The Legend of Karachuo
74 Saint Witch
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The Legend of Karachuo
Author :MrKingI
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74 Saint Witch

"He is almost possessing him, this is very bad." The leader of the witches cried out.

On the altar, Mboya's physique was changing. He stood up angrily. His height was currently two and a half metres, different from his usual 1.6. His dark skin was turning into grey and his eyes into green. The eyes were glaring at everyone present sending cold chills down their spines.

"It is my turn now!"

With an imposing rough voice, he roared. He lifted his right hand and wherever he pointed, destruction followed. Kuru and the others almost fainted from the shock and fear they were currently experiencing.

"Saint witch appear! Saint witch appear! Saint witch..."

Seeing everything getting out of control, the leader hurriedly stood up and loudly yowled continuously with a very course voice.

When she stopped, the fearsome creature Mboya was turning into trembled before falling with a great flump on the altar. The changes that had been occurring on him a moment ago stopped and everything that had changed in him disappeared like they were never there in the first place.

Suddenly, an elderly woman appeared dressed in a glowing red gown above the center of the altar where Mboya was currently groaning in pain from being hit by the green flames. The woman's skin was pale and her breathing was cool. The aura she emanated was ancient yet magisterial. On her face a grin never ceased to exist. She looked to be in her late sixties but judging from how she motionlessly stood above the altar effulgent with energy, she had to be a very powerful woman.

She waved her hand casually and everything that had been scourged a moment ago reverted to their original state. Kuru and the other five women stood without a single mark on their body. They were even filled with dynamism and looked ready to bring a whole city down.

"Saint witch." All the six women bowed respectfully upon standing.

This was the Saint witch whom the leader of the witches, Moraa Nyaboke had summoned. This Saint witch was an ordinary witch several years ago. She used to work in this very compartment where Mueni and others were doing their work. Because of her determination to bring safety to mankind several years ago, the One from above could not afford to see her die. She was promoted to be a Saint and lived in the skies watching over this compartment. If things had gone beyond the compartment's control, she was cited to descend and give a helping hand.

Of course, every department in the Hall of Righteousness had a guardian Saint up in the skies. These Saints were the Hall of Righteousness' trump cards. They were only summoned when those in the Hall had been incapacitated. If they were not there then the Hall of Righteousness would have fallen long time ago.

"Nyaboke the head witch, who was so brazen as to act so superciliously in the holy compartments of the Hall of Righteousness?" The woman in red asked coldly with an indifferent face.

"Reporting to Saint witch, the man on the altar of eradication had just been possessed by the wandering will of the Lord of darkness." Moraa Nyaboke replied in a flash.

"Is that true?" The woman frowned before turning to the man who was covered in green flames below her.

Saint wizards and witches were always oblivious to the happenings of the world since their main duty was not to tap into the future nor to protect mankind. Their work was to protect the Hall of Righteousness. To ensure that those from the Hall depended mostly on themselves, they remained unmindful of the happenings of the Hall of Righteousness let alone the happenings of the world.

Since they knew they could be summoned by those wizards and witches even when things were not very serious, they had created a barrier between them and the Hall of Righteousness so that communications were extremely limited. Only when those from the Hall were completely helpless could their calling go through the barrier. Because of this reason, the Hall of Righteousness had become a strong marquee in Keniya land.

These saints had served in the Hall of Righteousness for a long time wholeheartedly after all. Being sent to the skies was like being given a vacation and a reward for their hard work. They could not just mess their precious time to deal with lilliputian things that the wizards and witches could easily deal with. Therefore, unless they were summoned, they would always remain ignorant of whatever was happening out there.

"Yes ancestor." Moraa nodded, not daring to be disrespectful in any way.

"I see... Since I was able to stop the will from possessing him, he must be himself right now. Because I am here, there is no need of taking him through the cleansing ritual anymore. As you can see, he will not be able to hold on any longer..."

She said with a nonchalant face before casually waving her pale hand once again. Along with her action, a loud wail echoed before dissipating altogether. Mboya was lifted out of the altar looking healthier and more handsome than before.

The wailing had come from the will that was inside Mboya's head sometimes back. The Saint witch's appearance had rendered it powerless. Therefore, it could not possess Mboya anymore. Since the Saint was powerful enough to render that will helpless before her, eradicating it was an easy feat.

The Lord of darkness was indeed powerful but his power was mostly limited to the dark world. To conquer Keniya, he had to use his own black fiends. If he decided to step into Keniya as a will, then his powers were even limited more. He could only destroy everyone below the skies. Those immortals from the skies were more powerful and they could destroy his will very easily.

If it came to black fiends, those saints were again not powerful enough to destroy them. Since they could roam in Keniya like they wanted and humans could roam in the dark world easily as well, only humans could destroy them. These humans were none other than the legendary Ordainers.

In a simple manner, the saints only dealt with spiritual things especially very powerful ones. Ordainers dealt with both though their powers were also limited when it came to spiritual things. For example, an Ordainer could not destroy the will of the Lord of darkness neither could he tap into the future. The wizards and the witches could be said to be there to help Ordainers in their quests.

The Saint witch wanted to disappear but suddenly noticed something that made her eyes pop out in shock. She turned to Mboya who was examining his body and exclaimed excitedly,

"You are the one with the book that prophet Marwa Sarara talked about!"

The others turned to Mboya as well with lightened eyes. Mboya was surprised to see everyone's eyes fixated on him. He turned to Kuru whom he was used to only to see the old man grinning from ear to ear exposing all his teeth.

"This..." He widened his eyes in confusion.
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