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10 The Scarlet Furred Beas

At the fourth cock crow in the morning on the first day of Ochieng's eighty first season, he carried his sword and wine gourd and left for the northern part of the forbidden land on the back of Mudho. He was going to explore the other parts land and temper himself.

They covered the first a hundred kilometers without coming across any mischance. If they did, it was something infinitesimal that Mudho casually dealt with. However, at the verge of the a hundred kilometers mark, they chanced upon something strange.

Just three metres beside them, there was an area of around three metres squared, shrouded with a pallid scarlet light. Out of curiosity, the duo made up their minds to go take a look. Immediately they got closer, Mudho extended its left forelimb to touch the light only to be blasted off.

With Ochieng' on its to back, Mudho was sent flying to a tree about fifteen feet away. The tree together with the beast fell on the spot. The one who got the largest share was Ochieng' who fell another ten feet away. He wasn't injured maybe because he fell on the buns or he was was just brawny.

"What the hell is that Mudho? "

He could not help but ask once he got up. Mudho didn't answer him. He repeated his question louder and the response was still the same. He realized Mudho was even more flabbergasted judging from the deep frown on its face. Ochieng' only shook his head and walked to Mudho who even at this moment was still glued to where it fell, staring at the light as if it was a spectre.


Ochieng lightly touched the animal on the back and was just about to say something when the animal hopped to a nearby bush horrified to its core. It lay in the bush for around ten seconds before lifting it's large head that was filled with perspiration, only to find the young man grinning.

"You really scared me... "

"What is there to be scared about? " He chortled.

The animal walked out of the bush in an unkempt state. It's mane and fur had dry leaves attached to them. Ochieng' wanted to laugh but after seeing Mudho's warning gaze, he covered his mouth lest he suffered the wrath of the lion. Of course the best it could do was to chide him for being an unreliable friend.

"Have you seen such a thing before? " Ochieng asked

"Never in my life. Just like you, I have never been to this sides of the forbidden land, everything I know I heard from stories. " the beast answered, its dark face showing terror that came from the bottom of its heart.

They wanted to walk away when a large figure egressed from the light. It was an ape that resembled gorilla except for its tremendous size, scarlet fur and blue round eyes. It looked gorgeous but the glower on its face made the fella and the lion look at it apprehensively.

"What are you two ugly creatures doing in my land? " after a long silence, the beast asked.

"Your land?" The twosome couldn't help but wonder.

"That's right," the beast answered, "I was even cogitating where to get my today's meal and the two of you just had to pop up, what a lucky day."

Immediately the ape said so, horror dawned on the two fellows. They had not opined that they would meet danger before they even covered an eighth of what they intended to cover. Ochieng' then remembered that in as much as he had been affected in one way or another, he had not made his move, furthermore, they didn't know the true strength of the ape.

"Since you're already here, let me do the killing." The animal said and was before the duo in a flash.


That is what they immediately thought of. The speed that the ape used to get to them connoted that the scarlet furred beast was stronger than them. They turned to take flight but they had scantily made their move when the ape blocked their way on the front. It was at this moment that they realized they had fallen in a pit of fire.

The two were doused in sweat. Their heartbeats increased. Mudho was even trembling so much that it barely stood its ground. When Ochieng' saw it, he felt like laughing at this friend of his. He had never seen it dreaded. He even remembered how this friend of his used to make other animals lie flat on the ground in fear. Right now, it was the one who was about to lie and beg for mercy.

"I was forgetting something...hey big lion, I guess this boy must be a 'Mogwedhi', and that must be the reason why you're so close to him. Hand him over and I might consider letting you go. " the ape said casually as if it was the judge that determined the life and death of the lion.

"I don't think that is possible. " Ochieng' answered. The beast however ignored him and continued threatening the lion.

"I am going to give you a span of fifteen seconds to consider. If you don't hand him over by the end of the fifteenth second, I will kill both of you...fifteen... fourteen..."

By nature, the ape knew that the young man had not yet reached the point where he could be invincible when walking among beasts. It therefore did not fear him releasing that mysterious aura. It was also confident that he was not powerful enough to destroy it.

"Ten." The ape reminded.

Mudho turned to Ochieng' and downheartedly said, "Ochieng... you have been a good boy. Seeing you grow is the greatest thing that ever happened in my life. I have also come this far just because of you. In my heart you have a place."

"Right now, for the sake of your life, you must follow him. I don't want to see you die, or else I'll never forgive myself. I also want to live because there is hope for everything in life. Train hard and make your ancestors and myself proud, I will be taking my le... "

It was cut short by Ochieng' who lifted his right arm. "Stop talking through your hat Mudho, " he steadfastly said, "We've gone through arduous paths and shared happy moments together. When I had my other feet on the grave, you gave me deliverance, you protected me from many dangers without reservations."

"Sometimes you almost died just to save me. How do you expect me to walk proudly if I walk out this plight and let you go? Let death come if it wants to, but in this moment, I am going to show you that you didn't train me to be a wuss, but a man who can brave through battles and bring you honor. "