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Shortly after he fell asleep, the legend Nyakam decided to visit him in form of a dream... He was strolling in the woods of Kobuthi when he met an old woman with sunken eyes and cheeks. The wrinkles on her dark face showed how old she was.

Despite being that old, the woman looked like an indomitable warlord who could annihilated whoever tried to come at her with ill intentions. The aura of elegance that she conveyed could make any ordinary people venerate her.

"I don't think I know you?" The young boy asked with a frown on the face.. .

The woman could only suspire because she knew he was not ordinary. In normal occasions, the best a kid could do was to run away as far as it could not to block the path for the elderly. If the kid was confronted, it could humbly bow because it was a great taboo to disrespect an elder.

Being an ancestor who directly communicated with other ancestors where great seers, rainmakers, prophets, witchdoctors and even 'Were' himself, the woman knew very well that this young boy wasn't ordinary. He was a child ordained by Were to serve the tribe.

"I'm Nyakam." She gave her name in the end.

"What! " the boy was not expecting this and horror immediately struck him. He couldn't believe that the woman he met randomly could be the great Nyokam who was an idol to many from the Lu tribe.

"Forgive this young disrespectful fellow... do not punish me ancestor... "

He only bowed a little to apologize. The woman was not at all offended by this, she was even pleased with his courage despite his tender age.

"Forget about the formalities grandson... "

"Why have you decided to visit me, the lowly in the tribe?"

"It's something of great importance grandson... "

"But why don't you discuss important things with the elders or the chiefs or the tribe head? I'm just a young kid enjoying his life... "

"Because this matter concerns you. "

"Me? And why at this time? Don't you know our tribe is in trouble.?"

"Forget about that trouble. We the ancestors have agreed with other tribe ancestors that the gold deposit will be shared equally amongst the various tribes to avoid unnecessarily trouble... "

"But... "

"There are no buts, we reasoned with other tribes on this matter and we all came to an agreement. It's that agreement that the chiefs are going to be told about. There will be no battle, not this soon... "

And like that she told the young boy everything they agreed on. The other tribes indeed wanted to conquer the golden land. The problem was not with the Lu tribe but who could control the land after snatching it from the Lu people. This would result into a bloody battle after which no one could have the land in the end. It was because of this reason that the ever quiet ancestors decided to meet and help the current generation in resolving the crisis, a crisis that could make them see most of their tribes wiped from the face of the earth.

"The reason I visited you was to ask you to tread carefully in the forbidden land, I visited the place myself once..." Nyakam decided to give the reason for her visit.

What she just said somehow shocked the boy and he couldn't help but exclaim, "What! You visited the forbidden land?! "

" That's is true my grandson... "

"Tell me, how was it? "

"Actually, I met several monsters there. It is a very dangerous place but then, it is also where I got my strength... "

" What?!"

"Honestly, as dangerous as the forbidden land is, it is a rich place where whoever walks out of alive can soar to greater heights. It is because of this that Were's spirit decided to guide you out of your clan and into the forbidden land. He decided to resolve the battle so that you had to worry less about your people. "

"You are going to meet great danger there, a little carelessness can lead to your end. Be careful and use this opportunity to temper yourself and 'Were' will forever be by your side... "

She finished issuing her instructions and before the boy knew it, she had disappeared.

"Wait! I still have a few questions for you ancestor! "

He was bond to be disappointed because the woman had disappeared without a trace. He sat down to ponder over what he had been told when he felt something moist rubbing his left foot...