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The people were wondering what was going on when a white powerful horse suddenly appeared. On it's neck was flaky bird and a young man and woman on its back. The woman who sat at the front wore a nonchalant expression on her beautiful chocolate face. The young man behind her had red eyes that shone at the people present vehemently. He had a hideous air around him. Anyone who looked at him could just lurch in fright.

The young woman was in spades Apeleka and the young man Ochieng'. They had just arrived in Ochieng's clan when they heard the plight the chief was in from the people. Nobody dared to provoke them as they feared Ochieng' could be someone sent from the tribe headquarters or something. Not even the warriors guarding the clan risked doing so, especially when they felt the unfathomable air around these people. Of course nobody agnized Ochieng' for he left the clan when too young.

Chief Ong'am who was groaning in pain a moment ago craned his neck to see the guest that had just arrived. At first he couldn't see clearly but the moment the horse was close, he clearly saw the two figures on the horse.


He had seen this young man in his woolgathering. He was however young but his appearance was always in his mind, recognizing him was not a big deal. The chief couldn't help but jump on his feet, completely disregarding the pain he was going through and leapt towards the young man and woman who had jumped from the horse's back.

When the young man saw the man in his late sixties or early seventies running energetically towards him, his cruel appearance transformed to look good. His emotions welled up and his tears started dribbling. He even unconsciously whispered aloud,


It was not in order for men to shade tears, but the ones flowing from these two men's eyes were inevitable. One party was someone who had left his own home to go to a land that was out while still very young, the people he left behind included his beloved father and mother. It was almost fifteen years since he last saw these people. Most of the times he had sleepless nights just thinking about his parents, during the day he was ever in a castle in the air thinking about them, yet, here was one of them, running towards him with all smile.

On the other hand was someone who had waited for the birth of a child from his first wife only two lose it after barely seeing him. He had sacrificed the peace of his own land just because of the child. Even a moment ago he was waiting for his execution just because of it. He had painfully waited for the child's return after it disappeared several seasons ago. Here the child was, standing before him.

They hugged each other tightly crying like they were children again. They were also mussitating things that no one could understand. Apeleka who was standing at the side failed to stop her tears from falling when she saw this father son pair.


All of a sudden, a frail woman's voice was heard coming from Anyango Ogola's hut. Anyango was the chief's 'mikai' or first wife. Like a cannonball, she dashed to where the begetter and the begotten were hugging without stopping. She joined her husband in embracing their lost and found child, tears welling in her eyes ungovernably.

After they let loose, they all turned to the young woman who was with Ochieng'. The father and mother looked at her in awe. The young woman was so caught up with emotion when watching the family reunion that when the gazes of the three landed on her, she jolted before giving a delicate smile that exposed her snow-white teeth with a small gap between the teeth of her upper jaw. She was exquisitely beautiful.

"Who is she?" Ong'am asked his gaze still fixed on the jeune fille.

"She's Apeleka, my friend." Ochieng' responded delightedly.

The chief extended his hand to greet the lady, "Good afternoon my daughter"

"Good afternoon Sir." The girl greeted back respectfully.

Anyango decided to embrace the young woman gleefully. The other chief's wives also came over and shook hands with the visitors excitedly. Even Achola Nyakune pretended to be happy. After indulging in a few formalities, Anyango took Apeleka with the bird to her hut. The other wives left for their dwelling places too. Only Ochieng' and the horse were left standing by the chief's side.

Ochieng' and the chief turned to the group of people who had been affected by the wind the other time. Those who did not die were now on their feet including Otieno. Right now he was looking the chief with dread. He knew that since the son his father waited for had returned, the chief could do anything preposterous to bring him down.

On a whim, he clenched at his sword tightly and rushed towards the chief and his son. The warriors on his side dared not to move because they knew what happened a moment ago was all 'thanks' to the young fellow by the chief's side. They couldn't help Okumu who was engulfed with greed instead of reasoning.

"Leave him to me." Ochieng' told his father pushing him lightly to the side.


When Okumu was around a metre away from Ochieng', the latter emitted a cold piercing air from his mouth. The air travelled at an incredible speed a long a straight line to Okumu's brow. Okumu did not even have time to react when the air furiously pierced his forehead. What followed next was his head gushing a mixture of some white and red matter. His lifeless body dropped on the ground his eyes still wide open in disbelief.

Everything happened in a flash that everyone around did not even see what really happened. From their view, when Okumu arrived near Ochieng', they only saw the latter frowning before breathing lightly and the former dropping while his head emitted some white solid materials and red liquid. When the cadaver landed on the ground, a small hole was seen his forehead and his eyes bulged in incredulity. They all stood and looked at the young man in veneration.

One by one, the warriors dropped their swords, those with spears dropped them, those with shields dropped them, they dropped any element of armor they had and kneeled. The elders lined up at the front of the warriors and held each other's hands. All the clan elders and the warriors conjointly bowed respectfully before articulating,

"Long live Chief Ochieng'!"

1. Nyathina; My Child.