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1513 The Resolve of Both Sides

Team Happy and their healer had convened at an opportune time. The Happy fans let out a cheer, while the Tyranny fans let out a sigh of despair.

But what about after?

Tyranny's fans quickly regained their composure, because it wasn't like Happy had the advantage now. Happy had convened with An Wenyi, but Tyranny had convened with Han Wenqing as well. Previously, it had been Han Wenqing chasing down Happy's healer; in the other battle, it had been Tyranny with a healer suppressing Happy without a healer.

Happy had the disadvantage in both of the battles. Now, they were on an equal playing field with Tyranny. However, with the disadvantage carried over from the previous battles, how would they win on an equal playing field? 

Happy didn't continue fighting. Ye Xiu's Lord Grim rushed out, and with help from his teammates, he sent Desert Dust flying away. Then, Happy immediately turned around to retreat.

Of course, Tyranny wasn't going to let them go so easily. This was a perfect opportunity. When it came to direct confrontation, Tyranny had no fear.

No more hiding, no more holding back. In an instant, they transformed into the Tyranny that everyone was familiar with, and pounced fiercely onto the retreating Happy.

Happy didn't fight back.

Trees, grass, houses...

Happy utilized what they could to hide and avoid Tyranny.

A team retreat had its advantages and disadvantages compared to an individual retreat.

The advantage was that they could help each other, opening up more varied options. The disadvantage was that a mistake from a single teammate could affect everyone.

"2, 11!"

A message suddenly appeared in the Tyranny chat. It wasn't from Zhang Xinjie, but Lin Jingyan!

2, 11 pointed to the hour hand positions on a clock. When the others on Tyranny saw Lin Jingyan's message, they immediately locked onto those two directions. The characters at the front of the team rushed towards those two directions.

Although Lin Jingyan wasn't the shotcaller, there had to be a reason for him giving out these instructions.

Desert Dust turned towards the 2 o'clock direction, while Dazzling Hundred Blossoms turned towards the 11 o'clock direction.

The two soon locked onto their next target.

Boundless Sea!

Fang Rui's Boundless Sea.

Lin Jingyan relied on his understanding of his teammate to grasp this opportunity. Han Wenqing and Zhang Jiale didn't question him and immediately carried out his plan. Boundless Sea was now surrounded by the three of them.

Holy Trinity!

The three attacked without hesitation.

Lin Jingyan was too familiar with Fang Rui's style. His dirty playstyle wasn't something that everyone could keep up with, which was why on the team competition stage, Fang Rui would often wander off from the team on his own. Lin Jingyan understood this point and watched for such an occasion to take place. In one move, they surrounded Boundless Sea, and the rest of Happy could not rescue him immediately because he had separated himself from the team.

Rescue him now? Of course they could, but Boundless Sea was already surrounded. If they turned to rescue him, they would have to abandon their original plans to retreat. What's more, whether they could quickly rescue Fang Rui was another question altogether. This was the danger of a team retreat. If you caught one player, you caught the entire team!

The three generals attacked Boundless Sea decisively.

However, Happy was even more decisive. Tyranny had focused three of their members onto Fang Rui, reducing the overall pressure on Happy. Zhang Xinjie's Immovable Rock was just a Cleric, his individual threat was limited. Qin Muyun's Negative Nine Degrees was not enough to keep Happy's other four members there.

As a result, Happy ran away!

They didn't even stop to pause, decisively abandoning the trapped Fang Rui. They regarded their trapped ally not as a restriction but instead as an opening.

"How determined!" Li Yibo couldn't help but shout. Happy's insistence on running away was rather surprising. It wasn't like abandoning a teammate was never done, but usually, the abandoned teammate would be used to trade for the initiative. Right now, Happy abandoning Fang Rui didn't yield them any sort of initiative. All they got was an escape from an unfavorable situation. And then? Happy would lose Fang Rui and would still be in an unfavorable situation. If Tyranny simply employed a strategy where they traded blow for blow, Happy would suffer greatly.

After exclaiming in surprise at Happy's resolve, Li Yibo adopted a critical view of Happy's decision.

"But at the same time, there wasn't much else they could do..." Yet after analyzing them, Li Yibo spoke in their defense, "A direct confrontation here would be too disadvantageous for Happy. By sacrificing a player, they gain time to reset the battle and formulate a new plan. If they can take advantage of their familiarity with the map, there will be more opportunities in the future."

"Is that so?" Pan Lin was still doubtful, because the "more time" that Li Yibo mentioned Happy would gain didn't seem like it was coming.


That was the impression that everyone got.  

Fang Rui's Boundless Sea was killed incredibly fast. In the blink of an eye, Boundless Sea's name turned gray.

