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39 The Return of Ang“wen

Since Ochieng' was officially welcomed home, a week had passed. Sankale had been accepted by chief Ong'am and her house had been constructed near the chief's home though outside the compound. She stayed with her daughter Apeleka. Ochieng's 'simba'¹ as per the norms had been constructed near the gate to the left of his father's house since he was the youngest son.

Where he had gone to for the last fourteen years he left to be a closed book. It did not mean he did not want to reveal, he was waiting for his brother Okoth to come back. Furthermore, he did not want to be vexed over his stay in that land.

As the saying goes, 'a visitor is a visitor for today, tomorrow he's given a hoe to go to the garden'. Ochieng' had been woken up very early in the morning today to go help weeding in the sorghum farm. At noon, they were already done and were busy enjoying fermented porridge at the compound of the chief. He was with young men of his age who had come to help the chief's family in weeding.

The relationship between the people of Lu tribe and their leaders had reached a level that communities like the Lang, the Kalen and others could not match. The relationship was tops. It was in Lu tribe where the chief could amalgamate with people at will. So long as one had time, he could even go to Kisum and visit the tribe head. In other tribes, one could be born, live for over a hundred years without even knowing the appearance of his chief, let alone the tribe head.

Because of this intimacy, the people of Lu tribe loved their chiefs. If they were not busy, they could go to his home and help him and his family carrying out the daily activities. Men could help in the tiresome works like weeding while the women helped the chief's wives in cleaning, cooking and keeping company. Ochieng' was in the garden in the morning but those with him were quite many so the work was enjoyable. Furthermore, he was so strong that such works to him were infinitesimal.

The chief was in his house enjoying his porridge with other elders, the women were busy storing in their huts, Ochieng', his brothers and friends were supping fermented millet and cassava porridge gobbling the luscious 'nyoyo'² specially prepared by Anyango's friend, Aluoch. They were also confabulating at the same time.

'Gouru thumbeu Jo Odindi gouru thumbeu... waruak wendo

Wendoni donge osindhi ka ruoth ruakeuru...ruakeuru

Jodala ruoth yawuru rangach mondo wendo odonji...yawuru


[Play your musical instruments the people of

Odindi...so that we welcome the visitor.

Haven't this visitor been ordained as a chief welcome him...welcome him

People from the chief's home open the gates so that the visitor can come in... open

( ululation )]

Cheerful voices of women singing were heard coming from far. Everyone in the chief's home at the moment stopped whatever they were doing to listen. The voices drew closer and closer until several women, men and children appeared from the chief's gate. Among them were two young men each sitting on their own horse. These young men where in high spirits from being warmly welcomed by their people.

The two men were by all odds Okoth Ang'wen and Opondo Rabaya. The news of Okoth being the next chief of the clan had been spread far and wide. He had been away for only twenty seasons or five years so it was only natural that he was agnised by almost everyone in Odindi clan. It was also known that Opondo was the one who was sent to go and fetch him.

Those who were in the houses a moment ago were now outside in the compound including the chief.


Ochieng' called out, unable to suppress his tears from flowing.

Being his closest brother, it was understandable that he could still remember him. Okoth turned to the direction where the voice came from and there he saw his youngest brother who had haunted him since his disappearance.


What was going inside Okoth only he could understand. He jumped from his horse and rushed towards his brother. When they met, they hugged like two lovers who had been away from one another for years, tears flowing uncontrollably from their eyes. The onlookers felt their emotions soar.

"I really missed you brother, you have no idea." Okoth said after leaving each other's embrace.

"I missed you too. How have you been?" Ochieng' responded delightedly.

"I have been doing well, how about you?"

"I have been doing well as well."

"I am glad to hear that."

"And where were you for all this time brother?"

"Will you first settle?"

Even the people expecting to hear where Ochieng' had been were disappointed. Okoth greeted the people including her parents. Everyone there was excited to see Okoth come back.

"Now that Ang'wen is here, there is no need to keep you waiting. The day after tomorrow when the sun shall have risen from the east, I will officially hand over the stool to him in his own home. Let us all be there."

Chief Ong'am announced after having everyone's attention. They were all excited to hear that the new chief was soon going to ascend to the stool. It was not that people did not want Ong'am, it was because they could not wait to experience the power of the intelligent Ang'wen. They immediately dispersed to go and prepare gifts for Ang'wen the day that was mentioned.

Okoth Ang'wen had also married though only one wife. His home had been constructed not far away from the chief's. He had left behind his wife while in Kisum. He also had two sons and one daughter; the reason why nobody asked him to have another wife.

After ten minutes were gone, the chief's home was only left with his family members and a few friends like Opondo. His sons including Ochieng' and Okoth and their friends like Opondo joined him in his house. The women went into their huts. Apeleka was in Anyango's hut. They were now very close friends. Sankale joined Okoth's mother who was the friend she had made. The compound was already cleared and everything that Ochieng' and his friends used for eating were in their right places.

It did not take long before the chief's wives started bringing food to his house. The men shoveled in the foods while talking happily.

"Now tell us 'omera'³, where have you been since over fifty five seasons ago?" After seven minutes of eating, Odhiambo Ombom, the brother to Okumu Otieno and the chief's third son asked.

In as much as his blood brother had mother had been killed by Ochieng', he was not hostile towards him because he knew his mother and brother had erred. His father whom he loved and respected was also almost killed by those people after all.

All the eyes present lit up and were all shot at Ochieng' anticipatively. He shuddered a little because he was not expecting the question. He knew he couldn't still keep them in the dark especially when all those bright eyes were looking at him like they were doing.

"I was in the forbidden land."

What he said left those brilliant eyes widened in astonishment. The chief unconsciously dropped the food in his hand to his plate. His mouth was agape. When he looked at this son of his, it was like he was seeing an alien.

Ochieng' then recounted everything that happened to him in the forbidden land. Of course he left out crucial parts like him obtaining the 'hono' fruits and others. For a long time the room remained quiet. He became the cynosure of all the eyes present.

1: A house that was constructed for a son within the compound of his father in Luo community.

2: A meal prepared by boiling mixed beans and maize grains.

3: My brother.