Lu Man My Famous Niece
575 Take You Back to My Home
576 Why Do You Have So Many Questions?
577 Why Wasn't He as Thoughtful as His Son?
578 Lu Qi is Here
579 Lacked Self Love and Respec
580 Judging
581 Rumors
582 Han Zhuofeng Is Here
583 Don't Take Advantage Of The Chance To Randomly Touch Her
584 Demonstrating Her Power
585 Announced It To The World
586 Furious Yet I’ve Have to Smile
587 Arrival of Shen Nuo
588 What A Coincidence
589 Scaring Them By Saying Some Big Truth
590 Isn't This What He Should Do?
591 Unfair
592 I'll Repor
593 We Should Bring Forward the Date of the Engagemen
594 It Definitely Couldn't Be Han Zhuoli!
595 Sure Has a Bad Temper
596 How Badly Was She Treated by the Lu Family in the Pas
597 Move House
598 Her Eyes Had A Problem
599 Must Have Saved The Universe In Her Past Life
600 High profile
601 Clingy
602 Get Me a Presidential Suite
603 Who Kicked You Before?
604 Housewarming
605 Special Attack Force Premiere
606 Cooperate
607 Wang Qianyun Wants to See You
608 In Case My Girlfriend Misunderstands
609 I've Never Even Considered You Before
610 Leave Some Face For Yourself
611 Going To Have Psychological Trauma Because of Han Family
612 One of The Ten Biggest Unsolved Mysteries
613 Walking The Red Carpet Together
614 Who Is That?
615 If They Don't Cheat Them Of Their Money, Who Should They Deceive?
616 No More A Fan
617 Really Thinks Too Highly Of Herself
618 I'm Not Familiar With Her
619 It's Better If You Get Someone Else
620 Ridiculing People Too Much
621 Can You Lend Me The Microphone For A While?
622 Placing Yourself On A Pedestal
623 Another One Crushed By Lu Man
624 Sour Grapes For Those Who Can't Have I
625 Defeating Attack Force
626 Shocked To The Core
627 Teach Him To Be A Human
628 Slap in the Face
629 Exceed 7 Billion
630 No One Dared To Hope For It At All
631 Seduced By You
632 A Veiled Scolding
633 We As The Audience Will Decide I
634 Delete It Or No
635 Concede Defea
636 Discussing Their Engagemen
637 Lu Man Made Her Move
638 Not Strong Enough To Compete
639 Schadenfreude
640 Do You Feel Like You've Been Slapped?
641 Back To School
642 Acknowledging Her Means Giving Her Face.
643 Let Results Speak
644 Finding Him Extremely Familiar
645 Illogical!
646 Left The Lecture Hall
647 Boyco
648 Film Academy Is Showing Its Domineering Power
649 Very Far Ahead In First Place
650 Congratulations, Attack Force!
651 We Are Talking About a Long-Term War, Comrades
652 She Is Really Going Against the Rules
653 My Male God Is Personally Stepping in and Slashing His Sword
654 Why Don't We Settle It Today
655 Engagemen
656 Having His Wife Manage His Finances
657 The Best Birthday Presen
658 I Don't Dare to Think About a Life Without You
659 Group Mocking
660 No Need to Tell Him
661 They Really Found the Right In-Laws
662 Wang Qianyun’s Arrival
663 Rejected at the Door
664 Please Look After Me for the Rest of My Life
665 Skillful Swordmaster
666 Because You're Single
667 Coincidence?
668 He Was Afraid of His Wife
669 Intense Animosity
670 I Won't Take This Blame
671 I Want to Snatch Him Back!
672 It's Not Fear, It's Love
673 Get Rid of This Idea
674 Let's Get Registered Tomorrow
675 Bugs Fly
676 This Man Bore This Grudge All the Way Here
677 Say “Husband”
678 Reprimand Him with Her Gaze
679 Pulling Her Back to His Place
680 Fighting Against Wang Qianyun
681 Leave
682 Willful Because He Had Money
683 Been Fired
684 Arrival of the Large Competition
685 This Time, It's a Very Big Thing
686 Going to the Han Corporation
687 Return to America
688 She Came Here to Look for You Before?
689 My Man Man Is the Bes
690 A Suffocating 8.9 Billion
691 Seeking the Size of Lu Qi's Emotional Trauma Right Now
692 She Deserved I
693 She’s Earned Money, So She Has to Be Filial to You
694 Idea
695 Lu Man Found a Rich Boyfriend
696 Where Did They Move to?
697 Tonight, Just Wai
698 Birthday Presen
699 Reminder
700 Direct Nomination
701 Could It Be Yan Zhiqing
702 Biggest Sponsor
703 One Is Marked by the Company They Keep
704 Lu Man Didn't Get Chosen?
705 Lu Man Sure Was Sly
706 So It Turns Out That She Was Quite Lousy?
707 Lu Man's Face Appeared in His Mind
708 Like They Were Two Different People
709 Do You Still Like Me?
710 Lu Man Was Just Fooling with Him
711 Han Zhuoli Is Here
712 Older Men Are Actually Also Quite Cute
713 Aside from Coming to See Me, You Also Wanted to Look at Other Women?
714 Look After Lu Man
715 Too Pretentious
716 You Two Know Each Other?
717 Your Thing with Han Zhuoli, Does Your Boyfriend Know About It?
718 What Bad Things Does My Sister-in-law Have with My Older Brother?
719 Han Zhuoli Came Back Again
720 What Opinions Do You Have of My Fiancee?
721 Let His Money Go to Waste
722 The Name List for the Chinese Arts Championships
723 What Right Does She Have?
724 Their Faces Were Very Swollen
725 The Competition Started
726 Not Following the Normal Tricks
727 Totally Stunned Watching
728 Entering the Finals, Isn't That a Must?
729 Stepping On Lu Man
730 We Like This Kind of Pretentious Idol
731 How Highly Did She Think of Herself!
732 The Han Corporation Just Invested in Us
733 Does Lu Man Need Your Critiques?
734 Must Eliminate All the Students from Nan Hua Media University
735 The Competition Started
736 Oppressing Her
737 Probably Biased! So Shameless!
738 This Was the Real Biased One
739 Another Big Fuss
740 Shameless
741 Been Waiting to Take Revenge
742 Oppressing Her
743 Lu Man Cannot Win
744 Drawing Lots
745 Admit Defea
746 Han Zhuoli Was Definitely Not Here to Look at Talents
747 Same Role
748 Roll Over
749 Being Able to Act Opposite This Kind of Actor Is Something Very Fortunate
750 Sun Changfang, Are You Joking with Me?
751 You Guys Don't Know Anything
752 Upright Man
753 Bullying Lu Man, a Young Girl
754 Manager Hao, Your Marks Are Too Much
755 Favoritism
756 Young Master Han Makes a Move
757 Change the Judge
758 Must You Really Bet with Such High Stakes?
759 Also Someone with Experience
760 Using a Butcher's Knife to Kill a Chicken
761 You Guys Can Go and Rest Already
762 We Aren't Giving Up the Judges’ Sea