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77 In The Spiritual Dimension

"May I know the young sister's name?" Ochieng' asked after a long silence with a smile.

"Let us go" The young lady softly said instead.

Ochieng' looked at the others with furrowed brows before deciding to follow the young lady. It did not take long before they were before a large yellow petal-like building. Around it were beautiful fountains that continuously released jets of cool waters. There were colorful trees around it making it a beauteous place to be in.

Its surrounding was filled with melodic replication of birds' sounds. Ochieng' felt his heart gladden and the air he was breathing was bracing. As he was enjoying the consolatory breeze this environment brought forth, the beasts were leaping with joy by the sides. This was the best feeling they had ever had since they were born.

The young lady stood to look at her visitors. She understood their feelings. She was the one who had created this place and therefore knew the effects it had.


"You are in another dimension created by myself. I am a Saint landscaper. I specialize in gardening..." The lady began presently after everyone had settled in her amazing building.

"I am sorry, who are Saints?" Ratong' interjected.

"Saints are human beings taken to the skies to live there after leading a righteous life here on land. They are made immortal and help the One from above to help mankind in day to day life. Depending on one's gift, when one is promoted, he uses the gift in a different way to bring everyone living in Keniya into greater heights." She answered.

"Does it mean that I can be promoted to a Saint if I am morally upright during my stay on Keniya?" Ratong' asked again with shining eyes.

"Beasts ascend into a different world where they lead an eternal life as well. They are the One from above's soldiers. This Ordainer here will one day tell you about them in future." The lady answered throwing a questioning look at Ratong'. Didn't she just say that humans and not beasts are promoted to Saints?

"So, as far as I know, my predecessors died. Considering their responsibilities, why are they not promoted to Saints?" Ochieng' was the one who asked this time.

"Matters concerning Ordainers' deaths are known by the One from above himself. Even we do not know why they are subjected to death yet they shoulder the greatest responsibilities. You will meet him during your journey here in Keniya, make sure you ask him why he had to allow this."

Ochieng' nodded after hearing that she knew nothing about the matter. He only signaled her to continue with whatever she was saying before Ratong' interrupted.

"I specialize in the making of spatial bodies as well. Using my two gifts, I made this world. So, you are in another land in space." At this point, she stopped and looked at the six with a smile.

They revealed expressions filled with happiness and shock. At the end of the day, Ratong' was not flying near the land. It had accidentally entered the lady's dimension.

"I call it Spiritual Dimension." Seeing them quiet with mouths shut in awe, she continued, "It is a place where every creature find soul alimentation. It is where everyone experience rebirth and after they walk out of here, they see the normal world in a different way. When they travel in it, they are able to easily discern things that normal creatures cannot see. Their eyes pierce into the very essence of everything."

"Knowing that the current Ordainer had the greatest assignment, the One from above sent me to help him experience rebirth. Time here is however slower than the outside world. A day here is equivalent to two outside. I have been given a half a month in here to help him but since he brought in his friends, we are going to take a month."

"But I have a lot of things to take care of outside there, I cannot be here for two months!" Ochieng' cried.

He indeed had a lot of things to do that he could not afford to wait for two whole months to be free. Having to save mankind from evil aside, his girlfriend Apeleka was in somebody else's hands. It was one thing to not know where she was, not knowing what she was going through was another thing he could not dare imagine. One day wasted here could mean two days more for his girlfriend's anguish. He could not enjoy himself here while his lady friend was suffering somewhere.

"Your journey is forged by the One from above himself. You are not the one to decide what to do but him. The person you are worried about is safe for now. You will meet her after your work is done." Seeing through the young man's thoughts, the lady assured.

"To hell with these Ordainers things! What kind of life is this? I cannot decide what to do for myself, I cannot be with the people I love. What is the difference between me and a prisoner..." Ochieng' retorted before he supported his head with his hand to weep.

This was not the kind of life he could choose if he was to be given an opportunity to do so. A life where everything was decided for him was not the kind of life he could want. This was understandable as well. He was the youngest son of the former chief of Odindi clan. Considering his age, he was someone who ought to be with his wives working hard to have children. No one could be telling him what to do and not what to do. After all, he would be the head of the family. However, being an Ordainer, he had to follow someone else's own plans! If it was before, he could have done his job without a word of complaint but since his girl was at stake, he could not help but be indignant with this being an Ordainer.

"You are wrong brother," The lady walked to Ochieng', held his shoulder affectionately before tenderly and gently saying, "Everyone under the skies of Keniya was made by the One from above. Even so, he never make choices for them nor decide their own fate. Ordainers however are specially made to help mankind walk through all tragedies safely. It is hard brother but try to consider things carefully."

She left his shoulder, held her hands before her and while pacing around Ochieng', she continued, "Keniya is a huge land with millions of people living in it. We do not know when the people from the dark world may attack but what we are sure of is that if they do, those millions of humans shall die. Their lives depend completely on you brother. The choice is yours...are you going to let all of them die or care about your girlfriend?"

"I am going to set you free if you choose your girlfriend. Of course you will reunite immediately but I can assure you, you will be made an ordinary human. Deliberately withdrawing from your course shall also mean betraying mankind. Having known a few things about Ordainers, you will never be able to live past twenty seasons from now and these twenty seasons will be your time of punishment. You will never live them in peace. Think about being punished by the One from above himself beside your lover."

"I cannot assure you that she is safe but if you choose mankind, you will undergo the training an Ordainer should go through. Once you are done with saving the people, besides being with her, you will always live with the One from above's blessings. You will be free and will live your life like you want."

When she finished, the room remained deathly silent. Even a pin drop could be clearly heard. Ochieng' wiped his tears and lowered his head contemplatively.

"Do you mean I will not see her until I save the people from the black fiends?" He asked with downheartedness.

"That is not the case Ochieng'. After you are from this place. Just continue following her and very soon, before nothing happens to her you will find her. After that, working side by side you will together save humans." The woman said with a smile.

"Then I will go through the rebirth. Tell me what to do." Ochieng' said, determination reflected on his handsome face.