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169 First Episode of Galaxy“s Exploration Journal

Han Xiao had already foreseen this type of situation; in the first advancement, everyone would learn [Energy Training Technique]. However, the players were unaware that for players at LV 8 or 9, this was a magical skill. The added strength exceeded whatever the player received for their upgrade. Also, some players did not advance in their main class; hence, they would need a skill that provided energy even more.

Aquamarine was the main planet for all the Chinese players. Han Xiao imparted a skill that all players were bound to learn, and while it might seem like he was scamming the players, that was not the case. It was important to note that obtaining a slight advantage in the early stages would enable one to snowball and grow stronger.

In other words, Han Xiao allowed the LV 10 players to acquire the skills that were only available at LV 20. This way, his actions were equivalent to a win-win situation.

Not only did he earn extraordinary amounts of EXP, he also enabled the Chinese players to gain an advantage over other planets' players.


Han Xiao was pleased with his plan. Why would he scam the players? All those perceptions were people's prejudices and misunderstandings toward him. He really loved his motherland; thinking back to the past when his father almost named him Patriotic Xiao, but under the authority of the tigress in the house, his father changed to his current name, Han Xiao.

[Energy Training Technique] required 10,000 EXP to learn, and the thought of the potential profits made his heart beat wildly. Only when the players advance for the first time would he then be able to impart [Energy Training Technique] and reap the profits. This was kind of a reckless deal; he would take whatever he could. Looking at the player's degree of enthusiasm, Han Xiao felt that the EXP he received in Version 1.0 would be an astronomical number.

While he was busy with the Western Continent novice village, Bun-hit-dog finally released the first episode in the forum.

Galaxy's Exploration Journal: Black Phantom (1)

Bun-hit-dog had a bit of a reputation, and the moment the video was released, his die-hard fans and curious passersby immediately clicked into it.

"Finally, this should be spicy!"

"A surprise release!"

"The subject is Black Phantom. Is Bun-hit-dog on his team now?"

The program was released in the forum's video section. The forum was not for tasteless gossiping only—it had other functions. In order to allow the players to pass the time while playing the game, the video traffic was huge, and with the addition of old viewers watching, the number of viewers increased quite a lot.

The opening titles consisted of the promo edit and some screenshots of the scenery before the video began. The first thing that appeared was the third person's perspective of Bun-hit-dog. This was the game's pre-installed viewing function, which could also be used to examine the exterior. The background was Black Pine Settlement. Bun-hit-dog waved in the direction of the camera, and his opening line was a soliloquy.

"The everlasting world produced Yin and Yang, the Yin and Yang that comes of all living things. The country's benefits are at the cost of my life, and every moment of spring is precious. Welcome to Galaxy's Exploration Journal, I am Bun-hit-dog."

The barrage was filled with ridicule.

"What is this dumb soliloquy‽"

"I read a line of the poem at that time, if…"

"How confident I am in unifying my country is just like how the sun rises from the East, divine toad requires a thousand years to learn!"

Bun-hit-dog continued in the show. "There hasn't been a new upload in a long time. Being the first episode of the Galaxy series, I'll video a character's perspective and let everyone have a taste of my expedition. This character left a lot of impressions on the players—Mechanic Master, Novice Leader, Mysterious NPC, Secret Quest. Presumably, the audience in front of the screen is curious about the identity of this character. That's right, he is the person in the title—Black Phantom!"

"Wow, awkward talking time, I salute you!"


"That's what we came for!"

The lens switched over to show Bun-hit-dog's perspective. The official content began now.

The video content consisted of clips recorded by Bun-hit-dog, and it became different segments after rounds of editing. The special effects and the narration were then added on later. Bun-hit-dog used a humorous style, explaining the first encounter with Han Xiao where Han Xiao resisted a pack of wolves in Green Valley Ville and stopped the confrontation between two warlords. Bun-hit-dog showed the first person's point of view while the narration began to analyze Han Xiao's influence.

"In one sentence, Black Phantom exhibited his influence by moving the two warlords away with just his words. Before I begin with the analysis, I would like to introduce the identities of the two warlords…" The scene changed and arrived at Black Pine Settlement. Bun-hit-dog introduced Lu Cheng, who was the leader of this large-scale settlement. He possessed a huge army and tons of war chariots. Then, the topic changed.

"Lu Cheng possesses such great power, yet he was afraid of Black Phantom. Then, where exactly did Black Phantom's influence originate from? Listen carefully to what I, Brother Bun, have to say." He used Lu Cheng as bait to further the intrigue the audience had toward Black Phantom. The results were outstanding.

