The Legend of Futian
1578 Betrayal
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The Legend of Futian
Author :Jing Wu Hen
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1578 Betrayal

Duan Huan frowned and glanced at Ye Futian. This Little Uncle-Master didn't even stand up to make his move?

He took a step forward, and the pressure of the Great Path exploded. In a moment, a heavy atmosphere enveloped heaven and earth. At the same time, the majestic might of the Way from Ye Futian pressed toward him with incredible surging power.


A dull, muffled sound came out, and an invisible storm of the Great Path was blowing around Duan Huan. He took stopped abruptly, and he even backed up a few steps in succession.


As footsteps rubbed against the ground, sharp and harsh sounds came out. Duan Huan shook his head as he seemed to be in a trance, during which time, his spirit soul was also suppressed and attacked.

The expression on his face changed abruptly, and a shocking pressure of might broke out. The divine light of the Great Path flowed around his body, circulating around and protecting him and his spiritual soul within the divine light.

The expressions of everyone else also changed. What an arrogant breath...

However, those who had seen Ye Futian in battle before were not surprised. The strength of the Sky Sword Elder was already at the top of Nirvana, and there weren't many opponents under Renhunag. Even Duan Huan, who was a descendant of the royal family, would be hard-pressed to best the Sky Sword Elder.

Previously, the Sky Sword Elder had lost to the power of a single finger strike. Duan Huan would not fare much better, and he could not possibly be Ye Futian's opponent. Regarding this, Duan Qing understood this very clearly in his heart.

The majestic might of the Way still roared, rolling out surprise attacks that suppressed Duan Huan. Ye Futian stood up and walked out of the banquet area. Under his absolute control, the power did not even leak outside to affect the banquet.

Above the body, there were methods of the Deed of Thorough Comprehension blooming. His body was like a great divine furnace of the Great Path, and his breath was strong and majestic. Just like a real divine body, it was incomparably radiant.

He walked a few steps forward. His pace was very light, but with each step, an even stronger pressure swept out. Seeing the protective divine light about Duan Huan, he took a step as his fist landed on the protective light.

Crystal clear sounds came out, and the protective divine light shattered and collapsed instantly. Traces of fist will rushed into Duan Huan's body after cleaving through the protective divine light. It greatly shook all his internal organs and seemed to crush them. Despite the abundant breath inside the body, the pain was still palpable.


Finally, the domineering Duan Huan could no longer bear this extremely powerful might of the Way. As his body continued sliding back, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and his breath quickly weakened.


After he slid back hundreds of meters, Duan Huan was able to stabilize himself. His face was pale, and he looked up at Ye Futian with some shock. This force was simply unstoppable.

"Little Uncle-Master is indeed powerful," Duan Huan said while wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth. Many people in the banquet narrowed their eyes slightly and looked at Ye Futian; this successor of the Great Elder was incredibly strong.

They were quite clear about Duan Huan's strength, which was absolutely top-notch, yet he could not block a single punch.

"There are not many under Renhuang who can withstand my punch, so you need not take it to heart," Ye Futian said calmly. Although he was telling the truth, he was young, after all, and his tone was an elder lecturing someone younger; it was slightly outlandish for those who were not used to it.

He was not the least bit humble.

On the side, Duan Yu was also speechless. Her elder brother couldn't even block a single punch. Was it true that the successor of the Grandmaster was this powerful?

Duan Yu had heard many of the stories about the Grandmaster since she was a child. He was definitely a legend—a young genius who was peerless in his days. After he had gained fame in Tianhe Realm, he traveled the world and married the daughter of the lord of God Clan in the Supreme Path Realm with no objection from the lord himself. This demonstrated the renown of the Sky River Great Elder when he was young.

However, he did not stay in the God Clan. After traveling around the world, he returned to his homeland—Tianhe Realm. He taught the world, and his students spread all over Tianhe Realm. He was worshipped by the people of Tianhe Realm, and his name became the symbol of Tianhe Realm, reigning high above all royal powers.

Even the people of the royal family in the Realm Palace also sought to cultivate under his guidance. Her father, the prince of Realm Palace, was sent very early on to cultivate under the tutelage of the Great Elder.

She had also heard some gossip related to the past, saying that her grandfather—the master of the Realm Palace and supreme existence of Tianhe Realm—would bow and salute to the Sky River Great Elder without exception. She hadn't experienced those times and had no idea how prestigious the Sky River Great Elder used to be. She just knew that he was so very strong; he was the first man in Tianhe Realm.

But living in the royal family of the Realm Palace, Duan Yu was also a proud person. The suggestion that the Royal Master had to salute to the Sky River Great Elder made her feel very uncomfortable.

