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"Frozen? How? Is it Falling Ice?" Pan Lin cried out in surprise. Falling Ice was the skill Big Ice Spirits used to attack with. Currently, the camera was on the Deception which had ran the furthest. His form was enveloped in mist, blurry from Eight Note's point of view. Falling Ice? There was no hint of any Big Ice Spirit using that attack from the audience's omniscient view. The freeze effect from Falling Ice wasn't certain either. What sort of luck would you have to have in order to make sure that each hit was a freeze at such a crucial time?

What was it? As everyone mired in their bewilderment, the second Deception that charged turned into a block of ice with a pop!

Two? Everyone remained dumbstruck, and Mo Fan began to hesitate as well. The remaining Deceptions became uncertain. After spreading out, they weren't strong and were quickly destroyed by the spirits. Mo Fan paused, but knowing that there was no other choice, he had all the Deception clones make a run for it.

Pop pop pop pop….

Miraculously, all the escaping Deceptions were turned into blocks of ice.

At the same time, three clones, clearly having left the range of Shadow Dance, shattered with the ice encasing them.

The shattered ice, along with the other two frozen Deceptions formed a circle. This circle wasn't some random circle. It had blocked Deception's escape and pulled away the heart of the Shadow Dance, causing the three clones to disappear at once.
"Ice Line!!!" Li Yibo suddenly realized, crying out his discovery.

Everyone who heard this immediately understood.

Ice Line, the Elementalist's Ice Line skill.

An Ice Line would be left wherever the ice elemental power touched. The Ice Line would form an enchanted area within one second, and afterwards, whoever touched the Ice Line would be frozen with a 100 percent chance...
The skill that Li Yuan had set into his Eight Note's staff was no longer Teleportation, but Ice Line. It was an Elementalist skill, but right now, Ice Line had turned into the key skill that would turn the tides. A skill set into the weapon having such a crucial effect was definitely more than worth its while!

With only two frozen Deceptions left, Eight Note's spirit army would easily surround them. Li Yuan clearly had a masterful grasp of the freeze time, replenishing his summons as he had the two Deceptions surrounded.

He didn't use this chance to summon any Spirit Kings. Perhaps it was because he didn't see the need, or maybe he thought that the opening created by summoning Spirit Kings would be too big for this situation.

When the two ice blocks cracked open and the two Deceptions charged out, the spirits immediately swarmed over.

The broadcast director, thinking that nothing significant would occur, had already switched the shot to a replay of Li Yuan's Eight Note using Ice Line. When Deception used the Substitution Technique to try and escape, his Eight Notes began to cast Ice Line. Everyone, including Mo Fan, had been focused on the army of spirits, not Eight Notes. This Summoner, that seemed useless in a direct battle, had become the key.

"Switch back! Switch back!!" But not two seconds into the replay, one of his colleagues cried wildly for him to switch back to the shot of the ongoing match.
"What?" The program director fumbled, realizing that they were probably missing a spectacular play from the other side.

Two seconds was enough for everything to change.

The camera switched back to the match.
Of the two Deceptions that came out of the ice, one had already disappeared while the other was on his way to disappearing...

Shadow Clone Technique!

Deception, who had just escaped from the ice, immediately used Shadow Clone Technique. This real body was, naturally, the one that attempted to escape, so the two clones were left behind. One immediately disappeared because it left the range of Shadow Dance. The other was instantly blasted into smithereens by the siege of spirits.

Deception's real body didn't escape so successfully.

After that false alarm, Li Yuan didn't relax from relief, instead raising his guard, watching out for such a possibility. This time, he had considered the Ninja's escaping ability when he swarmed the other with spirits.

The shadow clone was instantly destroyed, but his real body didn't manage to escape immediately either.


Falling Ice!

Under Li Yuan's personal direction, the light and ice element spirits immediately struck with their long ranged skills. The two attacks were both priority attacks, blocking Deception's escape route, especially the light element large spirits' Lightning. A row of Lightning striking down at once formed a wall of electricity.
Break through forcibly!

