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At the eighth cock crow in the morning the next day( that is around six in the morning), everybody in Ndori's home had woken up. Ochieng' decided to join Ndori and his sons to go comb out weeds in his millet farm. Apeleka followed Nyangini in preparing breakfast. Ochieng' and Apeleka wanted to leave after the men were from weeding but the husband and wife refuted. After persisting that they had to leave, it was decided that they could set off at noon.

Ndori was considered lucky to have married a seer. He didn't have to marry other women because wealth was just at his doorstep. The power his wife wielded was just too good for him to have another woman. Nyangini was equivalent to more than ten women.

The vaticinator had given him five children, two females and three males. The two females, who were their first and second kids to be born had already been married. His eldest son was sent to the tribe headquarters to be a warrior protecting the whole tribe. The two remaining sons were twins at the age of fifteen years or sixty seasons and they were their last born. The twins had not married and were helping their parents in their daily activities.

At the garden, the father and his sons were blown out of the water when they saw their guest weeding. This was more so for the brothers who did know his background at all. Their father had at least heard it from his wife that the man before them was going to become a paladin who would save his tribe from great calamities.

Since they got into the garden, he had not stopped to rest. His hoe was moving up and down at an astonishing speed that the trio could only see it in blurs with weeds after weeds flying in the air. Ochieng' only took ten minutes to weed an area that was as thrice as much as theirs after they worked for three hours. With that, they were panting like cocks that had fought for hours while he was still filled with vigor. He was even still working like he knew no exhaustion.

The three could not work anymore after four hours. They wanted to leave, but when they saw Ochieng' still stooped, hoeing like he felt nothing, they were left with eyes bulging out and their mouths agape.

"Ochieng', I think it is enough." Ndori said at last.

It is then that Ochieng' stood up to reveal his face that was filled with smile. He followed them obediently out of the garden. The three still looked at him skeptically. This Ochieng had given them the surprise of their life.

They went to a nearby river to clean themselves up. At this moment, only Ndori had recovered from his shock, he asked, "Ochieng', for Were's sake, how did you become so strong?"

"I thought your wife is a seer." The young man answered immediately and nonchalantly.

Ndori understood what he meant at once. He told Ochieng' the previous night that Nyangini was always seeing him in her dreams. How could he dare ask him where his strength came from? He ended up chuckling bitterly and kept quiet. This did not mean the two Ndori's sons did understand what these two people were talking about.

"Father, tell us what you know." The younger twin, Odongo asked.

"There are things that should not be talked about son. Just toss aside such things for now..." The father warned but Odongo insisted on knowing.

"I went to the forbidden land when young, I have lived there till yesterday that I arrived hear." Ochieng' hurriedly said.


The two young twins did not really believe what Ochieng' said. Was there a person who could go into that land and walk away alive?

"Ochieng' you must be kidding, how long have you been in the forbidden land?" Opiyo, the eldest twin asked this time round.

"More than seventy seasons." Ochieng' casually replied.

Sigh, sigh, sigh

The father and sons heaved heavy sighs when they heard that. Even the father who knew this young man was rendered speechless. Over fourteen years in the forbidden land, that had to traumatize those who heard of it.

"How did you manage to survive there for all that time?" Opiyo asked with rolling eyes.

"I am a Mogwedhi."

"What is that?" Odongo asked at sea.

"You won't understand brothers."

The rest of their cleaning was done taciturnly. The father and sons were still baffled with what they heard. Ochieng' didn't even realize the trauma he had left in those three. He cleaned himself up in a minute and stood at the river bank waiting for the three.

Out of nowhere a large crocodile appeared. The three immediately escaped but the animal caught Opiyo's left leg. He yelled before the animal tried to pull him in the water.

Ochieng' who wasn't expecting such an occurrence turned his head only to see Opiyo struggling to get his bleeding feet out of the crocodile's mouth. The animal on the other hand was trying its best to pull the young man into the water.


Ochieng's eyes reddened and inadvertently bellowed. The roar was accompanied by an unfathomable aura around him. His breath came out as cold clear liquid. The breath was directed where the animal and young man were struggling. They were blasted ten metres away. Opiyo landed on a rock breaking his ribs. The animal landed on the ground and started crawling away horror-stricken. Could it really escape from the wrath of Ochieng'?

Nobody knew when but immediately the animal turned to escape, Ochieng' was already before it. The aura that he released at this moment suppressed the animal to an extent that it could not move. It's breathing was restrained and its large mouth opened without moving. It's ugly eyes widened in panic.

Ochieng', having lived in the forbidden land where savage beasts filled did not feel anything for the crocodile when he saw it had made an attempt on human life a moment ago. He took out his sword and thrusted it on the animal's head. It died immediately. He then took out a 'hono' fruit, bit a very small portion and passed it to Opiyo who was groaning in pain.

When he consumed that bit and healed completely, Opiyo was dumbfounded. He could not believe what just happened to him. Odongo and the father were even shivering in shock. What Ochieng' had shown them today was unbelievable. It was as if he was not even human.

Seeing them looking at him as if he was a fiend, Ochieng' could not help but sigh. He only beckoned them to leave.