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1563 Cleric Blockade

Boundless Sea fell, and in that instant, the sky and earth flipped for Fang Rui. All he could see was a flurry of fists and feet. Han Wenqing's Desert Dust and Song Qiying's River Sunset had chased after him and attacked ferociously!

His health dropped rapidly. Dancing Rain's artillery support wasn't enough to stop them. Tyranny's three Fighters attacked fiercely amidst the fire and smoke. White light continued to flash on top of them. Zhang Xinjie's Immovable Rock was going all-out to heal them. This was how Tyranny operated. Even the smallest thing wouldn't be missed by them. Their arrangements had multiple layers to them. Each and every member of Tyranny contributed towards the pressure on Happy, making their opponents appear weak and insignificant.

Tyranny was like an impregnable war machine, slowly crushing down on Happy. Scheme? Trap? Ambush?

None of those were important. Zhang Xinjie had always been considered incompatible with Tyranny's style, but once he began to truly integrate himself into Tyranny, people realized that it was as if the final piece of the puzzle had been placed down for Tyranny. The new Tyranny was both bold yet cautious, more reliable and stronger. Wasn't this the overwhelming power that Tyranny had always seeked?

Even the people watching felt a shudder. How could this sort of Tyranny be beaten? Fang Rui's Boundless Sea was just their first stepping stone. And then? Lord Grim? Dancing Rain? Or Soft Mist and Concealed Light who were on the verge of arriving?

Facing such a domineering Tyranny, Happy had unexpectedly chosen to go with a healer-less team composition?

The broadcast occasionally switched over to Soft Mist's and Concealed Light's direction. What these two did next would likely determine the outcome of this match.

Would these two rookies be enough to shake the domineering Tyranny?

Almost no one had any confidence in them, showing just how powerful Tyranny appeared to everyone. With such meticulous coordination and efficiency, an opening? No such thing!

"Stop!" A message suddenly popped up in Happy's chat from Ye Xiu. When Tang Rou and Luo Ji saw the message, they immediately stopped.

Were they giving up?

Was there no way for them to rescue this situation?

Was the miracle worker Ye Xiu also helpless today?

Tang Rou and Luo Ji had stopped. The situation couldn't be saved. Su Mucheng's Dancing Rain suddenly shifted her target to Dazzling Hundred Blossoms.

Dancing Rain focused on Dazzling Hundred Blossoms to provide cover for Lord Grim to retreat.

Under the heavy gunfire, the light cover from Zhang Jiale's Dazzling Hundred Blossoms began to falter, and Lord Grim immediately seized this opening. 

Climb the wall?


Lord Grim twisted around, and with a Shining Cut, he headed towards the battle between four Fighters on the other end. Ye Xiu was going in alone to save Fang Rui's Boundless Sea.  

Happy hasn't given up? So why did Ye Xiu tell Tang Rou and Luo Ji to stop?

Everyone was at a loss, even the pro players watching couldn't understand.

Lord Grim moved like lightning, but he wasn't able to use the Shining Arc to make it all the way over, only two thirds of the way over. Suddenly, a figure flashed in front of him.


A clash of weapons, and then white light flashed.

Immovable Rock!

The one blocking Ye Xiu's Lord Grim was unexpectedly Zhang Xinjie's Cleric, Immovable Rock. The Backlight Cross in his hands parried the incoming Shining Cut.

However, Clerics were lacking in Strength and wouldn't be looking for the stat in their equipment. Although they could also swing their weapons as a basic attack, due to their low Strength, it was very ineffective. Cleric basic attacks had no way to parry a Shining Cut, but Lord Grim had truly been stopped. The Shining Cut had somehow been knocked aside by Immovable Rock's cross.

Zhang Xinjie's Immovable Rock had equipment with Strength?

That was everyone's first thought, but everyone knew that it didn't really make any sense. Clerics weren't going to sacrifice other important stats just to buff their basic attacks.

Then what was the reason?

Everyone was doubtful. Then, they saw Immovable Rock continue moving. After blocking the Shining Cut, his cross swung towards Lord Grim. This seemingly decorative cross moved like a meteor in Immovable Rock's hands. White light rippled, once, twice, forcing Lord Grim back.

"This is... Crusader's Trials??" In the end, the Knight players amongst the pro player chat group recognized the skill.

"Your Clerics actually choose to use Crusader's Trials??" The player added. The player instinctively worded it as "your Clerics". He was Team 301's newly-transferred European player, Bai Shu. As someone in a different competitive scene, seeing something he had never seen before, he immediately thought that it was a China-specific strategy, hence the "your Clerics".

"Hah, what's special about that? It's pretty common here!" Royal Style's Lin Sen expressed.

