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"Ember, are you the only one who escaped? What's the situation now?"

The projection of the DarkStar leader appeared. Not too long ago, he had received many emergency messages from the upper echelons of DarkStar and found out that all the DarkStar motherships were being ambushed by Godora.

If Godora was able to lock onto their coordinates through some unknown means, DarkStar would not have anything to rely on anymore, and the situation would definitely be grave. He had tried contacting the various upper echelons to find out the news of the battle, but many of their numbers did not even respond.

After waiting for a long time, the DarkStar leader finally managed to contact Ember and immediately asked about the situation.

"All the motherships have been destroyed, and only a small number of people managed to escape. Our fleet is already gone…" Ember described the situation honestly with his fists clenched tightly and his teeth clenched.

The DarkStar leader fell silent before letting out a long sigh.

Their organization did not have any territory to their name, and those motherships were DarkStar's moving bases. All their production, research, and training capabilities were concentrated within those motherships. Their many years of accumulation had been destroyed in a single battle. Their losses were incomparably heavy, and their foundations were completely destroyed.

Their entire organization no longer had any armed forces and was only left with the leader and a few escapees.

When the Mutation Disaster was resolved before the expected timing and they were forced to make a change in their plans, the entire plan was no longer within their grasp. Even if their plan was stopped midway, Godora would still be the loser, but now, Godora had actually managed to turn the tables around and launch an all-out attack to thoroughly destroy them.

As such, Godora's losses had not been suffered in vain, and they had become the outright winner.

Who would have thought that the Mutation Source plan would become the final plan of their organization?

After pausing for a while, the DarkStar leader asked, "What are your plans?"

Ember hesitated for a moment before saying that he wanted to unleash a massacre at the Godoran ceremony.

"Ridiculous." The DarkStar leader immediately rejected this plan. "With our fleet completely wiped out, we have to make further plans. Leave the Garton Star System first and meet up with me."

Does this mean that I have to escape?

"Alright then."

Ember was reluctant in his heart but could only swallow that feeling. He adjusted the course of his spaceship and set course to the nearest planet on the border of the Garton Star System.

As long as the leader is still around, we have a chance to rise up again.

In the Colton Star Cluster, in some Star System, the spaceship of the DarkStar leader was currently drifting in space.

After getting off the line with Ember, the DarkStar leader tapped on the spaceship's control panel in deep thought.

After pondering for a long time, he stood up and left the control room. He then came to another walkway that was made from an alloy. When he walked to a specific location of the walkway, he knocked a few times on the wall. The spot that he knocked on did not seem any different from the wall around it.


The alloy panel slid open and revealed a secret chamber. An odd-shaped communicator was located within it.

An ordinary Galactic Communicator had many different designs. They could be worn or the wrist or even shaped in the form of glasses. There were some that were extremely simple spherical designs, and others followed civilian wristwatch designs. However, the communicator in the secret chamber was an old-fashioned design from many years back that seemed bulky and unwieldy.

Upon activating the communicator, lines of complicated encryption could be seen on the screen. The DarkStar leader keyed in many different passwords and confirmed his DNA before he could turn on the communicator. However, it seemed as though all the functions of the communicator were blocked, and he could only dial a single number.

Di di di…

The time spent waiting for the transmission to go through seemed extremely long.


The screen of the communicator then turned black, and a hazy, mosaicked face appeared on the screen.

The other party remained silent, and the DarkStar leader was the first to speak.

"Godora destroyed my fleet, and all my subordinates are dead. Only Ember is confirmed to be alive."

The hazy figure on the screen moved, and a mechanical voice sounded from the communicator. "Got it."

"I need a sum of money to build a new fleet," the DarkStar leader said with a deep voice.

"This isn't the time. Since you have failed, lie low for a while. You haven't been caught yet, so Godora will be on guard against you. You cannot restore DarkStar to its former heights any time soon. If not, there will be a risk of exposing the source of your funds."

"How long will I have to wait for?"

"The day Godora forgets the name of DarkStar will be the day for you to make a comeback."

"I do not wish to continue waiting," the DarkStar leader said in a depressed tone. "I have already been under your control for a very long time. When will it end? All of you are extremely clear that I can only create destruction and cannot truly destroy Godora entirely. Just when will all of you be satisfied?"

"You will know when the time comes."

"Humph, you guys provided me with resources very willingly in the past. Now that my organization has almost been wiped out, you are starting to shrink back. Do you think that I have lost my value and wish to go back on our agreement‽" The DarkStar leader raised his voice slightly.

"Are you threatening us?" The hazy figure fell silent. "I think that you are getting your target wrong."

The face of the DarkStar leader changed slightly, and he said humbly with his head lowered, "My apologies, I spoke wrongly."

