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1582 Running Away?

As a result, A Erba chose to run away without the slightest hesitation. He was afraid that he would not be able to make it if he stayed any longer!

"Trying to run away?" Er Ming coldly scoffed. A gigantic shadow was suddenly projected behind his back as he raised his head and let out a roar into the sky.

It seemed like a great forest with lush green trees filled with life source. On the other hand, the entire great forest seemed to have awakened by his loud roar as countless growling sounds were heard echoing out from the forest in a deafening manner.

A Erba could only feel terrifying stress surge in from all directions. He was forcefully squeezed out from the space he had hastily escaped into.

It was the Ten Thousand Beast Domain! It was the spiritual domain of the Beast King, the Titan Giant Ape. 

Er Ming had been paying attention to A Erba since earlier so how could he possibly let him leave so easily? The misery and suffering that could result from the escape of a Limit Douluo-ranked Demon Monarch were unimaginable.

The overall arrangement for today had already been planned in Mingdu City itself. The ambush of fixed soul ammunitions were all supported by Tang Sect. The plan was made meticulously with the sole purpose of not letting any demon leave.

A Erba was furious from embarrassment upon being squeezed out from the space. The flame wings behind his back burst forth with thousands of flames and transformed into purple-black flame meteors that shot straight for Er Ming.

Er Ming burst out laughing before he abruptly leaped up. The flame meteors shot and chased after Er Ming's figure. However, Er Ming brazenly landed on the ground in an instant. The gravity produced a change that could instantly turn the entire world upside down. It felt as if there was a violent suction force that appeared on the ground that forcefully pulled all the flame meteors back to it. They exploded with a series of loud booming noises.

Two massive silhouettes charged once again toward one another and ferociously clashed over and over again.

On the other hand, the battle between the Nine Great Demons and the father and son was also reaching its climax.

Yuanen Zhentian continuously blasted forth with his pair of iron fists. He was now a quasigod-ranked powerhouse and was capable of guiding the plane's law power. Every punch that was thrown would result in the projection of an indistinct mountain shadow on the sky. It descended and suppressed the entire scene. The gravity of the entire arena was at least ten times stronger than usual. It pulled at these Great Demons until it was very difficult for them to run away.

This was Yuanen Zhentian's first battle after he had been elevated to the quasigod rank. The elder of Titan Giant Ape Clan was making a display of his experience and vicious fighting ability. He did not appear to be moving quickly but he was filled with a sense of potency. He was almost capable of suppressing the nine Great Demons by himself such that they were even incapable of running away.

Yuanen Tiandang worked together with his father side by side. He was also using the Titan Divine Punch. There was an additional gush of wild aura that was unleashed with every punch he threw.

He loathed these demons to his very bones. Had it not been due to the demonic plane's appearance, his family would have been so peaceful and happy! For the past decade, he was constantly immersed in sorrow, pain, and was also yearning for his wife.

He was especially furious after encountering his enemy again. Even though he had just ascended to Limit Douluo, he had even burst forth with the ability that was close to demigod-rank when he was engaged in a complete outburst. He was akin to an ancient beast. Countless fist's shadows covered the place. Yuanen Zhentian suppressed from top to bottom while Yuanen Tiandang swept across like a giant hammer.

The nine Great Demons arranged themselves in a straight line. Each of them had a long tail which entangled around the other Great Demon's waist. They formed a linking bond. Their tails seemed to possess a very special effect such that a Great Demon could absorb the rest of the Great Demons' strength for its own use to resist Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang's attack. The energy conversion was exceedingly swift and as easy as the arm directing the fingers.

It was as if the nine Great Demons were sharing one body. They relied on this battle method to withstand Yuanen Zhentian and his son's wild attacks with great effort.

A purple-black light pattern formed into a giant dragon-like entity underneath their feet. It was only slightly different from the dragons on Douluo Continent. Their giant dragon appeared more like a snake and the nine Great Demons were the nine heads of this strange snake. The array formed was exceedingly ghastly. They advanced and retreated in unison as if they were one.

Yuanen Tiandang roared in rage. He brazenly landed in the opponent's core area like a meteor while being surrounded by incomparably thick yellow radiance.

The nine Great Demons rapidly moved backward. Even though they could not move freely due to the gravitational pull, they moved with good coordination akin to a nine-headed snake pulling back. The nine Great Demons simultaneously let out a shriek. They stabbed forward with the Darkness Demon Sword in their hands as nine streams of purple-black radiance entwined as one in the sky and transformed into a malicious-looking snakehead that braced Yuanen Zhentian's attack.

Yuanen Tiandang blasted a huge hole out on the ground. He was breathing rapidly to contract the soul core inside his body as he absorbed the origin energy in the air.

However, he felt a weak sensation radiating from his mind at this moment.

Was it because he had exhausted his spiritual power?

Yuanen Tiandang was stunned for a moment. He had immediately come to the realization that the series of outbursts earlier was overly swift and violent such that it had resulted in his weakness due to over-exhaustion.

He had just entered the Limit Douluo-rank after all and his realm had yet to completely stabilize. He was risking his life to fight earlier yet he was incapable of killing even one Great Demon. This had affected his state of mind.

He inhaled a deep breath to calm his mood. Just as he was prepared to continue again, his eyes glowed brightly.

Yuanen Zhentian drew circles with his hands and projected countless yellow meteors into the sky. It was his eighth soul skill, Titan Falling Boulder!

When it was launched by him at the quasigod-rank, the power of his strike was definitely not inferior to a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition.

The nine Great Demons rapidly contracted together just like the nine-headed giant snake had curled up.

It was not the first time that the Titan Falling Boulder was unleashed. The first attack had brought them rather troublesome issues earlier.

This time, the nine Great Demons comprehensively resisted it. Their formation was tightened up even more as compared to before. Nine of them gathered together and formed into a loop shape with their tails linked up to one another. They pointed the Darkness Demon Swords in their hands toward the sky. The nine-headed snake light pattern on the ground transformed into a gigantic nine-headed snake that was projected into the sky. The nine-headed snake emitted incomparably thick and tyrannical aura from its entire body. Its mouth spat out darkness energy that turned into light rain to resist Yuanen Zhentian's attack.

Yuanen Tiandang witnessed the scene. Despite being guarded by the Titan Falling Boulder, he dared not approach the enemy. It was a quasigod ranked attack.

The wave of fixed soul ammunitions that had been used earlier and the battles of the Limit Douluo-ranked powerhouses had completely flattened the few hilltops in the surroundings.

An apocalypse-like booming noise exploded as the purple-black and yellow radiance formed into an energy explosion that covered large areas. All at once, the surrounding air was filled with a terrifying elemental storm. If an ordinary person was here, they would be torn into pieces by the elemental storm in an instant.

Yuanen Zhentian remained standing on the same spot without moving. He inhaled a deep breath to absorb the origin energy in the air like a whale swallowing. On the other hand, the nine Great Demons had all sank into the ground while their scales glowed with dimmed radiance on the other side.

Such a collision was exhausting for both sides.

However, an illusionary silhouette soundlessly appeared below the nine Great Demons at this exact moment.

These Great Demons were over ten meters in height. They had even swelled up to fifteen meters in height during the battle. A silhouette that was less than two meters was truly too negligible for them.

At present, these Great Demons were dizzy from being blasted by the Titan Falling Boulder. Their attention was focused on Yuanen Tiandang who had just leaped out from the huge hole earlier. They had completely neglected the presence of an illusionary silhouette underneath their feet.