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41 The Lions“ Tribe Head“s Plan

"It is true I wasn't born in the forbidden land you know. This world is vast that you cannot imagine. There are places that are much more dangerous than the forbidden land you two know."

The bird started recounting after the two sat under the tree it landed on. It was on Apeleka's shoulder this time round in between them.

"You mean there are places dangerous than the forbidden land we know." Apeleka widened her eyes in shock. She could not believe what the bird just said.

"That is right my sister. This land where the Lu tribe is is just like a single drop of water in lake Luwa. There are also many tribes out there that you are not even aware of. Some tribes are powerful enough to decimate all the clans around the Luwa lake... "

"Does it mean there are people powerful than Ochieng' out there?" Apeleka interrupted quite hesitantly.

"I did not say that sis. His power is just enough for him to walk anywhere dauntlessly. Except that there are creatures out there that are more unnerving than I could be. Ochieng' is a 'Mogwedhi' and they are not a threat to him but he must be cautious while roaming around the world."

"Jakony, if I am a 'Mogwedhi', I think even you should be powerless before me. How come I can't..." Ochieng' asked throwing a confused look on the bird. He was cut off by it.

"The information you obtained from those lions are limited to the forbidden land you know. The truth is, even the horse you met the other time could be incapacitated very easily with the aura but into you a splinter of fear came. Once you mix your aura with fear, even the weakest beast can overcome it. A 'Mogwedhi' should be brave no matter where he goes. The moment fear crops up, the 'Mogwedhi' loses his mightiness and that becomes his greatest flaw. Be fearless and have the whole world beneath your feet."

"I see..." Ochieng' nodded his head upon the realization.

"But you should never be complacent. Once the powerful beasts realize you are a 'Mogwedhi', they can use their power against you before you activate yours and that can be your end. Remember you have never used your abilities against me but I knew them before you even realized, you are powerful than I am but I can kill you even before you use your powers, because I'm capable of doing that. If I can do, there are several beasts out there that can do the same."

"So it is like this..." Apeleka shot a 'that's my man' look on Ochieng'. She was indeed proud to have him. She could not believe a time would come when she had the most powerful person on earth beside her.

"You still haven't told us where your stemma came from." Ochieng' kicked in.

"My home is in far east near the oceans; a larger water body than the Luwa lake you know. Inside the oceans there are several mysterious creatures. I am an offspring of a mermaid ( a creature that is a half human and a half fish ) and a Jadefeather Eagle. The eagle is the most powerful beast in the east. It is also capable of transforming into human at his own will. He can also speak in several human languages an ability I inherited from him."

"He is my father and the mermaid is my mother. I was born with the abilities I now have." The bird narrated her story patiently.

"But what brought you to this place?" Ochieng' asked unable to comprehend something running in his head.

"It is not convenient for me to speak about that now though I will require your help in the future. Right now, we must ensure that the Lu tribe is safe before we go tour the world."

Seeing the beast afraid of speaking of something, the coupl did not push it either even though they still had numerous questions to ask it, they only produced a breath each and then kept quiet their minds in a disarray. They only agreed to accompany it in the tour after they confirmed that the Lu tribe was safe later on.

The young man and woman then stood up and walked back home to go have their lunch. It was approaching noon and they started feeling their stomachs becoming empty.


In the forbidden land, in the Lions' clan inside Mudho's cave.

"Tribe head, it has been long since he went, I do miss him." That was definitely Mudho with the lion beasts head.

Two months had passed since Ochieng' left this clan before he went back home. It had stayed with that man for over fourteen years. It is understandable that he missed that friend of its.

"You worry too much brother. Considering his abilities, he must be very safe. I am very sure he will one day come back and see us."

The tribe head of the lion beasts solaced respectfully. Mudho had been 'ordained' by Ochieng', killing this tribe head was as easy as cutting grass so long as Mudho willed to do so. Its fellow beasts could not dare act foolhardily before it even though they knew it was a very meek fellow.

"I hope so." Mudho said his large face showing sadness.

"Mudho, actually there is something that I need your help on." The tribe head quickly changed the topic to help its brother forget about its sorrow.

"Say it brother, as long as it is within my capability, I will do it." Mudho said its eyes lighting up.

Ever since he was 'ordained' by Ochieng', it had always wanted to take several tasks for its tribe to test its power. It had gone through many dangers and after confirming its true abilities, it had never feared doing anything within the forbidden land.

"There is a jadefeathered bird that closely resembles an eagle within this land. I have never seen or heard of an animal that looks like it. It appeared to me yesterday while strolling near the land's entrance near the Kalek tribe. I ignored it thinking it was any other ordinary bird but it produced a strident sound that rendered me fast..."

The tribe head was narrating when a surprised Mudho interjected with a 'what?! You mean it petrified you by just a sound?'

"That is right."

The tribe head answered fear lingering in its eyes. Mudho only sighed deeply and then kept quiet. He could not believe what it had just heard. After a long silence, it asked,

"Tribe head, if I remember correctly it is like you did not enkindle it in any way. Why did it attack you?"

"It wanted my attention and the only way to do that was to show me it was stronger than me."

"I see... what did it want?"

"It said that there is a treasure vault lying within this land. It said the vault was constructed by a 'Mogwedhi' who happened to be a blacksmith and a magician who lived over four thousand seasons ago. According to it, the map lies within a powerful beast clan in this land and only a 'Mogwedhi' can understand it and even open the vault. It needed my help." The tribe head explicated bit by bit.

"Why did it just choose you?" Mudho asked dubiously.

"It said I am powerful enough to help it. It wants me to help it in obtaining the map." The tribe head said excitedly.

"And then?"

"It will share with me whatever it obtains from the vault but I don't believe it. Someone within our tribe is capable of tracing the map. We need a 'Mogwedhi' to help us construe the map. We know of one 'Mogwedhi'. I was thinking of finding the map with the help of our tribe member then we look for Ochieng' to help us get to the vault. Of course our tribesman is only able to trace it after getting instructions from the bird. What if we go with the tribesman to know how to obtain the map and then you kill it with your ability, so that we have the map and the treasure for ourselves?" The tribe head said hurriedly greed reflected in its eyes.

"I think that is a good idea. Who is this our tribesman?" Mudho asked seemingly interested.

"Sibuor Mang'weya."