And now, even the heir of the Sky River Great Elder was also this impressive. Her brother had been crushed. She had not seen the Sky River Great Elder in action before, but now she had seen Ye Futian in action, and she was greatly discomforted by it.

Moreover, her father treated him so politely.

"My son was accustomed to always look higher. Today, my brother had taught him a thing or two. It's something he ought to remember." Next to him, Duan Qing smiled and continued, "Take a seat."

Ye Futian returned to his seat as suggested. On this trip to the palace, although Duan Qing was still kind to him, he could feel some subtlety in the atmosphere, which could be detected from Duan Huan's attitude and Duan Yu's eyes.

These royalties were not as respectful to the Sky River Great Elder as imagined. If Duan Qing regarded the Great Elder as a teacher, then his children should also be extremely respectful to the Great Elder because of his example, but this was not the feeling he got.

It seemed that things were not as simple as they appeared.

This time, Duan Qing's invitation was probably a test.

Duan Huan and Duan Yu also sat down but did not continue to provoke Ye Futian, sitting quietly aside.

Ye Futian had been interacting rather casually without much thought, and Duan Qing must have felt it. However, he didn't really care. Until he understood the relationship between Duan Qing, the Great Elder, and the master, he couldn't be too invested.

If he was wrong, he could always apologize later.

"It's been a while since I've been out today. I should be getting back to cultivate." Mid-banquet, Ye Futian raised his cup to Duan Qing and bid his goodbye. Duan Qing nodded and toasted him in return. "I will be visiting Master in a while, and we can get together again then."

"Very well." Ye Futian nodded. He drained the wine from the cup, then stood up and put his hands together to bid his goodbye. Everyone at the banquet also stood up to send him off.

"Goodbye, everyone." Ye Futian bowed to the crowd slightly.

"You two go ahead and send your Uncle-Master off," Duan Qing said to Duan Huan and Duan Yu.

"Please don't bother." As Ye Futian was replying, he turned to leave. Many people in Tianhe City also begin to leave. Mu Qingyu wanted to go up, but when she saw those fluttering white hair, she hesitated. She didn't do it. She was in a position that could be exposed to many extraordinary talents, but there were still some who were difficult to approach.

Undoubtedly, Ye Futian belonged to the latter.

After Ye Futian left, Duan Qing looked to Duan Huan and asked, "What do you think?"

"At the top of Saint Plane, and the body of the Great Path has been formed. He is stronger than anyone I have dealt with before in this realm, and he is an expert at attacking the spiritual soul," Duan Huan said.

"In Tianhe Realm, you are one of the top characters, but the gap was still so great. If you go to the Supreme Realm in the future, how are you going to compete with those top figures? Probably just looking. So, get back and continue to cultivate," Duan Qing concluded.

At this time, most of the people at the banquet had left. Except for the three of them, there were only two others who remained.

"Father, after so many years, shouldn't we know some of the things that happened in the past?" Duan Huan said.

"It's okay to let Duan Huan stay," a person next to him said. Duan Qing thought for a moment and nodded, saying, "The things of the past are very simple. For the future of the family, we made some necessary sacrifices."

"What sacrifice?" Duan Huan asked.

"Ethics, conscience." Duan Qing looked into Duan Huan's eyes, and Duan Huan was silent. The fact was, he had already guessed some things as the years had gone by. Even if no one had ever mentioned them, he could figure out out a thing or two from the interactions of all parties.

When the battle erupted to destroy the realm in the past, the Duan clan was outside of the royal family and had a deep relationship with the Sky River Great Elder. However, not only was it not destroyed in the crisis, but it became even stronger, which, in itself, was an extremely abnormal occurrence.

"Cultivation, in itself, is a cruel process. It's the same, even for the royal family. If we had chosen ethics, the whole Realm Palace, the descendants of the royal family, and countless others would have been buried in the disaster. Sometimes, difficult choices have to be made," Duan Qing continued.

"I can understand," Duan Huan nodded.

Duan Qing didn't say much. He looked at the two next to him and said, "What do you think?"

"This man's talent is so powerful, yet he is not from Tianhe Realm. His origin is mysterious. But the Great Elder had chosen him as his heir, so there must be some unknown matters," one responded.

"A few months ago, there was a mysterious man who visited the master. Afterward, news came out that the master had chosen an heir," Duan Qing said.

"Who?" someone asked.

"I don't know. Master was there, and I dare not snoop too much; Otherwise, I would be found out," Duan Qing continued. "This has to be reported up."

"Reported up?" Duan Huan whispered as he looked at his father.

Duan Qing pointed up, and Duan Huan immediately understood. However, it was as it should be, since the Realm Palace had forsaken ethics and conscience. Thus, their position was naturally that of the other, and no wonder the Grandmaster and Realm Palace coexisted in peace now.

Because there was still someone above!


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