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1506 The Possibility of Mistake

The dusky forest brightened, illuminating a path from Tyranny's formation.

Zhang Jiale!

Dazzling Hundred Blossoms!

Hundred Blossoms Style! Offense and defense together. By the time the viewers regained their composure, Desert Dust and Dark Thunder had vanished. Only their shadows could be seen flickering in the light.  

The two had charged forward alongside Dazzling Hundred Blossom's attacks.

Tyranny's fans instantly became excited.

"Holy Trinity!" The Tyranny fans cheered.

Holy Trinity.

Han Wenqing, Zhang Jiale, and Lin Jingyan. These three old generals of Tyranny had been fighting each other all the way from season two to season nine. At the end of their careers, the three unexpectedly became teammates, gathering together under Tyranny. They were even able to create their own unique offensive formation, which Tyranny nicknamed the Holy Trinity. The name showed just how much synergy there was between them.

The people who understood you the best were your own enemies.

These words suited these three perfectly. From enemies to teammates, being able to create their own set of tactics so quickly was because of their many years of experience as opponents.

At this moment, Tyranny officially began their offensive. The Holy Trinity that had the Tyranny fans go wild last season had reappeared. As for this season, because of their frequent rotations, the three old generals rarely appeared together on stage. The Tyranny fans had been waiting to see this scene for too too long.


Their hopes had finally been realized. The Holy Trinity didn't seem to be out of practice at all.

Just as the fans were getting excited, another shadow flickered into their view. 

Negative Nine Degrees, Qin Muyun. Tyranny's fifth player, the fifth player who was overshadowed by the Gods around him, had intruded into this picturesque scene. He didn't match the pace of the other three. His pace seemed completely out of place in comparison.

However, the true experts immediately could immediately feel the improvement in Team Tyranny as a whole. 

The Holy Trinity, it still comprised of the same three players. However, there was now a new helper alongside them.  

Qin Muyun was outstanding at positioning. He kept weaving in and out between the Holy Trinity, his gaze and gun aimed at spots that could potentially mean trouble for the formation.

It was just that no trouble had occurred yet, so Negative Nine Degrees looked somewhat comical as if he were delusional. But this was Zhang Xinjie's style: it was better to be safe than sorry. His every move blocked any potential areas that could disrupt their plans.

Shortly afterwards, the Holy Trinity had reached their destination. Cannonfire could already be heard in the forest. Tyranny's guess had been correct. Su Mucheng obviously wasn't going to sit there and wait for her death to come. Dancing Rain fired a few shots at the light cover, borrowing the recoil to move.

Aerial Cannon. It was difficult to change directions while using Aerial Cannon, so it wasn't too suitable for this map. However, with this being Happy's home map, Su Mucheng was evidently very familiar with this area of the map. As Dancing Rain used Aerial cannon, she accurately calculated the glide distance and direction every time, intentionally bumping into trees to change directions.

After a few shots, Dancing Rain pulled away from Tyranny's formation.

Bang bang bang bang!

Gunshots suddenly rang in the air.

Qin Muyun's Negative Nine Degrees suddenly fired towards a direction.  

Enemy attack?


The slower viewers weren't sure what was happening. On the other hand, the more attentive viewers quickly realized that Qin Muyun's Negative Nine Degrees was firing at one of the six potential hiding spots that Tyranny had conjectured.

There's no one there!  

The viewers could see where Happy's members were located and knew the answer. Even so, by checking with his attacks, he helped Tyranny eliminate this possibility.

As a result, apart from the already exposed Dancing Rain, there were only four guesses and three characters left.

Tyranny was in no hurry though.

Tyranny had already reached this far in, was Happy still going to do nothing? If they made some adjustments, they might make Tyranny to predict wrongly. Thus, Tyranny didn't make any rash movements and focused on Dancing Rain.  

Dazzling Hundred Blossoms' offensive kept her under control. The bright lights kept interfering with Dancing Rain's sight, making it difficult for her to see Tyranny's pathing. Han Wenqing and Lin Jingyan quickly closed in under this light cover.

"Be careful of Ye Xiu!" Zhang Xinjie reminded everyone.

Ye Xiu moved!

He saw that Su Mucheng's situation wasn't looking too good. Lord Grim went over to provide support.  

Bang bang bang bang!

Another round of gunfire.

It was Qin Muyun's job to stop Ye Xiu from helping her out. He didn't need Zhang Xinjie's warning. He had taken note of Ye Xiu. As soon as he saw Lord Grim move, he didn't hesitate to attack. 