Frenzied Sword acted as an esteemed guest and appeared on this show. He analyzed Han Xiao's identity in their conversation and slowly touched the tip of the iceberg of Han Xiao's mysterious origins.

First, both revealed Black Phantom's name, which seemed to be Han Xiao. Initially, in Stardragon Intelligence Agency, this was information that no one knew of, and in a flash, it captured everyone's attention. The barrage became very sparse, and everyone was reading the content seriously.

Frenzied Sword had sucked up to Han Xiao during the beta-testing, but he was unaware of Han Xiao's real identity. He only understood that Black Phantom belonged to Six Nations' side. However, due to some reason, Black Phantom left Stardragon and joined the two organizations, the Dark Net and the Blood Pact Society. This information came from the [Extremely Fatal] powerful enemy—Liu Cheng. Even though he did not know the particulars of these two powers, he knew that they were huge backers, and they belonged to the high-ranking powers that players were unable to interact with currently. They were also among Black Phantom's origin.

Bun-hit-dog and Frenzied Sword also thought that the crucial reason that people were afraid of Black Phantom was because of his capability. With the players' current rank, they were unable to see the high-ranking characters' exact stats. However, they had witnessed Han Xiao killing other [Extremely Fatal] NPCs more than once, and based on that, they felt among the NPCs, Black Phantom's capabilities were at the peak!

Becoming enemies with Germinal was Black Phantom's current biggest displayed goal. Due to the lack of clues, they were unable to understand the reason behind Black Phantom and Germinal's conflict. Frenzied Sword actually divulged the situation of the beta-testing. From beta-testing to public-testing, the game went through more than three months, and Han Xiao had taken on a new persona and become Black Phantom. The moment this information was released, it immediately evoked the audience's curiosity.

What exactly did he experience that made him the Black Phantom today?

Everything was just assumptions without evidence. The show was unclear, and Bun-hit-dog's real intention was to toss out this question to act as the show's hook to attract the audience's curiosity.

Continuing on, Bun-hit-dog and Frenzied Sword discussed the Black Phantom's actions of scouring novice villages and agreed that this was decisive evidence that Black Phantom was a novice leader. After twenty or so days of amusement, the players realized that the NPC's actions and thoughts were very 'real', and Black Phantom would shock players consistently. For what reason would the Black Phantom interact with the players frequently and also involve himself in obvious plans? There had to be a reason, yet the show only mentioned it in passing.

Bun-hit-dog expressed that both he and Frenzied Sword had triggered Black Phantom's secret quest, proving that he was able to shadow and report on Black Phantom. Also, he conveniently introduced all kinds of material benefits that they had received from Black Phantom, showing the scene where Han Xiao gifted Frenzied Sword two high quality firearms. They also followed Black Phantom and arrived at Black Pine, a map that was higher-ranked than a novice village and would issue missions with generous rewards.

The barrage was full of the material benefits being flaunted and the audience envied them to no end. Those who were able to trigger Black Phantom's secret quests were the luckiest people!

"To hell with you, bastard!"


"I heard that holding your breath allows you to take in some of that luck. I…"

During the show's ending, Bun-hit-dog said, "Black Phantom's series currently only has one episode. The next episode might be of other content. After all, Frenzied Sword and I have been left behind in Black Pine. However, you don't have to worry. I'll continue to pursue and explore Black Phantom's past life. Until then, I'll see all you Dog Viewers in the next episode!"

The audience, who finished the episode in one breath, had just one thought.


The scene was Bun-hit-dog's first-person perspective of exploring while the side explanation cut into Black Phantom's angle, which introduced a lot of information that ordinary people were unclear of. It tossed out a lot of the world's background and knowledge, and this answered many perplexing problems.

Furthermore, the style was relaxed, and the content was mind-blowing. It provided all kinds of interesting assumptions, and the audience was fully satisfied. They went on to recommend it on other forums, allowing more players to join in.

The subject matter of Bun-hit-dog's first episode was well-chosen. Coincidentally, it was when Han Xiao visited the Western Continent and allowed everyone to know of his existence. It was a hot topic; Bun-hit-dog's video became extremely popular, and the viewer count surged.

The first episode went completely viral!

Bun-hit-dog was pleasantly surprised. His choice of this episode's subject proved to be a correct decision.

The video became popular because of Han Xiao's popularity, and not only that, it added greatly to Han Xiao's reputation.

Everyone's impression of Han Xiao in their hearts gradually moved from a Mysterious Merchant and Skills Trainer to an influential NPC. Guessing his origin gradually became an everyday topic.