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83 The Battle Resolved

The battling Kuyu warriors were scared to the point that they lost their minds. Confusion swept the battlefield and the warriors started running here and there their weapons thrown to the ground. Clouds of dust rose ragingly into the air shrouding them.

Ratong' landed powerfully making more dust to rise. The skins that Ochieng' and the other two wore moved as if they were being beaten by ferocious winds as they all squinted. the manes on the animals were also moving with rhythm. Ochieng' was looking at a distance bitterly, this was not the way he wanted things to go.

'How am I going to stop them? I don't even know a Kuyu word... ' he wondered.

"Ordainers are born for every Keniyan. There is no language in Keniya you cannot understand nor speak. Just be quiet and listen. You will realize that whatever I am saying is true. " As if reading through the young man's mind, Nalianya said softly.

Ochieng' was stunned for a second before opening his mouth to speak,

"Listen to me people from Kuyu. I come here in peace. You don't have to flee from us, we are your brothers."

Surprisingly enough, he spoke in Kuyu language perfectly. His voice rambled petrifying the fleeing warriors.

"Who is this man?" They wondered.

"Several seasons ago, there only existed one Kuyu man on this land with a few beauties." Ochieng' begun imposingly, disregarding the shocked warriors, "This man could have cultivated his land until his death. For the sake of the existence of this tribe, he made love with his wives. When he had children, he taught them how important unity, solidarity and love were to the continuity of the bloodline. When were these values overtaken by greed and selfishness? When did you start loving land, buildings and wealth than your own brothers?"

"That man taught his sons and daughters how tough battles could be won just by talking. You are brothers, coming from this wise man, why are you this foolish? Why do you make your ancestors regret ever fighting for the continuity of this great tribe?" At this point, Ochieng' was even shading tears.
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The Kuyu warriors lowered their heads shamefully not daring to lift them up. Like criminals who were waiting for their prosecution, they kept their mouths shut.

"We are passers by in this world. It is stupid to disregard your own brother' live for the sake of materials that dissipate as easily as smoke. I am going to ask you to stop this stupidity before we are only left with stories as a sign of our existence. I promise to wipe this tribe off this land if this continues. I believe you know I have the ability to..."

When he finished speaking, Ochieng' sighed before releasing an aura that suffocated those warriors. They looked at him with looks mixed in horror and admiration when he retracted that terrifying aura.


Before the warriors knew what was happening, Ratong' took off to the air and disappeared only leaving behind flurries of wind. It was as if it was never there with its companions in the first place.

The warriors gulped in fear before leaving the battlefield one by one with mixed feelings clearly reflected on their faces.


One of the commanders called out when he saw everyone leaving. When he had everyone's attention, he said with a serious expression,

"I do not know whom that senior is but what we are all sure of is that he is extremely powerful. It will not be respectful if we just walk away without resolving the conflict between our clans once and for all..."

"You are right Mwangi, but isn't this a matter that should be discussed by the clans' higher ups?"

Another commander interrupted. From his tone, it was clear that there was a little enmity between him and Mwangi. To be honest, they were the commanders of the two factions that were engaged in battle moments ago.

"You are right Waithoko. But when that senior warned us earlier, even our subordinates were present, can we leave just like that?" Mwangi retorted mockingly.

"Commander Mwangi is right! Commander Mwangi is right! Commander Mwangi is right..." One by one, the warriors started shouting.

Waithoko was forced to walk to Mwangi's side. They discussed a few things before Mwangi begun,

"We are going to discuss everything with the various clan elders on the way forward. As for the battle, we are going to fight no more. We are all Kuyu people and our division only gives our enemies a loophole which they can use to bring us down."


"We have decided to leave this into the hands of the clan elders, but the bottom line is, there will be no more battles between us!"


"You have all seen the might of that senior, do not be deceived by anyone to fight your fellow Kuyu people. Do you understand!?"


"You are dismissed."

Meanwhile, those on Ratong's back were squinting due to the flurries of wind that they were beating them as the lion sped further and further away.

"Ochieng', how do you feel?" The lions' tribe head asked Ochieng after they had covered hundreds of kilometers.

"About what tribe head?"

"Apeleka, I mean you two were inseparable!"

"You are right," Mudho chipped in, his face beaming with excitement as it told a story of the past, "I can remember when he first set his eyes on that girl, it was as if he had never seen a woman in his life. He was too terrified to talk but too attracted to walk away. The man who used to slay beasts fearlessly at that time looked like a ram ready to be slaughtered. When the woman spoke, I saw Ochieng' trying to say some things but they couldn't come out. Am I right Ochieng"

"Hahahaha! I can't believe the man Mudho is talking about is the same man I saw behaving like he is the emperor of Keniya in Kuyu a moment ago." Even before Ochieng' opened his mouth, Ratong' laughed out loudly.

"Brother Mudho, are you slandering me just because I refused to help you get that liones..." Ochieng' turned to Mudho with a puckish smile.

"Nalianya, are we still in the territory of Kuyu people?" Mudho suddenly asked to diverge the story.

"Brother Mudho, why does it seem like you are stopping Ochieng' from giving us a nice story here?" Nalianya asked wickedly.

"I am not actually stopping him...." Mudho answered with a chagrined face.

"I get her scent behind that hill over there."

Just when Mudho thought that its story would be poured out, it heard Mang'weya's excited voice ringing in its ears making it heave a long sigh of relief. On the other hand, Ratong' in a jiffy flew towards the direction pointed out by Mang'weya.

After going past a large hill, they saw a long gulch stretching as far as their eyes could see. The gulch was shrouded with mist and it emitted a bitingly cold aura.

"I think we should head there and see what is going on." The lions' tribe head said.

The others nodded and slowly they descended.