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47 Ochieng“s Plan

"Why should there be a battle between the Lang tribe and our tribe? Didn't my father tell me fourteen years ago that the ancestors of the tribes around Lake Luwa had agreed on maintaining peace amongst them?" Ochieng' wondered within but was hit by a pang of realization,

"I now get it. Even though they agreed on maintaining peace, beneath that peace there is a cold war that can erupt into real war when something, however little happens. Initially, there was no reason to begin a war but with their guardian elder dead, there is no reason for them to hold back. In a sense, I am the one who has conflagrated the war. Furthermore, they know I am a Lu. It seems they did not learn a lesson the other time."

"Since we do not know when their onrush will be, with the unprepared Lu warriors, we are in a disadvantageous position. Their elder was killed a month ago, it goes without saying that they are currently fully prepared. It seems the spy got this information late, differently, our warriors could have been prepared. My tribe will not be jeopardized just because of me. Let the tribe prepare its warriors, I am also going to mobilize my warriors, our journey to Turka can be prorogued." He decided in his mind.

"I will be taking my leave my leaders. I hope we win this war." Ochieng' said in a trembling voice and reddened eyes before standing to leave.

"What do you think you want to do?" Ong'am asked in anger. He had witnessed the strength of his own son with his own eyes. He also knew what was to come, he could not let his tribe lose this son of his at this time. This was their fastness.

"I am going to rest a little father." The young man answered shaking his head slightly.

"I won't let you do that brother, we are in trouble and in this tribe even if you are not known, you are the strongest, you are the one who can save it. We have to have you at this point in time." Okoth bellowed. He had heard about Ochieng's exploits when he arrived at the clan. He could not sit idly and watch this gem thrown in an ocean. He wanted to go and block Ochieng's path but Ogwang' was faster than him.

"What do you think you are doing my elder?" Ochieng' asked angrily after he turned to leave only to see Ogwang' in front of him.

"You must listen to us. It is one thing for our Lu clan to be unaware of when those cows will attack, our warriors not being prepared is another thing. Why do you have to have your rest when we are having a serious meeting here?" Ogwang' censured angrily.

"I did not say I am not concerned about my tribe. I only said I am going to rest, what is with you people?" Ochieng' said softly but the sarcasm in his voice could not go unrecognized.

With that, Ochieng' walked out of the hut easily and disappeared from the people's sight immediately. These people only shook their heads helplessly letting everything be.

After leaving the Okoth's residence, Ochieng' went to his hut and using a skill he had from Jakony, he summoned the bird.

"Jakony, I would like to go and meet the lions and your father in the lions' place. Take me there please." Ochieng' told the bird immediately the bird arrived.

"What is wrong?" The bird asked when it heard Ochieng's pressing voice.

"You will know soon. Let us go."

They walked out of the compound to where nobody could see them. The bird expanded and Ochieng' climbed its back. They flew away at a terrific speed.

It did not take them long before they arrived at the lions' land. Ochieng' headed to the tribe head's cave immediately.

Inside the cave was Jade Eagle who had been invited by Jakony using their special abilities. The lions' tribe head, Mudho, Ratong' and other three powerful lion beasts were also present.

"My brothers. My tribe is in trouble and I really need your help."

Without indulging into formalities, Ochieng' went straight to the point.

"Just tell us the trouble and we will be more than willing to help." Mudho reacted worriedly. It is right to say that it loved Ochieng' more than anything in its life. It did not want anyone related to Ochieng' to be harmed let alone Ochieng' himself.

These beasts had intelligence far exceeding normal animals. Therefore, to some extent, they had emotions and feelings. That is why it is not wrong to say that Mudho loved Ochieng'.

The other beats including Jade Eagle upon hearing Mudho, they nodded to confirm that they agreed with it.

"The Lang tribe want to attack my tribe and the time for doing so is unknown. I am afraid it is sooner than my people know, I would like you to help me in this fight. After it is over, Jade Eagle, we will go to that place." Ochieng' said in one breath.

"That is a simple matter," Eagle said with a casual voice but a serious face, "the greatest problem can be we not knowing when they are planning to attack but with Jakony and I in this, it is a very simple matter. Jakony is able to contract to the size of a weaverbird. We can send her to the Lang tribe head's residence to read his mind. We can discuss the next course of action after she is back."

"I am leaving then." Jakony said and left without further ado. Since it liked wandering, it knew where the Lang tribe head's residence was.

It was back after three hours. Those in the tribe head's cave were looking at it with anticipation.

"They will be attacking next week a day like this. They are going to start by decimating the Lu warriors in Kisum camp. After that, their troops will be distributed to different places in the Lu tribe to kill all males, male children included and take women to go and work for them. Lu tribe houses and crops will be burned up and the livestock will be taken away. Their warriors have been thoroughly trained and they are very ready for the big battle." Jakony fed them with information bit by bit.

Ochieng' breathed heavily closing his eyes. When he opened them, they were extremely red and watery. He was burning in fury. He thought of Apeleka, Sankale and his mother when he heard Jakony mentioning what the Lang people wanted to do with women.

"I will destroy them." He shouted.

He gritted his teeth, the veins on his temple bulging, looking like small snakes on his head. The aura around him changed and the beasts around him asphyxiated. They knew Ochieng' was very angry. They even feared him a little.

He stood up and started walking here and there within the cave mumbling things that only him could understand, knocking the stone platforms in the cave here and there. The weak stone platforms even turned into dust while the strong ones cracked forming patterns looking like spider webs the moment they were hit.

Seeing this friend of theirs in that state, the tribe head started laughing bitterly, not knowing what to do. It had never seen Ochieng' that angry.

"My fellow beasts, we must help Ochieng' when that time comes. Let us show those egotistic humans that a 'Mogwedhi' is not a person to piddle away with." Jade Eagle roared and the other beasts followed with a shout of 'YEES!!'