"Yeah yeah!" The other players added with a sense of satisfaction. They felt like Zhang Xinjie was truly giving face to their country's Glory scene. Making this foreign player feel as if he was seeing a whole new world was too awesome of a feeling.

They forgot that Bai Shu had teammates too. Team 301's Yang Cong private messaged Bai Shu, telling him that the others were messing with him. It was their first time seeing Crusader's Trials on a Cleric too.

Crusader's Trials.

The Knight's Level 70 skill used basic attacks as the foundation. However, the priority of these basic attacks would naturally be much higher than usual. As the skill stacked up, the priority would only increase. Although the first strike had successfully interrupted Lord Grim's Shining Arc, it could be seen that because it was a Level 1 skill from a Cleric, it had only barely succeeded. If it had been a maxed Crusader's Trials from a true Knight, the first strike would have overwhelmed a skill like Shining Arc. The Assassin's Shining Arc was actually considered an attack with rather weak priority.

Immovable Rock's Crusader's Trials had only just barely been able to parry the Shining Arc, but he quickly followed up with successive trials. Ye Xiu clearly hadn't expected Zhang Xinjie's skill choice and was caught off guard. No matter how experienced he may be, he had never met a Cleric whacking him with a cross.

Because of this surprise, the slight pause was enough for Dazzling Hundred Blossoms to catch up. Zhang Jiale was no longer spreading a cover of light. He was focusing on Lord Grim, who was now caught between a flurry of cross strikes and a barrage of bullets.

With this delay, the distance between Ye Xiu's Lord Grim and Boundless Sea had pulled away.

Ye Xiu perhaps felt it more clearer than anyone else how troublesome the current situation was. The battle strength that Tyranny displayed had surprised him. He hadn't thought that Tyranny would be able to find their rhythm in this life-and-death match.

The current Tyranny was no longer the Tyranny that Ye Xiu was familiar with. Tyranny had reached a new realm.

Ye Xiu could only tell Tang Rou and Luo Ji to stop. They had no way to break past Tyranny's wall at the moment, which was why he tried to scout them out himself, while seeing if he could help Fang Rui as well. 

In the end, nothing came out of it. Zhang Xinjie's Immovable Rock had blocked his way forward.

Crusader's Trials.

For a Cleric to choose this sort of skill, why? Was it in order to contest with the enemy for a short if the enemy closed in?

In any case, the Crusader's Trials had been very effective. Ye Xiu's Lord Grim had just stepped on the gas pedal, but before he could even accelerate, he had to step on the brakes.

"Don't worry about me!"

Fang Rui typed out in the public chat.  

The enemies had surrounded him, and since Tyranny was suppressing Happy, it wasn't hard for Tyranny to figure out what Happy wanted to do. For example, Ye Xiu's Lord Grim suddenly turning around. Zhang Xinjie immediately realized that Ye Xiu still wanted to save Boundless Sea, so he was able to react in time and block him.

If this sort of suppression could be utilized well, it was enough to decide the winner of the match.

Fang Rui's declaration was rather solemn.

He was Happy's left and right arm, but right now, it was as if he were poisoned. If this continued, the poison would likely spread to the entire body. If he was cut off promptly, although it would be a heavy blow to the team, it would not be fatal.

How this situation should be handled was a difficult problem, especially in such an important match.

It was difficult, and there was no time for any hesitation.  

What would Ye Xiu do? Everyone was focused on Lord Grim. The broadcast felt like if they moved the camera even slightly away from him, the crowd would start cursing violently at them.

Lord Grim stepped forward and sword light flashed!

Sword Draw!

Ye Xiu hadn't given up. He still pressed forward. Clerics didn't have any close-range methods. Crusader's Trials was now on cooldown. Zhang Xinjie's Immovable Rock could only use his body to block. However, this sort of sacrifice was bearable.

Sword light struck Immovable Rock. Although he had also swung his cross, without help from a skill, it was practically ignored. Moreover, Sword Draw itself had high priority.

But this seemingly negligible resistance was able to provide an opportunity for Immovable Rock.

Immovable Rock wasn't pushed back as far as a result.  

A beautiful bullet shot towards Lord Grim from behind. Zhang Xinjie had tanked the hit because he didn't want Lord Grim to get past him. Zhang Jiale's Dazzling Hundred Blossoms was behind Lord Grim, carefully watching over him.


Suddenly, at this moment, the umbrella unexpectedly opened while the sword was halfway pulled out. But the shield was only for a split second, as another sword light flashed out. Compared to the previous one, it was brighter and stronger.

Downwind Sword Slash!

A streak of blood flew into the air, and Immovable Rock was thrown to the side. Lord Grim had opened up a path!