The Legend of the Dragon King
1789 The Evolution Of The Ancient Life Tree
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The Legend of the Dragon King
Author :Tang Jia San Shao
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1789 The Evolution Of The Ancient Life Tree

Yu Guanzhi's eyes lit up. Even the Spirit Pagoda's Pagoda Master Qiangu Dongfeng was stunned for a moment. His gaze changed ever so slightly as he looked at Tang Wulin. 

Everyone could tell the significance of the Eternal Heaven. The possession of such a weapon was almost equal to having an immunity medallion!

Qiangu Dongfeng checked his conscience. If he were in Tang Wulin's shoes, he would perhaps attempt to make up all sorts of excuses. He would never surrender the Eternal Heaven unless he had no other choice. 

Even though he figured that the Tang Sect and Shrek would hand over the weapon as expected, he did not expect Tang Wulin to give such a prompt response. In fact, Tang Wulin did not hesitate much nor give excuses such as having to consult with the others first. He consented readily which was unexpected. 

Upon giving his reply, Tang Wulin's expression did not change much. 

He could not hesitate nor would he allow himself to do that now. A momentary hesitation would result in more deaths and injuries and give the abyssal plane and the Holy Spirit Cult the opportunity to invade the continent. By then, the people would be suffering and in misery. Consequently, he might end up as the sinner of the entire continent due to a moment's hesitation. 

Perhaps, the Eternal Heaven was the most suitable option to deal with the Holy Spirit Cult and the abyssal plane. 

Hence, he did not have to ponder much before he readily agreed. 

Actually, he had already considered it in detail on the way over, what he should do in case the Federation proposed such a request. 

Had it not been for the destruction of the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array, he would have rejected the request outright. It would have been extremely difficult for him to reject the request when the terrifying defense could even withstand the blasting of ten rank-9 fixed soul ammunitions. Perhaps, the Eternal Heaven was indeed the only weapon capable of destroying the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array. 

Cao Dezhi looked at Tang Wulin and nodded once slowly. Naturally, he could not bear to part with the Eternal Heaven either. Yet, was there any other option?

No. There was nothing else, at least for now. 

The Tang Sect and Shrek had their own principles. They were not the Spirit Pagoda. They could not behave selfishly nor just think of themselves. Besides, with the skin gone, what could the hair attach to?

Without the Federation and the continent, what was the purpose of the Tang Sect and Shrek's existence then?

Yu Guanzhi's gaze was filled with emotion. It was the same for the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie. 

"Good, good, good!" Yu Guanzhi repeated the word 'good' three times subconsciously. 

The information as to where the Eternal Heaven was kept could not be discussed openly. Therefore, Yu Guanzhi could only hazard a guess. He figured Tang Wulin would still need to discuss the matter with his people regardless. Not for Tang Wulin, he had no need to. 

This was the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy with their twenty-thousand year legacies. They stood on the grounds of principle, morality, and justice. 

The war council was dismissed in a rush. After the meeting, Tang Wulin and Cao Dezhi were held up by Yu Guanzhi and Chen Xinjie.

All the staff officers and personnel left the room, leaving only the four of them in the command post. 

Chen Xinjie and Yu Guanzhi gazed into the eyes of one another. All of a sudden, the two colonel generals stood at attention and delivered a military salutation toward Tang Wulin and Cao Dezhi. 

"Thank you, thank you to both of you." Yu Guanzhi looked like he was about to lose control of his emotions. 

As a high-ranking military personnel, he understood the significance of possessing the Eternal Heaven more than anyone else!

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh and said, "This is our duty. Any personal or group gains will have to give way to the cardinal issue. Don't be like this, colonel generals. I shall return to Shrek Academy immediately and bring back the item in a day at most."

Yu Guanzhi said, "There's no need for formalities. Hereafter, if there's anything that the Tang Sect and Shrek need from me personally or my clan, please don't hesitate to let us know. The Central Army Corps is your supporter from now on."

For him to make such a remark as one of the three great military moguls, the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy now had major support from the military. 

"I wanted to convey the same thing to you." Chen Xinjie took a deep breath. He looked at Tang Wulin with an approving gaze. 

"Yun Ming made a good choice. Old Cao, you are right. I'm quite envious of you for having such a worthy successor! The Sea God Army and the War God Hall are supporters of Shrek and the Tang Sect too."

Aside from the deep love he had for Long Yeyue, he was helping Shrek and the Tang Sect on a personal basis. It was unrelated to the armed forces that he represented. At present, however, he was truly on their side when the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy showed their willingness to hand over the Eternal Heaven to fight against the enemy. 

Two out of the three great military moguls had already expressed their support for the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. Ever since the founding of the Federation, such support was unprecedented. 

Tang Wulin said, "Then, I shall leave first. Put up a good fight against the formidable enemy. Don't let the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array invade us."

Chen Xinjie nodded and said, "Don't worry. Even though our artillery fire is not enough to break it, we can still block it. We'll be competing to consume as much energy as we can against them. The Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array's defense is powerful because it has the support of numerous abyssal powerhouses. We may not necessarily be able to compete against their hidden powers, but we should at least be able to resist for a short period of time."

"Alright then, I'll leave in advance." Tang Wulin did not procrastinate any further. He unleashed the green-gold soul ring from his body which turned his body translucent with a green tinge instantly. A dense, rich life source diffused into the surroundings from his body and exuded a unique sense of vitality. 

It felt as if everything in the surroundings was overflowing with vigor. Chen Xinjie and Yu Guanzhi could not help showing their astonishment. 

They were aware that Shrek and the Tang Sect had its own uniqueness. They were extremely astonished to learn about Tang Wulin's ability to transport himself everywhere, to advance or retreat at will on the battlefield. 

However, it was their first time experiencing this situation up close. Could a human actually emit a life source to this extent?

Before they even had time to consider, a green radiance flashed once and Tang Wulin vanished into thin air. 

"Let's discuss our operation plan next. Before the Bloodriver Godkiller Great Array is destroyed, I'm afraid our only option now is to stabilize our defense."

In the Sea God's Lake of Shrek Academy.

A warm, moist sensation was felt around Tang Wulin's body instantly. When he opened his eyes once again, he found that he was already in deep water. 

A layer of light film around him blocked the lakewater from entering his body. He felt an intense affinity toward the water. 

The Ancient Life Tree was right before his eyes. 

He was startled upon seeing the Ancient Life Tree once again. 

The Ancient Life Tree before him looked different now as compared to the way it was before they left. Tang Wulin could see it vividly despite being underwater. 

The Ancient Life Tree did not look much different from an ordinary tree. However, the intensity of the life source it emitted was different. 

It displayed qualitative differences. The gigantic Ancient Life Tree had diffused faint golden halos into the surroundings. The golden halos looked like solid rings which turned into a thick life source that lashed onto Tang Wulin's body. He felt warm all over. The life source also gave the surrounding lakewater a golden blue color. 

It had grown even larger now. He looked up to see the crown almost touching the surface of the lake. Moreover, the leaves on the crown began to emit a golden glow. Even some leaf veins turned golden as well. 

As the Nature Child, Tang Wulin felt it profoundly. The first idea that came to his mind was that the Ancient Life Tree was evolving. It was a sign of evolution!

Tang Wulin was overjoyed. He immediately focused his attention to feel deeply and emitted an inquisitive aura toward the Ancient Life Tree simultaneously. 

Soon after, the Ancient Life Tree responded. The response was slightly vague as if it was in an obscure state. However, it told Tang Wulin that it was evolving. When all its leaves turned golden, its evolution would be complete. 


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