The Legend of Karachuo
76 Ordainers Nine Realms of Power Book
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The Legend of Karachuo
Author :MrKingI
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76 Ordainers Nine Realms of Power Book

"Who snatched my meat?"

Ratong' asked angrily. It was enjoying the finest meat in the world only for it to disappear. Considering how gluttonous it was, its anger could not be described by just the words of mouth.

Ochieng' wanted to start looking around when he discovered that the supernal bracelet was glittering.

'How exactly does it work?' He wondered.

Shortly after, he felt some information getting into his head in a rapid manner. After checking out the contents, his eyes lit up. As it turned out, the bracelet was just a kind of material specifically forged by the Saints to help Ordainers carry their tools easily. Otherwise, considering their work of helping people, wouldn't they tire themselves out to death from carrying the presents they would inevitably get? The one Ochieng' had was made by the One from above himself.

All he had to do was immerse his consciousness into it to see its contents. With just a thought, he could keep and retrieve anything in and from it. As for the ultimate ordaining realm, that was an ability unique to the bracelet he currently had. He could only cast the ordaining spell just as he had speculated; he had to make a sincere wish unknowingly.

Taking his consciousness into this storage device of his, he was amazed to see how large it was. It was almost a thousand square kilometer cubic in volume. Inside it were countless of treasures that he did not at all recognize. The only things he was cognizant of were his usual sword, the Apotheosis sword, two untouched dead Mammoth gazelles and one eaten halfway. Even through the treasures were many, the space remaining inside was still extremely large.

He immediately removed the half gazelle and gave it to the two creatures who were currently looking at him with complicated gazes. They immediately jumped on the meat and after a few seconds, it was nowhere to be seen.

"Jade Eagle, sometimes back, where did your strength suddenly come from?" After they were done eating and were now resting in the cave, Ochieng' could not help but ask this question that he had long wanted to ask. Ratong' also looked at the bird curiously. The others also turned to it.

"My bloodline has capabilities beyond several beasts in Keniya." The bird started, "When our lives are always threatened, we always get an influx of power inside us. With the power, we are always indomitable amongst countless beasts and weak gifted human beings. It just happened that the witch we met before had average capabilities and that is why I was able to overcome her sorcery very easily. If she could have powers equalling the righteous witches or other powerful people, I could have really died. Also, having followed an Ordainer for a few days, his concern for me gave a great boost to the ability. Otherwise, it could have me taken a whole year to deal with her."

"Also, power only stays with me for only six minutes before dissipating. If I don't overcome the threat within that time, death is what awaits. Once activated, to be activated again, it will take a toll of three weeks..."

"If that is the case, why couldn't Jakony rescue herself and Apeleka when they were almost killed?" Ratong' interrupted, unable to wrap his head around the matter.

"Like I said before, it can only be helpful if the threat is weaker than that power. If the creature managed to capture them, the only plausible reason is, the creature already had strength far surmounting my daughter's."

The others nodded their heads in understanding. They chatted for a little while longer before Ochieng' asked Mang'weya where they were heading next. Moments later, they were in the skies on Ratong's back heading to a specific direction.

As they were traveling, Ochieng' decided to study the Supernal bracelet. After looking inside for some time, his eyes landed on a small bookshelf at a certain corner. The shelf was empty except for a huge archaic book. He decided to take it to check its contents.

Ordainers Nine Realms Of Power.

That was the title of the book. Ochieng's eyes narrowed as he flipped through the pages. He realized he could not turn over past a ninth of the pages. This hiked his curiosity and wearing a serious expression, he decided to start reading from the very first page.

'Being able to see through the contents of this book means you have understood what you have on your wrist.' It read, 'Being able to open 11.1 percent of the book's pages also means that you have broken through the first realm of the Ordainers nine realms of power.'

'When man was created by the One from above, he erred not to make him perfect. His creation became vulnerable to diseases and death. These were acceptable until his greatest enemy appeared and created his own world as well. This enemy, also known as the Lord of darkness created the black fiends to dominate the world he created. When he one day saw how beautiful the world and the people the One from above created, the green-eyed monster overwhelmed this foe. He decided to send his creatures to Keniya to destroy mankind. They fed on man's flesh and drunk his blood.'

'Since the One from above could not step into the land he created, he decided to make humans that could counter the black fiends who were too powerful for the ordinary humans to deal with. These humans were named Ordainers. Since the time they are conceived to the time they die, the blessings from the One from above are with them.'

After the introduction on Ordainers, the other pages went through what the nine realms were and detailed the first one.

These realms were the powers Ordainers could have during their quest. Breaking through the first three made them powerful enough to stand against any black fiend apart from the powerful ones. As for their kings and monarchs, Ordainers had to be at their peaks handle them.

'Ordaining' any creature to help in the protection of mankind was the first sign of breakthrough into the first realm. Of course one had to 'ordain' using the Supernal bracelet only after piercing through this stage.

Ochieng' was still absorbing the contents of the book when Ratong' suddenly stopped. He lifted his head only to see nothing worth making Ratong' stop. He could not help but ask his other companions,

"What is it?"

"Look." Mudho said pointing downwards.

Ochieng' lowered his head and was astonied by what he saw.

He realized they had long left the dry lands of the Lang people and what he was seeing below was a large land covered with colorful flora. Red, pink, green, yellow, white and orange plants were embedded to make a beautiful landmass. At the center of the land was a river flowing with clear blue water. Ratong' was not far from the land and therefore everyone felt the agreeable warm air that was emitted by the water.

"Let us go down." Ochieng' instructed.

Ratong' nodded before slowly descending. Everyone left his back to wander into this beautiful scenery. It is after they landed did they see the beautiful animals wandering the land. Ochieng' and his companions were enthralled by the sheen concordance of flora and fauna of this beautiful place.

"Brother Ordainer, you have visited my home."

Just when they wanted to stroll, they heard the echoing of a soft, highly enticing voice. The voice covered every corner of the land so they could not know where exactly it was coming from. They became apprehensive and started putting their guards up.

"There is no need of being too cautious here brother Ordainer."

The voice echoed again and in a spur of the moment, a fifteen year old girl appeared. She wore a bright yellow furry skin. The skin covered her from neck to toe exposing only her head and hands. With a yellow string tied on a her waist, her figure was out there for all to see. To tell the truth, no words can be used to describe the woman's beauty.

Ochieng' and the five beasts were awed. Ratong's reaction was even exaggerated. It was trembling intensely as if it was going through some pain. Its eyes that were widely glued onto the lady were shading tears and his open mouth was releasing saliva uncontrollably. It was profusely sweating. One could think it was experiencing some acute heat or something!
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