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That evening was one of a kind. The people welcomed Ochieng' wholeheartedly. Him being there alongside the tribe head made the mood of the clan unfathomable.

The dancers performed their terpsichore while the singers and the drummers provided music. Others were involved in word plays while others played 'nyatiti', 'orutu' and 'ongeng'o'¹. All were to entertain the tribe head, the young prodigy and others in attendance. Oyamo never left Ochieng's side because he felt like owing the latter and wanted to accompany and protect him.

Ordainers as they were known by hoi polloi had the abilities to 'ordain' particular beasts and make them powerful. What was not known was that this was the very basic power of an Ordainer. Mostly, Ordainers lived with beasts where people dreaded. There they found friendly beasts who they could 'ordain' after years of intimacy. This was also the case with Ochieng' and Mudho. This only protected the beasts in the lands they lived in where its fellow beasts were not that strong. Stronger beasts could however destroy the 'ordained' beasts even without them realizing. Jade Eagle is a perfect example. Just because the weak Mudho was 'ordained' by weak Ochieng', when faced with the powerful Jade Eagle, Mudho was completely helpless.

Ordainers then left these feared lands and mixed with the people to start their missions, which was to keep mankind from harmful supernatural beings and other threats. They never knew about their missions when they started living with their fellow men. They however learned who they really were by the passing of time. That was how the One from above designed their journey to be. This helped in producing powerful Ordainers and keep them safe from the greatest enemy to man; the Black Fiends, until they were strong enough to face these demons.

The most peculiar ability these special groups of people had was that they had the power to 'ordain' any creature apart from Black Fiends once their abilities had reached a certain level. Once they reached that level, the 'ordained', be it humans, beasts or animals, felt like they owed the Ordainers and always wanted to protect them. They could however be of no much help since the 'ordained' could never be stronger than the 'ordainer'.

This 'ordaining' power was nevertheless exaggerated when it came to those who had the Supernal bracelet. This was a bracelet that had been used by the very first Ordainer in Keniya. He obtained it from the One from above himself. It had other functions but those who were 'ordained' by it through the Ordainer's wish were extremely powerful. One thing that is worth mentioning is that the bangle could not be used by a weak fellow.

Ochieng' was with those he was in the same age group with. He was enjoying music, fermented milk and other foods with them. They were also discussing things that only them understood.

"Ochieng', that is a beautiful woman you have there. Where did you get her from?" One of the young man asked Ochieng' looking at Apeleka who was chatting with her two mothers not far away.

Ochieng' wanted to answer but saw Mboya Ogwang heading towards their direction. Those who were with him immediately kept quiet. That was an elder and a warrior protecting a whole division for heaven's sake, they had to show some respect.

Ong'am followed forthwith he saw Mboya going towards where Ochieng' was. He was moving so fast that they reached near Ochieng' at the same time.

"What do you want near my son?" Ong'am asked Mboya with a deep scowl on his face.

"I just want to have a little talk with him is there a problem?"

"Ochieng', follow me."

Ong'am beckoned Ochieng' and the latter followed the former straight off. Mboya also followed them.

What was this? He only wanted to have a little talk with Ochieng', the one chosen by the One from above. Why was Ong'am behaving like his son was being stolen?

Ong'am and Ogwang had talked in low tones so no one heard them neither did they know why Ong'am and the two walked to a secluded place. No one bothered either because it was clear whatever the three wanted to discuss only concerned them, otherwise, they could have just had their talk among the people.

"Ochieng', this Mboya cannot be trusted. He wanted me punished just because I allowed Apeleka and Sankale to stay here. He also thought that you machinated with the Lang tribe to destroy our tribe. Be leery of him." Ong'am warned his son the moment they were far from the people in a low tone.

"There is no need of being leery of me Ochieng', your father fears a lot. I have important things I would like to discuss with you alone. Will you allow me?" Ogwang came in even before Ochieng' could speak.

"You will have to talk to him over my dead body then." Ong'am harrumphed.

He was too old and too weak to fight when Ochieng' returned but after he consumed the 'hono' fruit, his strength had returned to its peak. Even though he was still old, he was as strong as many Lu tribe commanders and that is why he chose to join the battle and even had the guts to confront Ogwang.

