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The three lions that could not transmute into humans lay their hungry bellies on the cold rocks of the cave they were left in hours ago. They were not ordinary animals and therefore could go for a long time without food. Nevertheless, it had been long since they had a bite of meat. They were longing for some flesh at that moment.

Just when they thought it was too much and were almost leaving the cave to go and look for food, Mudho and the tribe head saw Mang'weya whiffing with a pleasant smile.

"What is it little brother?" Mudho could not help but ask.

"Ha! A pack of Mammoth Gazelles is heading over here."

"What did you say?" The tribe head who was calm a minute ago leapt with glowing eyes and watery mouth.

These lion beasts were known to be gourmands. Even though they could stay for so long without food, it goes without saying that they never played with any when they came across. They ate all types of animals and their most favorite were the Mammoth Gazelles.

Mammoth Gazelles resembled normal gazelles in terms of appearance. In terms of size, intelligence and reflexes, there was a heaven and earth difference. Mammoth Gazelles, just like their name suggests were huge beasts. They were as large as fully grown rhinos. They were too heavy to run and were much slower in their speed and reflexes. They had poor smell and hearing but had excellent eye sights.

Of all the beats on earth, Mammoth Gazelle happened to have the most delicious meat. Many beasts were always after one. Even humans who lived in different worlds with beasts never let a Mammoth Gazelle slip past them. Its blood was also an alimentary drink that was sought after by many humans. But, for humans, chances of coming across a Mammoth Gazelle was infinitesimal.

"He said a pack of Mammoth Gazelles are heading over here tribe head." Mudho smiled at the tribe head who was losing its composure.

The tribe head walked to the entrance of the cave to confirm if what Mang'weya said was really true. At the foot of a yonder hill, it saw hundreds of large antelopes heading towards where they were. Without knowing, it started licking its lips greedily. That was it's favourite food walking straight into its doorway for heaven's sake! How could it keep its cool?

Far from this place, a large wooden dirigible was moving very fast towards south east. Inside it was a dark young man around the age of thirty five. The man's skin was glowing under the sun. The white robe he wore made him look like darkness in the shape of a human wearing clothes. If not for his white eyeballs and his teeth that were ever exposed, no one could believe he was a human being.

Beside him sat a woman who looked fifteen years younger than him. She was wearing a skin that nicely fitted her gorgeous body. The air around her was pleasant and was that that could give comfort to those who breathed around her. Her soft chocolate skin looked edible. She was beautiful in terms of appearance. However, this time she looked sad. The bird on her right shoulder was shivering nonstop. Even so, the dark young man kept tapping the spaceship making it accelerate as time went by.

At this time, Mboya and Kuru Kureri were now standing before the vast Ndia ocean. The largest water body they had seen was just lake Luwa. Seeing what was before them, the two couldn't help but be awed. The water here was green and furthermore extended into the skyline! They had to be shocked.

"We are here finally."

After a long observation, Kuru Kureri gave a long sigh. He had never been to this place. He had only been given directions in his dream. He then used magic to transport themselves there.

"Wizard from Lubaku Mukenge lodge, you are here!"

Suddenly, they heard a soft beautiful voice from behind them. They turned immediately to see whom it belonged to.

"Mueni, what are you doing here?" Kuru Kureri exclaimed, his eyes popping out and mouth wide agape.

In front of them was a light skinned woman who looked to be at the age of forty. She was wearing an immaculately white gown that fitted her curvy body squarely. She might not be a match for Apeleka in terms of complexion but considering her shape alone, she was way ahead of Apeleka. She was definitely a glamour. Even the old Kuru Kureri and Mboya could not help but swallow heavy lumps of saliva with longing apparent on their faces.

On the woman's head was a band of yellow cloth tied beautifully. In her right hand was a strange purple feather. She kept on stroking it from time to time carefully as if afraid she would damage it should she be less careful.

"I have come to pick you two up brother Kuru."

The woman said with a beautiful smile on her face. Even her smile alone could send one into a trance.

"You are a chosen witch now? How did you do it sister Mueni? " Kuru asked, his eyes still widely open.

Those who were selected to serve in the Hall of Righteousness were called chosen. For wizards and witches, it was the greatest thing one could offer them. This Mueni was Lubaku Mukenge's student as well several years ago. Compared to Kuru, she could be considered to be average in terms of talent. Kuru could not just comprehend how she became a chosen witch. Furthermore, she ought to be over one thousand seasons now, why did she look that young? In fact, her appearance had not changed from how it was when they were still learning from Lubaku.

'Maybe she got the picture of teacher's teachings and was hit by inspiration leading to her breakthrough. Furthermore, she met with a fortuitous encounter. Otherwise, how did she do it?' Mboya thought.

"Let us go to the Hall first. You need to rest especially after casting the spell of speed. I will tell you everything thereafter... Oh, the One with the Book, I am sorry for my insolence, I am Mueni." after brushing aside Kuru, Mueni extended her hands to Mboya who had been staring at her confusedly all this while.

"You are too polite chosen witch, I am Mboya Ogwang' from Karachuo division." Mboya greeted back though embarrassed.

"I hope you had a good trip Mboya, follow me." Not waiting for an answer, the woman turned and started walking.

Oh 'Were'!

Even her elegant movements were enthralling!

Mboya and Kuru followed the woman silently looking at each other from time to time. What they were thinking of they both knew.