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84 The Ice Serpen


When they were a few meters above the gulch, they heard a sound of a movement. They all turned their heads towards the source and what they saw made them shudder. In the long gulch was a long brown serpent with white patches. Cold energies wafted from its silky scales making its surrounding extremely cold. It had a small head which contrasted its enormous size. The sound of the movement came from its tiny head which it was moving from time to time.

"What brings you strangers here at this time of the day?"

The serpent roared even before the group of seven reached it. Ratong' wanted to give an answer but even before it opened its mouth, the serpent's tail swept out making the seven plummet from the sky with great force. Since the floor of the gulch was rocky, the cracking of bones, spilling of blood and painful wails filled the air as the seven fell one by one. Not even Ochieng' was spared this time.

"How can a filthy snake like you dare attack us, we special people? I must kill you!"

Ratong' stood with flames of fury rising from its toes all the way up to its head. It goes without saying that among its companions, it had the strongest skin. While that fall could have injured the others to the point that they could not rise at least for a minute, it was still fine. Since it was 'ordained', it had never met an animal that could dare touch it let alone attack it. This made it so angry that it could puke blood. It jumped towards the serpent with its greatest speed making it reach the serpent in a flash.

"Such a lowly creature calls me filthy. I cannot let you get away with it."

The serpent snorted before it swept its tail once again to meet Ratong's attack. The tail and the fast moving Ratong' collided with great momentum producing shockwaves that spread like fire on dry grassland.
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Ratong' was sent flying several meters away before falling with a resounding thud on the rocky ground. The serpent did not even move an inch. In fact, it coiled beautifully while lifting it's tiny head loftily.

Ochieng', Jade Eagle and the other three lions were now standing looking at the serpent confusedly. Mudho and Ochieng' had consumed the 'hono' fruit, they could recover in a lightning speed. As for Mang'weya, Jade Eagle and the tribe head, their bodies had been tempered in the Spiritual dimension, they were not any way inferior to the two. Nalianya and the other man were however still wriggling in pain on the ground.

"You messed with the wrong guy!"

Ochieng' billowed as a three foot long sword appeared in his right hand. The sword was glowing in red and yellow. That was the Apotheosis Sword. These beasts were his friends. Mudho for example was like a parent to him, he could not stomach seeing the others being injured much less Mudho.


The serpent harrumphed as it saw a twenty year old man dashing at him with a fire like sword. It straightened itself out before forcefully sending its tiny head towards Ochieng'.

The Apotheosis Sword and the beast's head collided with an ear deafening clang sound. Ochieng's hand that held the sword vibrated before a stifling pain rose from the hand all the way up to his arm. He released the sword which fragmented a nearby rock. He himself was thrown a few meters away before falling in a wrecked state.

Surprisingly enough, the serpent coiled as if nothing happened. The look it was throwing at Ochieng' and his group was disdainful. It was as if they were not living things in its eyes.

The others ran up to Ochieng' with fears and worries written on their faces. This was the strongest fellow in this crew. Furthermore, the fate of Keniya rested on his shoulders. If he died here, he could be a failure to mankind. He had consumed a 'hono' fruit, but that did not mean he was immortal and immune to injuries. The medicinal efficacy of the fruit eroded with time and this was especially so if he was to be exposed to injuries all the time. His body had been tempered in the Spiritual dimension but that did not include getting the ability to regenerate since he had achieved that by consuming the fruit.

"Are you okay brother?" Mudho asked with a lot of concern.

"I am brother."

Ochieng' replied as he struggled up. Then he looked at the serpent in horror. In front of that beast, he was helpless and weak. He was like a mouse in front of a cat. Since he realized he was an Ordainer, he had never met a creature that could render him that helpless.

His injuries were grievous this time and it was taking time for him to heal. It was clear he could take at least two to three days before he recovered completely.

"What do we do..?" The lion tribe head asked.

"What exactly do you want from us?"

Even before the tribe head closed its mouth, he heard an angry thunderous voice resounding not far away from it. It turned its head only to meet a darkened Ratong' with deep frowns on its ugly dark face.

"I was sleeping peacefully in my territory until you arrived. Are you not the one to give me the answer to that question?" The serpent asked with a nonchalant smile.

"We are sorry then. Will you let us pass at least?" Mudho chipped in.

"I am sorry I cannot do that. Not after you decided to attack me." The beast shook its head.

"But you struck first." Jade Eagle said with an indignant expression. It had been keeping quiet all this while. At this point, it could not keep its cool.

Ochieng' wanted to say something but just before he did, he heard the serpent roaring loudly. The surrounding became even colder and without knowing, Ochieng's vision turned black. His companions were going through the same thing.

"You can always offend everyone but not me, The Ice Serpent."

The serpent snorted before dragging Ochieng' and his companions away using an invisible energy.