Lord Grim fled behind a tree. Under such heavy gunfire, he couldn't easily expose himself. He could use his shield to tank the hits, but Lord Grim didn't have that much health right now. His shield only reduced the damage too. It didn't negate it.

"Beautiful!" Zhang Jiale praised in the chat as Dazzling Hundred Blossoms attacked even more fiercely. 

Zhang Xinjie wasn't moved by the current situation. He continued to be cautious, paying close attention to those calm areas.

It was too calm.

The battle had already developed to this stage, yet Happy still wasn't going to act? Were they really going to test Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng and hope for the two to escape on their own?

If Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng failed to escape and died here, the match would be over!

Could I have missed something?

Zhang Xinjie never made mistakes?

That was what people thought of Zhang Xinjie, but Zhang Xinjie himself never felt like he never made mistakes. He simply did his best to think of all aspects before making a decision... others might not see any mistakes, but that was because he was constantly thinking of what could go wrong.

He never let down his guard at any moment.

He always thought of what could go wrong at any moment.

The calmness from Happy gave him that sort of feeling.

Zhang Xinjie wasn't someone who made decisions based purely off of intuition. This feeling was based on logic: if Happy didn't make any changes, they would certainly lose, so it didn't make sense that Happy would make no changes.


Zhang Xinjie made sure to keep up with the team's tempo, while continuing to observe his surroundings.  

Over there!

Just when Zhang Xinjie turned to look over there, he immediately turned back and had Immovable Rock perform a roll.  

There was no sound, no light, but did that mean nothing had happened?

The moment Immovable Rock left that spot, the branches and leaves on the ground were suddenly swept up by the wind. 

Cloud Grasping Fist!

The Qi Master's Cloud Grasping Fist!

Happy's Fang Rui, the master of playing dirty, had begun his own individual operation as soon as Tyranny entered their ambush area. He was very patient. Even when Tyranny had nearly cornered Su Mucheng, even when Ye Xiu had been prevented from helping her, he hadn't made his move.

Because what he wanted wasn't just to give Tyranny a bit of an inconvenience. He wanted to completely disrupt the entire Tyranny with a single move.

He had fixed his sights on Zhang Xinjie, on the important healer.

He had been waiting, waiting for an opportunity to act. From the very beginning, he had planned on stealthily grabbing Zhang Xinjie's Immovable Rock with a Cloud Grasping Fist.

That was why he ignored Su Mucheng's and Ye Xiu's predicament.

Only those sorts of predicaments could catch Tyranny's attention and lower their guard towards their healer.

These types of ambushes were Fang Rui's specialty. His judgement was correct. When Qin Muyun began targeting Ye Xiu to stop him from helping Su Mucheng, Tyranny's attention was almost entirely fixed on the fight over there.

As a result, Fang Rui made his move. Following Immovable Rock, Boundless Sea found a perfect position.

Then, he casted, prayed for good luck, and acted... 

However, in the final moments, Fang Rui hadn't expected Zhang Xinjie to sense it.

The Cloud Grasping Fist missed, exposing his position. Even though he was facing a Cleric, who posed no offensive threat, Fang Rui felt like he had been stripped naked. It was as if nothing could escape from Zhang Xinjie's notice.

Fine, if an ambush isn't going to work, then I'll just go to you!

Boundless Sea unexpectedly rushed forward. The Cloud Grasping Fist had missed, so his new plan was to kidnap Immovable Rock directly.

Zhang Xinjie immediately had Immovable Rock retreat. Tyranny's other players obviously received the signal. In an instant, the Hundred Blossom style enveloped Immovable Rock. Then, the light and Immovable Rock vanished.

"What! Is this a magic trick? Are you sure you aren't a Magician?" Fang Rui spat out. He immediately changed his plans. He couldn't catch Immovable Rock, so he began attacking Qin Muyun's Negative Nine Degrees. The guy had firepower though. Fang Rui couldn't fight him out in the open, so he relied on his familiarity with the terrain to begin playing dirty.

Qi Bullet!

Boundless Sea suddenly reached out with his hands and fired a Qi Bullet from behind a tree.

Qin Muyun didn't dodge and let the Qi Bullet hit Negative Nine Degrees. 

He was ready to guard against a follow-up from behind that tree, when a storm of qi came from the other direction.

Sky Piercing Cannon!

The wave of qi sent branches and leaves flying. It was obvious where it was coming from. The attack seemed to be saying to him: you little punk, let's see you tank this one...