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In a remote land near Ndia ocean, in a 'manyatta' made of grass, a young man sat on a three legged stool smoking cigarette. His long hairs were unkempt and dirty. His beards were not any different. The camel hide he wore had several patches of liquid stains. His light skin had paintings all over. White circles were also painted around his big eyes, cheeks and forehead. From afar, he looked more like a ghost.

In front of him were herbs, bones and several calabashes of different shapes ands sizes carrying fluids of different types. Feathers of different colors were also around him. He kept singing a song that no one would want to listen to.

He was practicing an art that was unorthodox and verboten amongst the populace. That was why, like some animals, he lived alone far from where people lived. From the things around him, it was obvious he was living only to harm people. He was a Warlock!

These kinds of people were also gifted but due to reasons known to themselves, they always chose not to use their gifts as tools to help mankind but to destroy them. Usually, these people were more dangerous than the beasts that lived in the forbidden lands. This was because they harmed people from several millions of kilometers away. Those who wanted to take revenge for injustices they faced always looked for them and through them, they destroyed families and clans!

"Lord of darkness, your servant is calling to serve you, please talk to me." Picking a horn and placing it near his chest, the man bowed a little before hollowing.

He repeated the same thing three times before the ground shook intensely followed by the appearance of fire around him. Seeing what was happening, instead of panicking, he placed the bone down and bowed in reverence with his eyes tightly shut.

Alongside the appearance of the fire, six women dressed in azure gowns appeared. Shrouding them were dark chilling aura. Alongside their breathing, their presence could make one feel his soul escape from his body.

"Sisters from the dark world, Chempokulu is here ready to heed to your commands, please command me." The man this time kowtowed faced with these six women.

Sisters from the dark were powerful black fiends that served the Lord of darkness in the dark world. They could not appear in Keniya except in spirit forms. Their power was not at all inferior to the Saints from the skies. Their standing in the dark world was above the ordinary black fiends. They were also very intelligent and whatever they were able to pull off was unfathomable..

The six ladies the young man had summoned were only existing in spirit forms yet they were able to exert great pressure even on himself. If they could be walking on their true forms, only the One from above or the Lord of Darkness knew what could happen to this Warlock.

"Rise Chempokulu!"

The women said simultaneously. Their voices echoed around an area of radius of over two hundred metres. Their voices were grand and majestic. Combined with the fact that they sounded like they were from an endless abyss, any other person could just faint upon hearing them. Even Chempokulu trembled a little as cold sweat trickled down his face.

"Command me sisters." The young man bowed.

"We are sending you to the lands of Nok. There is an old man there. He is a prophet and a witch doctor at the same time. We want you to kill him and retrieve his stick and bring it here. We will tell you what to do once you are with the stick. Be quick because we have no time." The women said emotionlessly before disappearing at the same time.

Just like the Saints' powers were profound in Keniya but not in the dark world, the sisters from the dark were also powerful in their own world. Even though killing someone in Keniya was not something difficult to pull off, since it involved a gifted person who had been chosen to help the Ordainer, they had to be careful lest they terribly failed in their missions.

The young man nodded respectfully before a gleam appeared on his eyes. He took one of the bones on a hide that was in front of him and mattered a few words under his breath. After that, vanished from the spot. .

"You have arrived in a timely manner my children. I was almost sending a message to invite you over, you have saved me from a lot of trouble..."

The old Nalianya laughed upon seeing the group of people getting into his compound. He dropped his hoe to go and welcome his children and grandchildren when,


Three ear deafening sounds of thunder reverberated. Accompanying the thunders were three large flashes of nightmarish lightning. The dark surroundings were lightened brightly alongside the appearance of the flashes of lightning. As Nyalongi, her children and grandchildren that had just appeared fell down in fear, Nalianya was rooted on the ground looking at the sky with merriment.

"The three sighs of the One from above. It is the spell of protection cast by him. What could be happening?" The old man wondered in a low tone.

He was just about to perform some magic to know what exactly was the One from above protecting when he saw a young man with dirty long unkempt hairs appear just in front of him. The man looked at him sharply making a sinister feeling rise from the depths of his heart.

"What do you want?" The old man asked with a deep frown between his brows.

"I want your life." The young man nonchalantly answered.

Without wasting a second, the young man lifted a club that was in his right hand and pointed at the old man's chest. Squinting and smiling passionlessly, he sent flurries of energies towards the old man.

The energies swept through the air like a raging tornado towards Nalianya who was suffocating due to the force the energies exerted. Nevertheless, instead of being frightened, he maintained his cool. His wife who was worried a moment ago heaved a sigh of relief when she saw his calm face.

Just when the young man thought that the power he sent to the other party could reduce him into nothingness, he saw the old man's lips creep to the sides in disdain before lifting his palm to counter the attack.


The palm and the energies collided producing an earsplitting explosion. They produced airwaves that spread out powerfully sending everyone around flying like arrows leaving their bows.



The cracking of bones was heard followed by a loud yell. Of the two parties involved, one person stood unharmed while the other was on his knees spurting mouthfuls of blood, holding his right arm which was broken. The former was the old man while the latter was the young man.

After rising up with great difficulty, he cleaned himself with his unharmed hand before looking at the old man hatefully.

The energy he had sent before had been deflected back to him destroying completely his club and the arm that held it. His internal organs had been injured, the reason why he vomited blood.

Healing himself up with his own magic, he opened his mouth and said like he was the one controlling the show,

"I did not know the old man has some magic up his sleeves. I had underestimated you. Let me see what you still have."

"I am not going to disappoint you." The old man smiled with a determined smile.