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1570 Substitute Attack with Defense

The Frost Wolf blocked Dazzling Hundred Blossom's attack, while the other summons surrounded Lord Grim in a defensive formation. As for Ye Xiu, he was perfectly fine with that and hid behind the summons.

At the same time, a summoning circle quietly began to form. But Dark Thunder, who was rushing towards Lord Grim, suddenly counterattacked and threw a Brick towards Concealed Light.

His Dark Thunder had Luo Ji's Concealed Light completely suppressed previously so that he wouldn't be able to summon any more creatures. However, there was no such thing as interrupting a Summoner from commanding his summons. Under these circumstances, most Summoners would instruct their summons to rescue them, but Luo Ji did not. His summons had continued to surround Immovable Rock, and then after the Life-Risking Strike, they stayed to protect Lord Grim.

As for himself?

He did his best to dodge Dark Thunder's attacks. If he couldn't dodge them... then he relied on Little Cold Hands.  

White light constantly shined on Concealed Light, healing him. With a healer protecting him, a single character alone would find it difficult to kill him.

Lin Jingyan knew that if he could keep both Concealed Light and Little Cold Hands preoccupied that was the best scenario. However, although Luo Ji and An Wenyi were rookies, they weren't stupid. Even when the others on Happy were protecting them, they never stood together to prevent Tyranny from hitting two birds with one stone.

Even before, when An Wenyi had Little Cold Hands charge out to block a hit for Concealed Light, he had kept a certain distance from him.

The two from Happy were always on guard against the best case scenario that Lin Jingyan had been hoping for.

As a result, when Lin Jingyan saw the situation change, he had Dark Thunder turn his attention to Lord Grim. Of course, once he turned away, Luo Ji would definitely make a move, so as soon as he saw the summoning circle begin to form, he immediately threw a Brick at him. At the same time, he turned around and rushed back.  

Luo Ji had previously been completely suppressed by him. Was there a need for him to attack in such a roundabout way? Of course not!

Lin Jingyan was scheming. He wanted to use this Brick to lure An Wenyi's Little Cold Hands into blocking it. He had calculated the distance. This time, if Little Cold Hands rushed back and he caught them off guard, he would definitely be able to keep both of them suppressed.

Right now, Tyranny was temporarily in a 4v5 situation. Han Wenqing's Desert Dust needed time to get back as well. There was no one watching over An Wenyi's Little Cold Hands. Having complete freedom, An Wenyi's healing abilities were comparable to Zhang Xinjie's. If you looked at Happy's health, their health bars were even and stable.

Control the healer!

The pro players in the chat group began discussing again. Keeping the healer in check was probably more important than killing Lord Grim. If the healer was kept under control, even if Ye Xiu's Lord Grim was able to hang on past the no-healing period after Life-Risking Strike, he would continue to be in danger because the healer couldn't heal him. It was two birds with one stone.

No one realized this point. At first, the pro players were puzzled by Lin Jingyan's actions. It wasn't until Lin Jingyan's Dark Thunder rushed back did they understand his intentions.

It wasn't that Tyranny didn't understand the situation they were in. However, the experience Lin Jingyan was ambitious. He wanted to suppress both Luo Ji's Concealed Light and An Wenyi's Little Cold Hands simultaneously.

After turning back, Lin Jingyan saw Dark Thunder's Brick strike Concealed Light's head.

The summoning was interrupted, but Little Cold Hands didn't come in to block it like he had expected.

Had he been seen through?

Lin Jingyan didn't care for the answer. It was just like how the pro players analyzed it. Keeping Happy's healer in check was the most important. Little Cold Hands didn't have anyone protecting him right now. It was a rare opportunity. If he couldn't bait him into it, then he would have to make his way over himself.

Dark Thunder rushed towards Little Cold Hands.

His bait seemed to have been a waste of time, but Lin Jingyan didn't think so. Happy's main healing target was Lord Grim, but for a period of time, Lord Grim couldn't be healed. As long as he could suppress Little Cold Hands during this period of time, everything would be fine. That slight delay wouldn't affect anything.

Suppress Little Cold Hands and Lord Grim would certainly die.

That was what everyone thought.

But despite having such a pitiful amount of health left, Lord Grim unexpectedly assume an aggressive posture.

With Lord Grim following behind, the Frost Wolf, Wyvern, and Frost Eagle charged at Dazzling Hundred Blossoms.

This wasn't a protection, but a screen. Dancing Rain coordinated with Lord Grim and bombarded Dazzling Hundred Blossoms with artillery shells.

Is he looking to die!!!

Everyone had the same thought.

With only 7% of his health left, not only did Lord Grim not run away, he was sending himself right to their door. If this wasn't suicide, what was it?

But the opinions and emojis that filled the pro player chat group showed that they didn't think Ye Xiu was looking to kill himself.

If you counted carefully.

1, 2, 3!

Zhang Jiale was being attacked on three sides, a 1v3.

Ignore everything else and kill Lord Grim?

Many people thought it was the right decision. The opponent had less health, so just finish it off.

The problem was that for a Spitfire, ignoring everything else couldn't be done. Spitfires didn't have any Super Armor skills. All attacks would affect them. If his gun was knocked to the side, his bullets would likely miss. If his hands were knocked askew, the grenades that he threw wouldn't go where he wanted them to go.

Lord Grim still had 7% of his health left. One or two attacks wouldn't do it. If Zhang Jiale wanted to kill him under these circumstances, he needed to maintain a certain level of attack efficiency.

The pro players all agreed that this would clearly be a huge test for Zhang Jiale.

Zhang Jiale also understood this point. 

The Wyvern spat out a fireball, while the Thunder Eagle fired a bolt of lightning towards him. He was immediately facing attacks from all directions. The Frost Wolf roared and charged at him, its frost breath spread out to obscure his vision.


Zhang Jiale saw an opening to attack Lord Grim. He rolled, while throwing a Grenade. Compared to shooting, grenades had AoE damage. Even if his aim was slightly off, the AoE might hit Lord Grim. It was more likely for the grenade to deal damage compared to his bullets.

Bang! A gunshot. Just when he threw the grenade, it exploded. Lord Grim's Myriad Manifestations Umbrella had fired a shot.

Ye Xiu wasn't the one being protected. He was one of the attackers!

Zhang Jiale was under attack from all sides, making it difficult for him to aim properly. In comparison, Lord Grim had it easy.

The best defense is a good offense. Happy was using this adage to suppress Dazzling Hundred Blossoms, who was trying to kill Lord Grim.