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68 Jade Eagle“s Bloodline

El Nok was a large city at the center of Lang tribe. To be more precise, it was a city at the center of Nadi sub tribe. This was the Lang's sub tribe that was closest to Lu tribe. It was large enough that it bordered Lu tribe to the north west all the way to the south west. Even the Kalek tribe bordered Nadi to the east, putting Kalek at the north, Lu at the south and Nadi at the east of the two tribes. There were also other small tribes around.

El Nok was slightly smaller than Kisum. It was a bustling city nonetheless. The people there were tall and dark. Men were walking with spears and shields wherever they went. On their waists hung thin gourds that carried either milk or herb extracts. Along the streets many were busy buying and selling different items. Women were making pots, mats, ornaments and other stuffs. Others were singing and dancing entertaining a few interested people who were paying handsomely.

At the center of this city was a large extravagant building. It was the Nadi sub tribe head's palace. The wives and children of the tribe head had been apprehensive since he left his home to go for battle a few days ago. Lu tribe was strong but not strong enough to harm the tribe head. Unlike the Lu tribe head who was almost elected and had to do everything to protect the community, other tribe heads were always protected. During battle, they were covered so well that it was extremely hard to reach them. Killing tribe heads from powerful tribes like the Lang tribe was even more difficult.

Kalek tribe had joined the battle, Lang tribe head could not be harmed. Even so, those in the palace were worried since they did not know what battle would bring them. 'The field of battle is a field honor, where dying is epic and killing enjoyable. The young go out of curiosity and excitement, the elderly go to protect their clans. Every which way, whoever dies leaves his loved ones in great sorrow and the clan at a loss'. That was a say that the Lang elders used to say over and over. It was enough to make those in the palace worried.

That night, all of them were in the dining hall enjoying lucullan meal. Lanok only had two wives who loved each other dearly. They were in the hall with their young children since they were not old enough to be married if they were ladies, and not old enough to go for war if they were males. Their assistants were there as well. With other tribe head's relatives, the hall was full and other than eating, everyone there was talking.

All of a sudden, at one of the corners of the hall, a figure appeared. It scared everyone so much that almost all of them left their seats and fled. The only ones left were the tribe head's two wives. They were shaking on their seats their eyes fixated on the figure that just appeared.

"Husband, is it really you or your spirit?"

The youngest of the two women surmounted her fear and asked. She was the tribe head's second wife. She was around 1.75 meters tall. Her skin color was dark and had a beautiful face. Even with her height, she was blessed with curvey hips and huge keister. Her pointed breasts stood resplendently on her bosom. All those elements combined with her young age at the pinnacle of youth made her look magnificent. Many said the tribe head had chosen while sober.

The figure that appeared was roused by the young woman's voice. It looked at the two women in a confused manner before opening its mouth to speak,

"It is me, Cherot..."

The person understood his younger wife's question. If he was in the form of spirit then it meant he had been killed in the battle that ended a few days ago. The other way round meant he had come out of the war alive.

"But how did you just appear? I never knew you practiced black art?"

The eldest woman interrupted. She was in her late forties and paled in comparison to the younger woman in terms of beauty. All the same, they got almost the same treatments from the tribe head and loved each other like blood sisters. During those times, being jealous of a fellow wife was unheard of.

"It is a long story my dear wives, can I join you, I am starving? We will talk about this later." The figure said shaking his head sheepishly.

The figure was by all odds Lokoit the Nadi sub tribe head. His first wife was Cheplagat Choku while the second one was Cherot Chilagat. The other people who had vanished had returned. After having their stomachs full, the tribe head narrated everything he had gone through leaving the atmosphere in the hall dull.

Luvembe appeared at the Kalek palace the same way. When he appeared, those within the palace were in the resting room telling stories. Since Kalek tribe people liked sorcery, Luvembe's appearance did not frighten anyone. The palace became gloomy after Luvembe told everyone what had happened.

In the lion beasts clan, after Jade Eagle arrived, they went into the tribe head's cave to have some discussions. Mang'weya was also invited because its presence was indispensable. So those in the cave were, Ochieng', Jade Eagle, Mudho, Ratong', Mang'weya and the lion beasts' tribe head.

"My brothers, the reason I had you here is because I need your help. Apeleka has been captured by a peculiar creature and Jakony has been devoured by the same creature..." Ochieng' begun the moment the everyone was settled.

"What did you just say? That Apeleka has been captured? Oh no! I am not going to let that peach go just like that."

Ratong' stood up in rage and bellowed before walking out of the cave.

"Stop!" Mudho came in, "where do you think you are going?"

"I am going to find that splendid woman. How am I to walk with my head held high if I cannot even protect my beautiful sister in law?"

"Ochieng' has not told us what do yet. Why don't you sit with us and let us make arrangements?"

And after Mudho said that, Ratong' went and lay its belly where it did before. Since its transmutation, only it's blood brother, Mudho could talk to it that way since the bond between them was exemplary. The bond was even stronger after Ratong' met with the fortuitous encounter.

"Brother Ochieng', I am sorry to hear that Apeleka has been captured. It seems she is not harmed because I have never felt anything awry since we parted after we came from Turka." Said Jade Eagle with a nonchalant expression.

"What do you mean?" The tribe head asked.

"In my lineage, if anyone dies or is badly injured, everyone alive in the bloodline can feel. This is even more accurate for those who are as close as I am with Jakony since our blood is one, after all, she's my daughter."

"Do you want to tell me that Jakony is just perfectly fine after being swallowed by that cruel creature? I saw one feasting on a human flesh you know." Ochieng' could not believe Jade Eagle.

"Just before you invited me here I was preparing to go look for my daughter because she sent a signal that she was in danger. After she did that, it seemed she was sealed such that we could not communicate. She is not dead yet since I have not been alarmed. This ability of ours especially for those who have the same blood like my daughter and I cannot be sealed at all. I cannot trace her but what I am sure of is that she is still alive. "

"So this is it," Ochieng' nodded in understanding, "then we can still rescue them. Mang'weya, we want Apeleka, get us to her please."

"As you wish brother."

The small lion then lifted its head high and then whiffed. After doing so, its eyes lit up and said excitedly, "We are heading north."

"Then follow me, what are you seated there still waiting for?"

Immediately it heard Mang'weya, Ratong' squalled at the small lion before throwing it on its back. It then flew out of the cave and then disappeared leaving the others shaking their heads impotently.

They walked out of the cave and prepared to bestride Jade Eagle who had already expanded when strong winds swept out. All of them were almost carried away by the winds before an invisible force stopped them.

"Are you all going to climb my back or Jade Eagle's?"

Then Ratong's voice reverberated. They turned their heads over to the direction of the voice. They were met with Ratong's eyes that were glaring at them mischievously. They immediately climbed on its back and it flew towards the north at a neck breaking speed.