The Legend of Karachuo
34 He Is Going To End Their Lives
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The Legend of Karachuo
Author :MrKingI
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34 He Is Going To End Their Lives


The clashing of the two commanders reverberated in the air, sending a series of airwaves from the point of collision to an area of radius of about a hundred metres. The warriors and the chiefs who were hit by the surging movement of air squinted, the weaker ones even swagged a little. A cloud of dust rose at the point completely engulfing the two. It seemed they were not affected by the cloud as they continued fighting wildly.

"Ah!" Two minutes passed and a shout was heard. Everyone widened their eyes to see what happened. Nkase's commander was seen holding his left arm with his right hand gritting his teeth. Blood was flowing from where he was holding. Twiya's commander took this advantage. He sprinted towards his opponent holding his sword tightly.


Nkase's commander did not just stand and wait for a loss, he lifted his sword and the two swords collided with great force, releasing a piercing sound. Twiya's commander on seeing that the other party had managed to neutralize his attack, he sent a powerful kick on his belly. Nkase's commander was sent flying three metres away. He however left a deep cut on his opponent's chest during his fall.

Twiya's commander fell on his knees clenching his chest that was booming with flowers of blood. He turned to his chief, winked before spouting blood. He then dropped on the ground dead. The entire scene remained silent. The ordinary civilians who had come here to see what was was happening trembled, others barfed as they had never witnessed such things before. Battles were carried out in the battlefield, it is no wonder very many civilians had never seen someone being killed.

"Impossible!" Tok Tok cried breaking the silence.

Tongedi turned to him and said, "Impossible, but it has happened, I think your warriors should just go back to Twiya..."

"Kill him!"

Tok Tok ordered his warriors angrily. He even forgot the fact that Tongedi just like him in his peak was powerful than the two commanders. Even if the warriors killed him, most of them could fall. Moreover, Tongedi's warriors could also not just stand and watch, right?

The warriors removed their swords ready to attack.

"Wait!" Tongedi shouted lifting his arm.

Everyone turned to him waiting to hear what he wanted to say.

"I don't think we should do this Tok Tok. It will not only lead to our deaths but also weaken our clan warriors for no good reason, as most of them will die if it has to happen. It is only one person who was conceited enough to come and do you harm. To avenge yourself and your commander, why don't we just execute him and end this!" Tongedi advised seriously.

"You are right," Tok Tok's eyes that were hidden in his swollen face lit up, "let Sankale and her daughter come out too, they were with him."

"They won't come out, if you must execute someone, then it must be me because I am the one who did that to Tok Tok or somebody and not them!" Ochieng' who had been quiet all this time suddenly interjected.

"Sankale and her daughter?"

Very many people including Tongedi and his commander who was now beside him were surprised. Wasn't Sankale's daughter dead in the forbidden land? Tongedi wanted to say something but after thinking deeply, he seemed to be hit by a pang of realization. The people's discussions even confirmed his thoughts. According to the people, the man that attacked Tok Tok was not from the Amonke clan. He had a feeling that the young girl's come back was related to the young man who fearlessly stood before them.

"You're seekig death. What are you people waiting for, kill that man and get into that house and kill everyone you find inside." Tok Tok hurriedly said. Tongedi nodded to show that he agreed with him.

Many warriors were waiting for an opportunity to teach this plucky bastard a lesson. The moment they heard this order, they shot down at him like hungry hyenas. Ochieng' on the other hand stood rooted to the ground, grasping his sword tightly.

"This is bad!"

Sankale cried with a lot of concern. She stood to go and see what was going to happen.

"What are you doing mother?" Apeleka asked sternly.

"To go and check on him."

"He will be alright, going will distract him and may put him in a bad position, just sit here and wait."

Apeleka knew Ochieng' would be alright. Even if he was to be killed, he had the ability to regenerate, he would just rise and this could inflict fear on the warriors making them flee. She did not want her mother to go because she had no ability at her disposal. If she died, she would be forgotten. Apeleka did not want to lose her. The mother obediently sat on her stool looking worried.

Fwaaa! Fwaa!

The warriors who went at Ochieng' earlier were dropping one by one by his sword. He was mowing them down in a sonic motion that those who stood by the side watching did not see his movements clearly. Thirty seconds later, about a hundred warriors lied on the ground lifeless and headless. This was half the number of warriors that were present there that day.

Other than the gulping of saliva, the entire scene remained completely silent. The remaining warriors heaved long sighs of relief. They had made the right choice not to attack that monster. They looked at him their faces filled with dread. Tok Tok even found strength to rise. He started assessing the young man like he was seeing him for the first time. His heart was beating very fast. He wondered why he even came here to punish that fellow.

Tongedi and his commander were not faring on any better. They were shocked to their cores by the young man. They had walked in several battlefields but had never met such freak. Seeing their clan washed in blood, the tribesmen were terrified so much that they couldn't utter a single word. Apeleka's father who was watching in his 'manyatta' started fidgeting on his stool. He knew he was next.

"Now Tok Tok," Ochieng' sheathed his sword and started emotionlessly, "I gave you a gift of life, but you chose not to hold it dear. Since you did not want it, I am going to take it away. And you Tonedi or Tokeni or whatever your name is, since you have decided to end my life in collaboration with this Tok, I am going to end yours too... "


Tongedi's commander interrupted. He did not even remember how monstrous this young man was. He forcefully jumped towards Ochieng' his sword held tightly in front. Ochieng' only smiled and crossed his arms coolly. When the commander was halfway the distance between them, Ochieng' released some wind from his mouth. The wind was like a small sword that moved at a high speed towards the commander.

The wind easily entered the commander's head like knife cutting tofu. His lifeless body thrust forward due to inertia before falling with a resounding thump on the ground dead. Ochieng' then lifted his head and looked at the chiefs nonchalantly as if he had done nothing.

In this era, the elders were extremely feared and respected. Ochieng' was young but he carried power with him. Those with power ranging from seers, magicians, rainmakers to the strong like Ochieng' were extremely rare in every tribe. Thence, no matter how young they were, they were highly regarded.

The chiefs felt chills run rampantly in every cell of their body. They were profusely sweating and trembling like rained on puppies. Tok Tok even mictutrated on his leopard skin. None of them even thought of taking flights.
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