Their speed came came from their resolve, Tyranny's resolve!

After Happy abandoned Fang Rui to escape, Zhang Xinjie didn't hesitate to order the entire team to focus all their efforts onto Fang Rui's Boundless Sea!

He didn't care about what Happy would do next, nor did he think about using this situation to make any future set-ups. Quickly kill Boundless Sea! Because a numbers advantage would always be the most reliable and trustworthy advantage on the Glory battlefield. If such an opportunity was presented in front of them, there was no need to hesitate!

A Qi Master wearing Cloth armor had low defense. Under Tyranny's full focus and the watch of the many experienced players on Tyranny, Boundless Sea wasn't even able to use defensive skills like Qi Guard that would let him survive just a bit longer. Boundless Sea's health dropped to zero almost instantly.

Then, Tyranny immediately turned around and chased after the rest of Happy that could still clearly be seen. Pan Lin's doubt came from this. How much time had Happy gained from Fang Rui's sacrifice?

Li Yibo was also stunned. He didn't think that Tyranny's attacks would be so fierce to the extent that Fang Rui couldn't even put up a struggle before being killed.

"Happy is in trouble!" Li Yibo immediately determined. At this distance, disappearing from Tyranny's sights without a trace was impossible. In the end, Happy would not be able to avoid a direct confrontation, except this time, they would have one less player.

"Where is Happy running away towards!" Pan Lin pointed out.

"The support zone." Li Yibo also saw it.

Starting from when Happy abandoned Fang Rui, their retreat direction had been extremely clear, the support zone. This was because their sixth player would come in from the closest support zone to them. Happy needed to hurry and meet up with their sixth player to maintain a five-member formation before making their next plans.

But now?

"They've switched directions!" Pan Lin shouted.  

"Hm..." Li Yibo also saw them change directions. After confirming the speed of Tyranny's pursuit, Happy turned away from the support zone. Tang Rou, who had been automatically loaded in, immediately saw Ye Xiu's instructions in the team chat, telling her where to go.

"Happy needs to get as far away as possible from the support zone." Li Yibo said, "They have no way of avoiding a confrontation with Tyranny. The close they are to the support zone, the more advantageous it is for Tyranny."

"Yeah!" Pan Lin nodded his head. He didn't need Li Yibo to give any further explanation. When one had a numbers advantage, trades were the most common and most reliable strategy. The closer they were to the support zone, Tyranny, who still had their sixth player, could quickly keep up their numbers advantage when one of their players was traded away. If the team fight took place far away though, then while Tyranny's sixth player was rushing over, for a period of time, Happy would temporarily be back on equal footing with Tyranny, a 4v4. Statistically speaking, most turning points took place during this period of time in Glory team competitions. The disadvantaged team would often try to turn things around.

Tyranny was an experienced team, but Happy had Ye Xiu, who didn't lose to them in terms of experience. From this adjustment, it could be seen that Happy hadn't given up. They were going to put up a fight.

Tyranny was in close pursuit. Happy could not shrug them off, but they managed to convene with Tang Rou's Soft Mist before the fight began. And the meeting point that they chose wasn't simply the place as far away as possible from the support zone. Evidently, this was the place that Happy chose as their battlefield. Tang Rou's Soft Mist didn't join up with the team directly. Instead, she reached the location first and picked her spot.


Soft Mist was lying in wait for an ambush. The broadcast switched to her view, and it was obvious that was her plan. After seeing Tang Rou's actions, Li Yibo concluded that Happy wanted to decide the match here. 

The broadcast listed the health and mana on both sides. All of the characters had enough mana to last an entire fight. In terms of health, Happy had a clear disadvantage. When their characters lost health, they didn't have time to replenish it. An Wenyi's Little Cold Hands had been running away the entire time. He didn't even have an opportunity to cast an instant heal.

Happy wanted to decide the match here, but could they win?

No one looked at Happy's chances favorably, even if Tang Rou's Soft Mist was set up for an ambush. Zhang Xinjie was very cautious. Once he saw that Tang Rou's Soft Mist wasn't with the team, he would most likely be on his guard. With the amount of experience that Tyranny had, how effective would Tang Rou's ambush be? What's more, Tang Rou wasn't the type of player who was good at ambushes. She'd probably be more effective standing in front of Tyranny and fighting them alone...

Ye Xiu and the others entered the area. Tyranny hadn't been left behind. The broadcast focused onto Soft Mist, and the viewers did as well. Her ambush was the one thing that Tyranny was not aware of. Her ambush was probably Happy's last hope! 

Soft Mist slowly raised her spear. 

Charge! Rising Dragon Soars the Sky!