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73 Mboya Is Possessed

Mboya and Kuru found themselves standing before the massive altar with green flames once more. The woman who looked friendly a moment ago looked more like a savage beast at the moment. With a cold voice she bellowed,

"Witches of the great One from above. You have seen with your own eyes how he works day in day out to protect our skins. Unfortunately, someone want to kill our saviour to make us submit to him. Therefore, he chose to use one of our own to destroy us. We are sad to say that we are going to perform the cleansing ritual with him to save mankind." At this point, she lowered her head and wept.

The other women were not any different from her. They were shading tears looking at Mboya with pity. At once, an ominous feeling rose in Mboya's heart. He knew things were not going to be easy when he saw their faces. He started trembling in fear.

"Mboya here has decided to sacrifice himself for the sake of mankind. His name will be passed down through the ages as the great Mboya, the One with the book..."

Even before she finished, she heard a commotion ahead of her. When she lifted her head, she was surprised to see Mboya's back and what he was doing was, he was running at his top speed not daring to look back. His speed was so fast that one would think he was going to break his bones any minute.

Knowing that she had no choice, the woman lifted her head and mumbled a few things and immediately Mboya was petrified on the spot. His eyes turned red in fear.

"Do I have to die?" He asked with a trembling voice.

"Your destiny was decided the moment you burned down Anindo's book of Ordainers. The book was made under the Lord of darkness' spell. Within it, was his volition. This volition as you were told was released the moment you burned the book. He kept it there for his future use and without knowing, you made the future closer. You were told the will went back to the dark world but do you really know where exactly it is?"

The woman said, throwing an expectant look at Mboya. The latter turned and shook his head to indicate that he did not know what was really happening.

"The Lord of darkness' first intention was to forge a black fiend out you but since you are a human, this feat is almost impossible. This does not mean he is helpless. To make you not panic, the truth was hidden from you. Mboya, do you even know what the truth is?"

"I don't know."

"And you want to run away." The woman said smiling sarcastically, "Are you even aware that right now you are partly a black fiend and partly a human?"

"But that is impossible!" Mboya's eyes widened in shock forming two perfect white circles on his dark face. He could not believe what he was being told.

"The will that was in that book did not go to the dark world as you were told. It rather entered your own mind. It is only a matter of time before it gains control over you. At that time, he will be able to get to Ochieng' very easily and what may happen we don't really know. Right now it can be helped but once you are possessed, even the Hall of Righteousness will not be able to save you."

The woman's voice echoed in the entire compartment. Her voice was so loud that the walls were shaking alongside her rough voice. The other five women were bowing respectfully. Kuru also found himself being overwhelmed with fear and could not help but bow alongside the women.

Mboya was rendered speechless, before he said anything, he heard the other party's voice again,

"You saw Ochieng' being killed when you were in the skies. It appeared like a variant killing him but in truth, you will be the one to kill him if the black fiend possesses you."

The witches had the power to take Mboya by force and perform whatever ritual they wanted but in this case, that could only bring more problems. This was because the cleansing ritual was only done under the victim's will. If Mboya was unwilling to go through it, then even the witches could do nothing.

"Do I have to die?" Hearing the seriousness of the matter, Mboya could not help but ask.

"Nobody said you were going to die Mboya. The cleansing ritual is of course painful and whether you are going to live or die will solely depend on your ability to endure pain. Every minute you waste, the Lord of the dark takes control of you. He will head to the topmost floor and uncover the secrets concerning Ordainers. That will make Ochieng' and the coming Ordainers powerless before him. Are you willing to let mankind undergo this?"

"No" Mboya answered with determination clear on his face.

He was a warrior after all. The moment he vowed to protect his tribe, he was ready to give up his life for his tribe. He may appear fearful, but when it reached a point where he had to consider between the entire tribe and himself, he would choose the former. He was running away a moment ago not because he loved his life more, but it was because he was not entirely himself and this Hall of Righteousness was terrifying itself.

"I am going to ask you to come over then. It is going to be painful but if you grit your teeth and endure, you will walk away alive." The woman said with concern written on her slightly beautiful face.

Mboya wanted to walk over but suddenly felt something cajoling him not to. Alongside this something's voice, he felt a pang of headache. Before everyone comprehended what was happening, Mboya fell to the floor writhing while holding his head in pain.

"He had agreed to die for mankind, he is being possessed, take him to the altar of eradication before it is too late." Seeing things unfolding the way she did not expect, the woman ordered the other five witches.

They immediately walked over to Mboya and after reciting an incantation at the same time, they lifted their hands to help him up. However, what happened next made the leader to be terror stricken. A devastating force came out of Mboya's forehead and blasted the five women off. Each one of them hit the walls of the compartment before falling in a wrecked state.

"Oh no! The will is possessing him." The woman cried.

"What do we do?" Kuru asked fearfully.

"Hahahaha!" Before he received an answer, he heard Mboya laughing in a bizarre manner. He turned to this acquaintance of his only to see a stiff motionless body on the floor.

"Is he dead?" Kuru asked in extreme fear.

Instead of answering him, the woman walked slowly towards Mboya and carefully lifted him. She then walked to the altar and placed him there. She then started throwing her fists anyhow while reciting a conjuration. Seemingly familiar with the performance, Kuru joined in. Even the other five women, in their weak state walked to the altar to give a helping hand.


There was a sound of an explosion from the center of the altar followed by a release of even a more powerful force than the previous one. Everyone around the altar was immediately sent flying to the walls. When they fell on the floor, they were more or less dead. The five women who had clashed with this force before were even in a worse condition.