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1581 The Ancient Life Tree, Resurrected!

Thick life force was continuously being infused into the plant such that its growing speed began to increase.

Leaves and branches grew out in succession and probed into the surroundings. The thick life source had an indescribable texture.

When seen from the shore, one could indistinctly see that there was a ball of green radiance in the Sea God Lake. It appeared dim and weak when the golden light first infused into the water but gradually turned bright and strong as thick life source spread outward in overlapping layers. The originally intense radiation in Sea God Lake was affected due to the baptism and was slowly dispersing.

"It's a success!" Long Yeyue said in excitement.

Not just her, but the Holy Spirit Douluo had also teared up in excitement.

As old people who had once lived on the Sea God Island, they understood the significance of the Ancient Gold Tree to Shrek Academy the most.

Following the gradual disappearance of Great Star Dou Forest, the Ancient Gold Tree's energy had deteriorated substantially. This was also one of the reasons that resulted in Shrek Academy's inability to escape the great catastrophe.

How could they refrain themselves after sensing the familiar life source? The Life Seed had regained life energy was the true core of Shrek Academy!

Long Yeyue closed her eyes and used her spiritual power to feel the life energy around her.

She could clearly sense through her spiritual power that the Life Seed at the bottom of the lake had already grown to three meters in height in this short period of time. Countless leaves and branches extended into the surroundings while the life force in the tree was also being enhanced countless times.

The deepest end of the Sea God Lake was about one hundred meters. Even though the three-meter-tall Ancient Life Tree was not considered much, yet it had already grown much stronger and larger as compared to the tiny leaf shoot before! At the very least, this signified that the Ancient Life True was resurrected in its true sense and it was no longer in danger of wilting at any moment.



Er Ming's attacks could only be described with the word 'violent' as he launched them wildly at the Demon Monarch A Erba.

Even though he had never experienced the tragedy that dawned on Titan Giant Ape Clan back then, those people were his descendants!

There was a saying that 'when two foes meet, they see each other more clearly than ever in their hatred'. Er Ming burst forth with exceedingly terrifying oppressive-type attacks.

A Erba was a powerhouse beyond his time on the demonic plane. He was one of the five great monarchs yet he was completely suppressed by Er Ming and was rendered helpless.

Every strike of his Titan Divine Punch was as heavy as a mountain. A Erba could spare no effort in using his Darkness Demon Sword to resist the attacks. Both of them were equally matched.

On the other hand, the father and son Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang were ferociously fighting against the nine Great Demons on the other side.

Every single one of these nine Great Demons was equal to a human Hyper Douluo-ranked soul master. Their fighting capacity was rather high. Moreover, they were still equipped with the ability to join hands for a combined attack. Only then they had managed to withstand the powerful attacks of these two wild Limit Douluos. Both sides were caught in a stalemate at once.

Yet, one should not forget that this was the Douluo Continent plane. Without devouring life force and being repulsed by the plane, both A Erba and his subordinate Great Demons would be exhausted real soon. If this continued, there was no doubt that they would be bracing death as a result.

Tang Wulin remained floating over in midair. The life force that was produced from the demon legion that had been blasted to death was truly too massive. Even though he was only acting as a medium to filter and channel the energy, it was overloading his body. Had it not been the strength of Tang Wulin's body that was enough to rival a Limit Douluo, he would not have had the courage to carry out a task like this.

The divine weapon attribute of the Golden Dragon Spear's devourment had been expressed to perfection at this moment. His body was maintaining a state where he was fully filled to the point of bursting. Even though the life force was channeled away from his body, his body was still silently absorbing a portion of the life force to strengthen itself. Such an intense energy impact had also resulted in an issue for Tang Wulin's body now. It was precisely the weakening of the Golden Dragon King Seal inside his body.

When he first made a breakthrough to Title Douluo, the thirteenth layer of Golden Dragon King Seal had broken accordingly. After that, Tang Wulin had always been very cautious in his cultivation. His abilities were constantly elevating including his elevating life force but he did not touch the seals at all.

However, it was different this time. The life force that surged into his body at once was truly too massive. Tang Wulin could only exercise some control over his Golden Dragon Spear to devour and convert. He was incapable of controlling the massive amount of life force surging into his body and keeping it away from the Golden Dragon King Seal.

The seal was greedy. It was attempting to absorb Tang Wulin's energy at all times in order to awaken the Golden Dragon King's strength to break through the seal. Tang Wulin would usually isolate it. Even though he was incapable of completely restricting it, he could slow down the time for breaking a seal by a wide margin.

Yet at this exact moment, he did not have the ability to do so. The life force was massive and he had not expected that the Golden Dragon King Seal would seize the opportunity to create trouble beforehand. The fourteenth layer of the seal had almost instantly gathered enough energy.

After the tenth layer, every layer of the Golden Dragon King Seal would produce an exceedingly powerful impact. Even though the breakthrough would elevate Tang Wulin's abilities, a mishap during the absorption process could possibly cost his life!

Yet, there was utterly nothing that he could do now. Could he stop devouring the life force here?

An opportunity like this only came by once in a lifetime and it was something that came by with luck! He could clearly sense that the Life Seed in Sea God Lake faraway was yearning for such a thick life force.

The life force that came from the demonic plane did not belong to the Douluo Continent plane. It was because of this that the life force could be completely digested and absorbed as the greatest replenishment for the Life Seed on the Douluo Continent plane!

Just like how the abyssal plane and demonic plane were attempting to devour the life force on Douluo Continent, Douluo Continent could also devour their energy to replenish itself and strengthen the entire plane.

As a result, even though Tang Wulin was aware that he could very possibly fail to guard the fourteenth layer of the seal if this continued, he still chose to clench his teeth and endure the process of continuous absorption and conversion.

The Life Seed needed the life force. In order to sustain the Life Seed, he was already incapable of caring about anything else.


Er Ming's fist once again collided into Demon Monarch A Erba's Darkness Demon Sword. Thick demon flames scattered everywhere and resulted in violent warping of the surrounding space. A Erba's enormous body violently trembled due to the tremor from Titan Divine Punch.

Er Ming was not feeling pleasant either. The darkness energy on the Darkness Demon Sword was exceedingly thick and had a corrosive and penetrative ability. His body burst forth with darkness aura.

Both of them momentarily parted. A Erba's flame wings abruptly spread out behind his back. He had conjured a flame door behind his back just like that as his enormous body rapidly fused into the flame door.

The Demon Monarch was well aware that this could not continue anymore. The plane's repulsiveness was too strong. He could already feel that he was being affected and he had to leave this place as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be getting worse for him.

He did not feel fearful toward Er Ming because he was aware that he could still fight against Er Ming despite the slight difference in power. It would not be an issue for him to withstand for a while. He feared Tang Wulin and his Golden Dragon Spear the most.

A Erba was a Demon Monarch after all. He could clearly feel that the life energy produced after his demon legion was destroyed was being wildly devoured.

Tang Wulin was actually capable of continuously devouring the life force despite being surrounded by such thick energy. Moreover, there was also an intense sense of affinity between Tang Wulin and the entire world. There was no doubt that Tang Wulin was blessed by the plane, or perhaps he should say that a plane's envoy was present there. A Erba was well aware that he could perhaps end up as the target of devourment when the plane's envoy was unoccupied.生命古树. I don't know why the author has changed to this term halfway over here. Perhaps it's because of Life Seed? In any case, it should be the same as the Ancient Gold Tree.