"We will evaluate whether or not the transaction has been completed. Do not rush us. Remember, you were the one who chose to make this agreement with us; we did not choose you," the hazy figure said. "Even without you, we can have a second DarkStar. At that time, the agreement will naturally be cancelled.

"So, you'd better watch your attitude…

"You'd better wait if we tell you to."

"I understand," the DarkStar leader said with a soft tone.

The hazy figure paused for a moment before saying, "In any case, this isn't the time for us to make an appearance. You should leave the Shattered Star Ring and rebuild your forces in other Star Fields."

The DarkStar leader nodded.

"Hmm… we can introduce you to another big shot in a different Star Field. If you can gain his aid, you may not need to lie low for too long. However, you have to prepare a sacrificial offering for him."

"Sacrificial offering?"

"A Super who has a sufficiently powerful Esper ability," the hazy figure said slowly. "You should understand what I mean, right?"

The DarkStar leader was startled.

He understood what a sacrificial offering meant. At the same time, he could also faintly guess the identity of that 'big shot'.

I heard that he is a crazy man who wants to form the 'Super High Risk Esper Ability Restriction Treaty'.

"There are some rumors that the Crimson Empire is dissatisfied with the peace treaty," the hazy figure said. "While they are located far away, if trouble really breaks out in the Crimson Empire, the Shattered Star Ring will be affected as well. That may be the best opportunity for you to stage a comeback and also a chance for us to complete our agreement. You will only be able to complete your side of the agreement if the situation is sufficiently chaotic."

The eyes of the DarkStar leader lit up. While this might only be an excuse from the other party to console him, he did indeed regain some confidence.

"Don't contact us again before you are prepared."

After cutting off the communication, the DarkStar leader closed the secret chamber and returned to his room. Every time he contacted the other party, he would feel a sense of pressure that came from the other party's strength, status, and authority.

I hope that they will fulfill their end of the deal…

The DarkStar leader shook his head. What he was doing was no different from making a deal with tigers.

However, even if he was worried, he could only choose to make a transaction with the other party. The DarkStar leader had stepped onto this path very early on. No one in DarkStar was aware about this matter. In his eyes, this was the only hope for the mixed bloods.

Many years ago, he had come to understand that it was no more than a pipe dream if he wanted to overthrow the rule of the purebloods and create a new Godora for the mixed bloods. While it seemed to be an extremely moving slogan, it was not a practical reality. The discrimination toward the mixed bloods would never disappear.

Regardless of the policies that the regime attempted to push forward, the long scales or tails of the mixed bloods were things that the purebloods just could not accept. Regardless of how good an upbringing they had, as long as the differences existed, the deep-rooted discrimination would never disappear. With the purebloods forming the middle and upper ranks of society, the outcome of this discrimination was not that simple.

The future of the mixed bloods was not in Godora.

If DarkStar was not the terror organization that it was but a kind organization that took in the mixed bloods to build an empire of mixed bloods…

He would only die a faster death.

Without a sufficiently powerful backer, they would not only have to face the Godoran army but also the alliance of different regimes.

Their only way out would be to gain support from an even higher place. Just DarkStar alone would not be enough to accomplish all that.

Right at that moment, these individuals had come up to him with an irresistible offer that gave him hope.

In the end, the leader of DarkStar had become a pawn for the other party to fight for another opportunity.

The DarkStar leader had once asked the other party why they chose him. The other party had said that just creating destruction and a systematic plan of destruction were two entirely different affairs. In most cases, only the latter was a threat. Thus, they had chosen DarkStar.

The initial goal of an organization would always initially be clear, but as time went on, their path slowly strayed from their original one. The focus of the DarkStar leader had already shifted to how they could create more destruction for Godora and incite hatred between the purebloods and mixed bloods. By pushing the mixed bloods to stand against Godora, it created disharmony within Godora and supplied him with fresh troops.

DarkStar had already become a blade in the hands of others. However, the entire organization apart from himself was unaware of this.

However, the DarkStar leader believed that this was the only path that would give him a chance of building a homeland for the mixed bloods. If he wanted to reap the rewards, he would have to first pay the price.

The mother planet of Godora was a gigantic planet. Even outside the atmosphere, traces of modifications could be seen. The more developed a civilization was, the greater the modification to their mother planet.

Spaceship after spaceship docked at the various ports of the planet, and the mercenaries all disembarked from their spaceships. The Black Star Army was mixed among the people with the players forming the largest group. The officers following behind Han Xiao looked around curiously as though they were tourists. The only thing that they were lacking was a tour guide at the front hoisting up a flag.

Han Xiao walked at the very front and was chatting away merrily with the other Army Commanders. All of them were invited to participate in the victory ceremony, and the officials of Godora were already waiting by the dock.