Wuxiaworld > The Legend of Karachuo > 80 The Stick

Pah! Boom! Padah!

Different sounds filled the air around Nalianya's compound. Currently, he was battling a very powerful young man. The fight involved magic and strength. Three hours had gone by, they had crossed several blows and used different types of magic but still, there was no sign of one emerging the victor.

Like cocks that had fought for hours, they had become weak. They were now panting like dogs that had run for hours without stopping. Their muscles had become heavy and moving them had become difficult.

"Hahaha!" The old man laughed, "Kids these days are arrogant. They are given abilities but instead of using them in the correct ways they choose the wrong paths. I don't have much time brother. Let me send you to your ancestors."

The young man wanted to say something but before he did, he saw the old man lifting his left arm quickly. The skin he wore moved even though there was no wind. Shortly afterwards, a stick of around two meters and a diameter of two inches appeared in the lifted hand. With the stick's appearance, the old man was percolated to his peak.

The stick was shrouded with golden energy. Nalianya looked very comfortable with it in his hand. He lowered it and pointed at the young man who was looking at him with horror. The man wanted to say something but was too tired and too scared to do so.

Others might not be aware of what was happening but the old man knew. After living with the stick for years and years, he knew what it was capable of. He knew the young man could not talk not because he was just tired or scared but because the stick had the power to deal with any gifted person who had decided to use his abilities in the wrong way.

The people from the dark world did not really know this other use of the stick. Otherwise, they would have never sent the young man. The information that entered the dark world was limited and therefore, they could not just deal with mankind very easily. This stick for example could help them in several ways but the fact that it was the nemesis of mankind's traitors was something they were unaware of.

Chempokulu knew this was the stick he was sent to pick yet at the current circumstances, he knew this was something he could not do anymore. At this point in time, he was feeling a burning sensation creeping up his body from his toe at a terrific speed. As this pain moved, he felt himself losing the powers he had painstakingly got.

Knowing that he would become ordinary or even lose his life if this continued, the young man disappeared in a flash.


Nalianya was left shaking his head bitterly. He was preparing to launch a killing blow but who could have known that his opponent could escape in fear. Left with no choice, he kept the stick and welcomed his children and his grandchildren.

Inside the grass thatched 'manyatta' near Ndia ocean was quiet and slightly dark. Rats and cockroaches were moving anyhow enjoying the free meals around.

Suddenly, Chempokulu emerged out of nowhere. Light came back to the house with him appearing revealing his face that was filled with horror. He was sweating profusely from head to toe. He was even trembling! It was the first time he had felt that fearful.

Having been sapped dry of his strength and abilities, he was left with little to no of those two. He jumped on his bed to sleep and recuperate.

He had not even lied when the six women appeared with fire around their feet. He went down on his knees and kowtowed.

"I have failed sisters. The old man was more powerful than I thought." He said fearfully.

"What do you mean by failing. Do you know what you have costed the Lord of darkness by those simple words?!" The angry voices of the women echoed.

"I will not fail again mistresses." The young man replied shivering fearfully.

"That is no longer important Chempokulu. What is ahead of us is much grand and troublesome, we want you to give the dark world a helping hand."

"Command me sisters from the dark world."

"An information has leaked into our world. The Ordainer is heading to the prophet's home after two moons, there is something we want you to do for us."

"Should I kill him sisters?"

"Killing an Ordainer is not as easy as you think. Otherwise, could we be going through all these troubles just to kill him. He is after all the most powerful person amongst the Saints and humans. If killing a mere prophet almost costed you your life, is finishing you not as easy as eating and drinking to the almighty Ordainer?"

"What do you want me to do then sisters?"

"We want you to help us know his tracks. That is all."

"But the prophet is powerful enough to know my underhanded means. What if he gets me and kills me even before I achieve this?" When Chempokulu talked about that prophet, fear that came from the bottom of his heart overwhelmed him.

"We are putting that into consideration. He will not even realize you are following their truck, rise."

After Chempokulu rose, the women sent surges of energies to his body. As he absorbed them, he was nourished at a tremendous speed as his body changed!


When everything was done, he looked at himself and was amazed. He did not know deceiving the old prophet could be made this easy. Feeling the power within him, the young man felt like he could easily defeat that old man with just a snap of his finger. Of course that was when he did not use that stick. Otherwise, things could not at all favor him. What excited him most was the fact that his aura was concealed such that the prophet would not know whom he was unless he gave himself away.

"The Lord of darkness will be depending on you this time. If you fail, death awaits you. If you succeed, power and wealth shall be placed at your doorstep."

The six women said before disappearing leaving Chempokulu in bliss for his newfound strength. What the young man did not realize was that just before the sisters of the dark disappeared, they looked at him with commiseration. If he saw, he would have turned down the offer they had given him.