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237 Infiltration 3

Han Xiao was asking around until night fell, when he found out that a supply convoy had transported a large number of munitions from a resource warehouse nearer to the headquarters. That convoy would be returning in twenty minutes.

Han Xiao located one of the drivers, changed his face, and lured him out. He cracked the driver's neck when they were alone and then changed into his face and clothes. It was troublesome to get rid of the body, so Han Xiao found a very creative and not bloody way, which was to find a player and give him the mission to get rid of the body. Although he set his identity to be unknown in the mission, the players would not care at all—the mission was accepted immediately.

Convenient, Han Xiao thought. He had a new idea—the players could be of help for his infiltration.

Although the Germinal Organization players' loyalty was fixed, they still had the freedom to accept missions, and the Germinal Organization did not know that.

Han Xiao received an order very soon after he disguised himself as a driver—the GPS in the car showed the route, so Han Xiao simply followed the convoy and arrived at the resources warehouse half a day later. He then used the same method to gain more intelligence.

After two days, Han Xiao finally arrived at a base near the headquarters after changing his identity many times.

The group of black bases could be seen far away, occupying as much space as a medium sized city. This was the Germinal Organization's headquarters, but Han Xiao knew that the real core area was hidden underground.

Han Xiao asked around from the soldiers there and found that it was almost impossible to enter the underground headquarters. Thus, he had to find a target with special identity.

Fang Yun woke up and realized that he was lying on a hospital bed in a medical tent. Around him were injured soldiers. Seeing that he was awake, the doctor walked to him and said, "I have treated your wounds. You have been unconscious for one day."

"How's Mika Town?"

"The backup made it in time and defeated the enemies, but some of them escaped. They are now calculating the losses."

"Let me take a look…" Fang Yun coughed weakly. The doctor hastily handed over the water bottle. Fang Yun grabbed it and took a huge gulp before gasping for air.

As a superhuman, he was treated very well. Someone brought the battle damage statistics very soon. Fang Yun browsed through impatiently. Seeing that all his teammates were confirmed to be dead, he was filled with sorrow and rage. He flipped to the death count of the enemy, and suddenly, his pupils constricted.

"One enemy is missing," Fang Yun realized that the person missing was Karius. The superior sent the intel on the enemies shortly after in video form. Enemies were identified through matching screenshots of the video recorded during battle with the database, and most of the superhumans in the Germinal Organization were in the database.

"That's him. The missing guy is called Karius. I saw him die with my own eyes."

The superior frowned and said, "But according to our witness intel, Karius escaped and is alive, and we also didn't find his body."

Fang Yun felt a chill up his spine. He immediately recalled that 'refugee'.

In the underground headquarters of Germinal Organization, the leader was looking at the tactical map in silence.

The map was marked with red and blue areas. Red was the Six Nations' forces, and blue was theirs. The blue was surrounded by red and was only getting smaller with time. This was the situation for the Germinal Organization; they were at a total disadvantage. However, the leader did not care about the gains of losses of these areas. He did not put all their forces into the battlefield as he was discreetly preparing for a counter attack. However, it could not be carried out yet because he had to get rid of Zero who could 'foresee' first, or else the exposed plan would be meaningless.

Although Destiny's Child claimed that Zero would come to find them, the leader had to take care of some details. He purposely left some gaps in the deployment on the battlefield. Zero might take these routes if he wanted to infiltrate the headquarters, but the intel from the hidden scouts disappointed him again and again. There was no one who had infiltrated through those gaps.

The method Han Xiao used to infiltrate was unnoticed by the leader.

The longer the leader waited, the more impatient he grew. The ability to 'foresee' that Zero possessed was like a blade hanging on the organization's head, and their actions were very restricted.

"Still not here…" The leader had asked the scouts as usual, but the results were disappointed once again. He started to doubt if Destiny's Child's claim had failed this time.

Because he really did not understand why Zero had to come to the headquarters, he could not figure out what Han Xiao's goal was.

He never would have thought that Han Xiao's target was Aurora. That was completely unexpected.

The pollution from the factories and the thick clouds painted the sky gray, and the clouds within ten miles looked like they were going to fall any time.

The surface headquarters consisted of numerous bases, vehicles travelled within, and sentinels guarded every junction to check for identifications. The main base in the middle was an enormous metal fortress with a ferocious metal tower that penetrated into the sky.

The entrance was a large alloy gate. The side gates on both sides were the human entrance, and the vehicle entrance was in the middle, more than wide enough for three tanks to enter simultaneously. Helipads were built on top of the exterior walls—helicopters took off and landed from time to time.

The entrance was very lively. Convoys were entering and leaving, and rows of guards stood on the side of the road and scanned the area to maintain safety.

One of the guards was Han Xiao in disguise. He turned his eyes and observed the surrounding environment.

The effect of the mask was outstanding. This method of infiltration was extremely stealthy. After changing his identity many times, he finally got an identity that could get him into the headquarters. In order to become a guard, Han Xiao had to patiently wait for a few days, and it went without saying what happened to the original owner of this identity; Han Xiao had never been one to have mercy in these times.

When the shift finally ended, Han Xiao followed the others into the surface headquarters. It was huge and spacious; it was more than ten meters tall just in the first level. After entering the door, a huge space came into sights. Things were being loaded onto their transportation, commanders were resting, it was lively and noisy, smoke from the operating engines made the air quality very bad.

The door of garage was at the West side, many ground transportations were parked inside, the doors at the other directions were for the people.

Han Xiao knew the basic structure of the Germinal Organization headquarters. The underground headquarters were connected with the surface headquarters. By authorizing one's identity in the lift, one could enter the underground headquarters. Quite a number of people had the authority to enter the surface headquarters, including even some players belonging to the Germinal Organization. Han Xiao chose a suitable target and changed into the target's identity in a discreet corner. He then entered the lift with his new identity card and scanned it on the reader. The green light turned on, and the lift stopped at an underground level. A metal tunnel came into Han Xiao's sights after the doors opened, leading to the underground headquarters.

He opened the doors and entered. The underground headquarters were intense and quiet—not lively like it was on the ground. One could clearly feel the intensity in the air. The members walking around all had emotionless expressions and were in a quick pace. Everyone looked busy. Han Xiao's eyes twinkled. He covered up the energy in his body and acted like a normal person. He then straightened his collar and started walking while planning for his next step.

He was already halfway to success now that he was in the underground headquarters!

That is what infiltration should be like.

It was unwise for him to drag it for too long; he would be in a very dire position should his identity be exposed. He touched the equipment bag and felt a little safer.

The security measures had to be turned off through the central computer before he could save anyone in the headquarters, and he also had to access the central computer for another goal he had. Therefore, he needed a hostage that had the authority to operate the central computer. Fortunately, Han Xiao had kept someone in mind since very long ago.