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1580 The Life Infusion

A Erba's eyes were throbbing. He could sense that something was not going well. The few people around him were emitting such powerful auras which he had not expected. 

In any case, he was about to face the greatest difficulty now. He could not return to the demonic plane even if he wanted to. 

In its descent, the demonic plane had consumed too much energy. To reopen the plane's passage, he needed to lead his subordinates into devouring a large amount of life force from this world. Only then could he cast the spell. 

Initially, he did not think that it would be a difficult task. Yet, it seemed to be the case now. The legion suffered a destructive blow as soon as it appeared. There were so many human powerhouses to fight against currently. They needed to retreat and consolidate the life force to replenish themselves before they could reopen the plane's passage. 

This world was truly terrifying. 

There remained only a single thought in the Demon Monarch's mind now. 'I want to go home…'

The Sea God Lake. 

The lakeside of Sea God Lake had become a large construction site. After the installation of basic interference soul devices, the site was bustling with activity. 

The first three academic buildings of Shrek Academy were completed in what was considered a record-breaking time on the Douluo Continent. 

Later, the construction would stretch to both ends. According to the plan, the Sea God Lake would be at the center of all the buildings to be constructed. The buildings would form a ring-shaped complex which surrounded the entire Sea God Lake. 

It was a massive project without a doubt. It was not something that could be completed in a year or two. 

After the official appearance of Shrek Academy in the Joust For A Spouse Festival, contribution of resources began pouring in from various parties. Shrek and the Tang Sect had shown the powerful abilities of its four Limit Douluos which boosted the confidence of its supporters. 

Actually, Shrek Academy which had been neutral in the past was a reputable institution. 

Hence, the Dove Faction and the Independent Faction provided extensive support to the reconstruction of Shrek Academy. There was nothing the Spirit Pagoda could do now unless they could get their hands on rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions. As it was, no one could stop Shrek from rebuilding. 

The basic teaching facilities were already completed. The reconstructed Shrek Academy would carry out its recruitment of the first batch of students after three months. All the preparatory works were being carried out intensely. 

Nevertheless, the mission to reconstruct the academy remained bothersome. The biggest problem was the radiation emitted from the Sea God Lake. 

Due to the radiation, not a blade of grass grew around the Sea God Lake. Neither did any living creature exist in its waters. The lakewater appeared extremely clear but it was desolate. It hardly resembled the original Sea God Lake. It was definitely not the Sea God Lake which everyone wished for!

The radiation which affected the surrounding area required the protective array to be turned on continuously so as to protect the people living on the lakeside. However, a large amount of energy would be needed. If this continued, the consumption would be tremendous. 

The new Shrek received all sorts of assistance from the Tang Sect. However, the energy required for the protection of the Sea God Lake was massive. At the same time, the Tang Sect was declared a treasonous organization. So, it was definitely not good for Shrek Academy to be without its own means of energy production as its resources would one day be exhausted. 

Shrek had the accumulation of twenty thousand years in the past! At present, Shrek relied on the others. It was in many ways still lacking in resources which could only be recovered over time. 

Therefore, the Spirit Pagoda was not in a rush to eliminate Shrek even though they wanted to do so badly. After all, it would not be an easy task for Shrek to recover its old glory. 

At present, a group of people stood by the lakeside. They were watching closely in the direction of the Sea God Lake. 

The leaders in the group were the current deputy Sea God's Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy, Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue and the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali. 

Behind the two great Limit Douluos stood Ye Xinglan, Xu Lizhi, Xu Xiaoyan, Yue Zhengyu, and the numerous inner court disciples which included Lan Muzi who had already entered the Sea God's Pavilion. 

They were all watching the surface of the lake closely while they waited quietly. 

"Elder Long, will this work?" asked Yali softly to Long Yeyue by her side. 

Long Yeyue smiled. "Trust him. Since he has passed down the message, it only means that he's very confident. He's the one chosen by the plane, and he's capable of doing something which ordinary people aren't."

Yali nodded slowly. "I should've gone with him if only I knew earlier. I'm truly worried now."

Elder Long chuckled. "You're just going to create more trouble by being overly concerned. I thought he said that he had three Limit Douluos by his side? There are also quasi god-ranked Limit Douluos amongst them. There's nothing much you can do now. We just need to wait for the outcome."

"It's here!" said Ye Xinglan all of a sudden. Her Stargod Sword was exceedingly sensitive in the detection of the constellation. 

Suddenly, the sky was illuminated. There was a dash of seven-colored radiance in the pitch-black night sky. 

The seven-colored radiance gradually became brighter. A seven-colored light cloud suddenly appeared silently in the sky above the center of Sea God Lake. 

Long Yeyue quickly gave an order without hesitation, "Turn off all the protective soul devices other than the interference soul devices. Keep all the staff indoors and don't let them out."

"Alright. All the protective soul devices are turned off."

They had carried out the preparatory work since earlier. The buildings were equipped with a protective shield. The devices which were turned off was the defense system used to protect the Sea God Lake. It also functioned as a radiation protection system. 

The seven-colored radiance grew brighter. Out of the blue, a light pillar descended from the sky and landed straight into the Sea God Lake. 

The group of people were shocked. Even for someone who was used to witnessing all kinds of events, Elder Long subconsciously clenched her fists. 

They could clearly see that the light pillar which shot straight into the lake had a seven-colored radiance coiled around it. A dazzling stream of golden light filled with life source was seen at the light pillar's center. 

The golden light entered the water without creating any ripples. It formed a link between the sky and the ground. The Sea God Lake was illuminated by a golden color. In the golden light, the lakewater sparkled and appeared especially enticing.

The people from Shrek Academy were bedazzled upon witnessing the strange scene. Everyone was honestly quivering. 

The radiance shot straight down through the deep lakewater and landed at the center region of the Sea God Lake. 

Subsequently, a dark green plant shimmered with a faint brilliance within the radiance. 

It had seven blades of leaves which appeared to be glowing dimly. Its tiny body shook once abruptly when it was illuminated by the stream of radiance. A layer of dark green brilliance burst forth from its body within a split second to form a dark green light shield which was a meter in diameter. It sucked the life force voraciously from the sky above. 

The first development that occurred was at the bottom of the lake near the plant. Initially, the bottom of the lake was completely dark without any life source. At present, due to the surging infusion of the life source, a faint green radiance began to spread outward with the Life Seed at its center. 

The Life Seed trembled slightly. Anyone could immediately sense an intense buzz coming from it. 

It felt so rejuvenating!

A pure life force was precisely the thing which it lacked and wanted to acquire the most. 

The life energy was dense beyond comparison. When the entire bottom of the lake was illuminated by a faint green color, it finally began to move. It was struggling initially. Small branches sprouted which then turned thick and strong. Soon after, new leaves grew. Eventually, the whole plant became healthy and strong. 

The radiance spread outward layer upon layer. The dense life source condensed inward as it was consumed and absorbed rapidly by the plant.