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44 The Map Successfully Obtained

"I am here father."

Suddenly, out of the blue two graceful humans walked softly towards the two beasts. The two human beings were a young lad and a young woman who could topple a nation with her beauty. On the shoulder of the lulu was a gray bird with white wings and an orange beak. The young man covered the young woman with a pale green energy to protect her from iciness.


Mudho shouted with joy when it saw the two figures. It exited the cave at a high speed to go and meet them. The tribe head and Mang'weya who had recovered a little bit followed Mudho as well. The Jadefeathered bird was not an exemption, it followed the lions, it was going to meet its child.

"Mudho." Ochieng' and Apeleka called out at the same time. Ochieng' felt a feeling of nostalgia well up in him. Heavy tears dribbled down his cheeks, especially when he saw the condition of the other two lions. He knew Mudho had consumed the 'hono' fruit so it could not suffer much but since somebody had laid his hands on Mudho, a beast that was more of a parent to him had to feel his wrath.

He had gained an understanding of his power such that even Jakony was not his match. He understood the bird's lectures earlier that day. He had been comprehending that knowledge and without knowing why, his power had elevated to a profound level. At the moment, his senses were incisive. He had also gained a discernment of his circumferent, so much that no beast could attack him unaware.

Just before they arrived here, he had told Jakony this and that is why everything was left in his hands. The lightning before was the ability he obtained from the inscrutable horse. Jakony's father was helpless in this case. Jakony could be more than helpless.

The Jadefeathered bird and the three lions bowed before the human beings with a lot of respect. They knew they were saved by these people. Ochieng' tried stopping them but they couldn't. Helpless, he only watched them shaking his head bitterly.

With his power, he helped the beasts recover before he asked them what happened. Mudho who was very familiar with him narrated everything. Of course it did not mention the parts where it teamed up with its two brothers to kill the Jadefeathered eagle. It had known from the exchange between the bird and the one on Apeleka's shoulder that they were related and therefore Ochieng' could do nothing to the Jadefeathered bird. It may seem long but since Ochieng' and his two companions arrived, only a minute or two had gone.

Ochieng' who had gained an understanding of the state of affairs turned to the cheetah who was trembling from fear.

'He is a 'Mogwedhi' and a powerful one at that. I should have escaped when the lightning appeared'. The beast cried inside.

"So you are the one who has tortured Mudho and my other friends." Ochieng' snorted looking at the cheetah gravely with his hands placed on his back.

The cheetah only shook its head to brush off the accusation.

"Then who was it?" Ochieng' asked in a nonchalant manner, and the cheetah pointed at the eagle.

Ochieng', Apeleka and the other four beasts laughed at once upon seeing the cheetah's brazenness. The laughter was even exaggerated when it came to the four beasts. They had seen how lofty the cheetah was when they arrived here. Right now it looked like a timid child who had been found doing a mistake and was being scolded.

The Jadefeathered Eagle was incredulous seeing the Flame cheetah in that state. It had heard that the Flame cheetah was always a majestic figure in its clan. How could such a fellow be timorous in face of danger. The respect it had for the other party's strength instantaneously plummeted.

"It is okay then. I will not disoblige you with such questions but since you laid your hands on them, I don't have a choice but to take your life." And with that, Ochieng' lifted his right hand and immediately gusts of wind danced on his palm making those near him squint.

Just before he bunged at the beast, the Jadefeathered Eagle stopped him,

"Wait, don't kill him first."


"I have questions for him." The bird said and turned to the cheetah, "Where is the map?"

"Will you you let me go if I give it to you?" The cheetah asked disdainfully.

"Where is the map?" Before the eagle answered, Ochieng' chipped in sternly, scaring the wild cat stiff. It however refused to tell where the map was.

"Since you are not willing to talk, then I won't waste my time with you." Ochieng' waved his hand casually before directing his eyes towards the beast.

His eyes turned red and fierce. The beast involuntarily lay with its belly on the ground and stared at Ochieng' in a servile manner.

Information flowed in Ochieng's mind at a tremendous speed. It did not take him long before he obtained that was contained in the beast's mind.

He then raised his hand once more and powerful surges of wind emanated from his palm. He directed the palm towards the cheetah. The cheetah was lifted and was smacked on a nearby rock. The breaking of bones resonated in the air when it landed. Its beautiful figure turned into a lump of meat filled with blood in a twinkling.

"That is an ugly sight." Mudho said with a frown.

"What did you get?" The Jadefeathered Eagle asked Ochieng' in a serious but soft tone completely ignoring Mudho. It knew Ochieng' had got the information concerning the map from the beast. Since that was why it was here, it did not want to waste time.

"It hid it when you arrived in this place. It feared that when you found it with it, it could incur trouble. It did not hide it far from this place, the map lies in the cave you found it in." Ochieng' finished in one breath.

"Little lion, we leave this in your hands, please get it for us." The eagle told Mang'weya smiling.

The little lion dashed towards the cave immediately.

"Mudho, long time no see."

The moment Mang'weya left, Apeleka exclaimed in excitement. The four beasts and the two humans then started chatting and laughing. Jakony and the Jadefeathered Eagle were not exemptions despite their relationship. Ochieng' and Apeleka learned from their conversation that Jakony's father was known as the Jade Eagle as it refused to acknowledge Jadefeathered Eagle as its name.

It did not take long before Mang'weya returned with an ancient beast skin held tightly on its teeth. It wanted to give it to Jade Eagle but was asked to give it to Ochieng', since he was the one who could understand everything in it. Jade Eagle was nevertheless excited to see the map. Its eyes gleamed as it waited for Ochieng' to open and decipher it.

Ochieng' immediately opened the map after he took it from the beast's mouth. He immediately frowned after opening it as he could not understand anything on it.

"Why can't I understand it?" He asked Jade Eagle with a look of confusion.

"I don't know either." The eagle coolly answered.

Ochieng' shook his head in wonderment before he turned his attention to the map. He started looking at it keenly and to his surprise, he felt his consciousness being sucked into it.

"Ochieng', are you okay?" Apeleka asked worriedly seeing her man in a stupor.

"I think he is alright, just don't touch him, you may interrupt him for no good reason and that may lead to something serious." Jade Eagle advised when it saw Apeleka stretching her hand to touch Ochieng'.

She then stepped aside looking at Ochieng' apprehensively. Jakony could not help but smile. This sister of it was worrying too much. Couldn't she see that her man was alright?