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For the rest of the two weeks, Ochieng' was exposed to several things that helped to increase his strength and those of his subordinates. Right now, what they could do could not be described by words of mouth.

"Now, the time has come where we have to part. I must say it was a pleasure being with you all. I tell you I will miss you a lot."

Inside what Ochieng' and the others came to learn that was called the petal house, Akinyi was saying with thin lines of tears forming on her cheeks.

"We will meet again Akinyi, right now, let us complete the tasks that lie ahead of us. We will miss you too..."

Ochieng' began consoling that siren when a pink kitten came to his feet and started rubbing its small head on them.

"Heavenly kitten, what are you doing?" He could not help but ask.

"Why don't you stay here a little bit longer brother Ochieng', I am missing you already."

The little creature lifted its head and said dearly. After staying with Ochieng' for a whole month, the hostility it had towards him had vanished without any trace. Moreover, it had become fond of the young man such that it could not bare seeing him go.

Ochieng' took the kitten and on his arm he caressed it. The beast squinted in pleasure while purring annoyingly. Akinyi and the others smiled upon seeing the two.

"We are wasting time brother Ochieng'." Mudho reminded.

"How are we to leave this place?" Ochieng' asked looking at Akinyi helplessly.

"Not a big deal." The girl chuckled before waving her small hands.

Ochieng' and his companions suddenly found themselves standing before a beautiful hut that stood beside another small one in an artistic manner. Around the huts were beautiful greenery. It was as if they fell on a painting.

"Hahaha! Finally, finally, finally..."

All of a sudden, the six heard a hearty laughter coming from the hut followed by the appearance of an old man and woman with their children and possibly their grandchildren. Their eyes were beaming with elation making Ochieng' and his companions wonder.

"Nalianya and his family welcomes Ordainer and his friends to this humble home."

Just when Ochieng' wanted to ask something, he saw those people bow respectfully. He nodded slightly before greeting them and being involved in a few formalities.

"I was told by the gods that the thirty seventh Ordainer that I will serve will walk with six beasts and a beautiful lady. Where is the sixth beast and the woman?"

Nalianya asked over the calabash of millet porridge they were eating, moments after Ochieng' had settled. The five beasts were guarding the entire home. Introductions had also been made and Ochieng' had long known that this was the prophet he would walk with during his quest.

"They were captured two months ago while were still in my home. We have been trailing them since then. You are a prophet, you should have known that earlier." Ochieng' answered with a slightly indignant face.

"I am sorry Ochieng' but I only know what I am told by the gods. Don't expect me to know everything just because I am a prophet. All I knew was that after you came from that dimension, you would come here next..." The old man retorted with a bitter smile.

"It is nothing serious... Ah?"

Ochieng' smiled at the old man but his eyes suddenly caught someone very familiar amongst the old man's people.

"What is it?"

Seeing the young man's expression, Nalianya could not help but ask turning his head towards the direction Ochieng' was looking at. He also saw someone he did not at all know.

"Do you know him?" Nalianya asked.

"Yes. He is a man from my tribe. But, I feel he's slightly different, he must be a completely different person from the person I know. He must have disguised himself for some reasons." Ochieng' answered looking at the man intently. After leaving the spiritual dimension, his senses and instincts were much sharper. He had a feeling that the man he was seeing wasn't the person he knew.

"Do you want me to probe him. I have a stick that has been passed down to the prophets that serve Ordainers. It is the nemesis of humans who have malevolent intentions towards the Ordainer." Nalianya asked with a 'just give me the order and I'll get it done' expression.

"You don't have to. I can easily do that if I want to. I have a feeling that being with him around is going to be beneficial. In the meantime, let us welcome him properly"

The two were speaking at low tones such that no one around heard them. The man in question only thought Ochieng' must be delighted to see him. He did not know he had been seen through.

The man was welcomed in Nalianya's home just like any other guest. Even during the formalities, Ochieng' pretended to be oblivious to the fact that the person was not really the person he knew. He even did not ask him questions that could make him give himself away.

Ochieng' wanted to leave that day but Nalianya insisted that they spend the night and at least be with his family. Therefore, there was a banquet that evening.

The next day, Ochieng' with his companions were on Ratong's back heading to a direction given by Mang'weya. Of course Nalianya and the other man was with them.

"Ochieng', why do I feel like that man with us may not be the person we know?" Mudho walked up to Ochieng' and asked in a hushed manner.

"It is true he is not. I just want him to accompany us for sometime so that he can reflect on his decision. If he is smart enough, he should be aware by now that we have discovered that he is an impostor. Otherwise, later on, he will realize how stupid he was to just do things that he does not understand."

"As smart as always. When do you think we are going to find sister Apeleka? I grow more impatient especially when things have to pop up along our journey.... I really miss her brother."

"I also miss her but is there anything we can do...What is it?"

"There seems to be a serious battle ahead of us."

"We are interrupted again." Ochieng' cried.

"Those are the Kuyu warriors battling amongst themselves. These materialistic people will never learn how to live peacefully with their brothers. Ordainer, should we help?" Nalianya's voice echoed in Ochieng' and Mudho's ears just when they were wondering what to do.

"Let us head over and take a look." Ochieng' instructed.

Ratong' flapped its wings ferociously as it descended from the sky in a menacing manner seemingly announcing the arrival of the great Ordainer.