"There is no need for a fight father, I know what to do with him if he proves to be untrustworthy. Furthermore, if I want to know whatever he is thinking of, it will take me not even a second."

Assured Ochieng' making his father breathe in relief. The old man left the two to discuss the 'important things' as he went to devour what the women had prepared for them for the night.

"Ochieng' forgive me for my foolhardiness. I did not know that you were an Ordainer in the past."

"I understand elder."

"That is better. I saw you cast the ultimate ordaining realm. Do you have the Supernal bracelet with you?" Mboya asked excitedly. Even though it was dark, Ochieng could still see his sparkling eyes.

"You know about the bracelet?!" Ochieng' asked in shock.

"A little bit. I came across a book a few seasons ago. The book was written by Anindo Ngilo, the eighteenth Ordainer. Every detail of the book was about the Ordainers. That is where I learnt about the bracelet."

"I see...what do you know about this Supernal bracelet?"

"It is a bracelet that was first used by Mbaraka Nyika, the very first Ordainer in Keniya. The bracelet was given by the One from above to him after he was through with his training. Ordainers are given special bangles by the One from above after they have activated their major three powers as Ordainers. These bracelets give them abilities beyond imagination. These abilities soar with increase in Ordainer's strength and power."

"The Supernal bracelet is however one of a kind. So long as one have enough strength, he can use it even before activating the three powers. It was only used by Nyika and had never been used by anyone else. The bracelet was best known for tapping into the powers of heaven to fulfil the wishes of an Ordainer. As long as an Ordainer makes wishes without knowing, the heavens will make the wish come true. Of course the wish must be that that will not harm mankind." Mboya explained.

"If the bracelet was only used by Nyika, how did the eighteenth Ordainer come to know of it?"

"The Ordainers are best known by the Wizards of Righteousness. These wizards are specially trained in the Hall of Righteousness near the Ndia ocean by the One from above himself. This is where Ordainers go after their three main powers are activated. Records concerning every Ordainer is found in that hall. That is how Anindo obtained knowledge concerning the Supernal bracelet."

"And what are these three powers?"

"I really don't know. Even though Anindo revealed a lot about the Ordainers, it was mostly the basics, so my knowledge is still limited."

"I see...you were lucky to find that book... Ah!"

Ochieng' was cut short by a jolt in his head. Suddenly, a thought came to his mind and faded like the passing of wind. Before he understood what was happening, the thought came and disappeared again until it finally stuck in his mind.

"The One with the Book." He murmured

"Are you okay Ochieng'?"

Mboya asked worriedly after he heard Ochieng's mewl and his murmuring of 'the one with the book' several times.

"You are also gifted my elder, did you know that?"

Instead of answering Ogwang, Ochieng' asked Mboya with eyes lightened up

"What?!" Mboya did also not believe his ears, he widened his eyes in shock.

"The moment I mentioned the word book there was a jolt in my mind and a thought kept flashing in my mind. After several flashes, I learnt that you are One with the Book and someone kept telling me that you should go to the Hall of Righteousness, you need to learn about your gift." Ochieng' said in one breath.

Ogwang was left without words. For a long time he stood there his body trembling from shock. He could not believe that he was a gifted person. He was excited but kept breathing heavily when he thought of the responsibilities he could shoulder.

The gifted people were special people chosen by 'Were'. These people had powers to perform things that defied logic. They attracted vast wealth and great respect from the people just because of their gifts. They never lacked anything and everyone dreamed of being like them but were unable to. The only problem with the gifted people was that they never had time to enjoy their wealth. They were always here or there taking care of this and that.

"I think we should return to the party. After the party, find a way of going there as early as possible because it is like your kind is urgently needed." Ochieng' said after Mboya had recovered from his daze.

"I don't even know where Ndia ocean is, how am I to get to the hall without a map?" The middle aged man chuckled helplessly.

"I believe you will find a way to get there." Ochieng' smiled. He then turned and joined his age mates in the party. What he did not know was that the moment he left, Mboya fell to the ground and fell into a deep sleep

1. Luo musical instruments.