Mo Fan, with no other choice, made his choice resolutely. Without hesitation, Deception charged out straight through the Lightning. The Lightning struck, but Mo Fan was pretty lucky; the stun didn't activate. However, right after, a row of Falling Ice descended. His attack came right after the Lightning. Since Deception had charged right through the Lightning, he wouldn't be able to dodge this one….

A chill enveloped him from head to toe. A 100 percent freeze? It didn't have that, but this strike had activated the 50 percent freeze. Deception could still move, but he had been slowed by 50 percent...

This dangerous situation wouldn't let him take his leaving. The swarm of spirits encircled Deception completely. It wasn't that there was no way out, but there was no chance given for escape. The escape skills of Ninjas had been considered when Li Yuan made these arrangements.

"I guess… that's it…"

Deception's health was about to hit zero, and Li Yibo finally made this conclusion.

Even under Li Yuan's careful, meticulously planned encirclement and direction, everyone watched with their hearts in their throats as Deception's health dwindled.

He didn't give up. He didn't give up until the end.

In the encirclement of spirits, Deception darted this way and that, trying to break out. He used all the tricks he had up his sleeve. Dart for an opening, killing his way through, open feints, sounding the east while heading west… As expected of an escape artist like Mo Fan, he had a plethora of tricks and schemes. Several times, he had charged out of the encirclement, but because he was unable to fully shake off the spirits, he didn't manage to fully escape.

Deception fell, but this match wasn't perfect. While he was over here trying to escape with everything he had, he had taken the time to suddenly throw a shuriken over at Eight Notes.

At that time, it was very crucial that he focused on blocking Deception's way with spirits. Li Yuan's judgement was very precise. If he had Eight Notes dodge and relaxed his grasp over the spirits, then Mo Fan would've gotten a chance. Thus, he didn't dodge the shuriken, and had Eight Notes take the damage. The damage wasn't much at all, and it was quite a shame, since it meant that this match wouldn't be a perfect. However, Li Yuan didn't bother pursuing this perfection, only wanting to continue the match steadily, and gaining a compliment from Pan Lin and Li Yibo.

This strike became the only damage Eight Notes had taken in the entire match, losing him 2 percent of his health.

The system didn't judge it as a perfect victory, but a loss of 2 percent of his health was probably equal to a perfect in the eyes of the audience. The value and advantage a perfect gave wouldn't be impacted any by this loss of 2 percent health.

The crowd erupted into cheering. Blue Rain had brilliantly made up a match after the two losses prior.

"Unfortunately, Mo Fan has lost this match, falling behind by a huge amount," Pan Lin said.

"This gap is only the result. If we really consider the actual progress of the match, then, while he hadn't managed to deal much damage, what sort of atmosphere surrounded this match? It was tense! Very tense. From this, it's clear that the two opponents were evenly-matched. Though the result is very one-sided, but against a Summoner, one successful ambush from Mo Fan could mean his victory," Li Yibo commented.
"That's true. Though Mo Fan lost, he performed well this match," Pan Lin agreed.

"Yes, and in a match of equal strength, what would become the deciding factor? The home game advantage! Li Yuan's victory was built primarily on his brilliant grasp and usage of his terrain. His playstyle and strategy was founded on this map, and his actually performance was flawless. A very spectacular battle indeed," Li Yibo said.

However, the audience in the venue clearly wouldn't be able to analyze things as objectively as those two.

Last round, Mo Fan had used a tree to squash their God Huang Shaotian, and then narrowly won against Li Yuan as well. A rookie accomplishing a 1v2, especially when one of the opponents was Huang Shaotian, was a huge blow to Blue Rain's morale. Today, his victory against Song Xiao had Blue Rain' fans even more displeased. Seeing such a brilliant counterattack from Li Yuan, it would be a waste if they didn't take the chance to unleash a wave of mockery.

Li Yuan was still in the player booth, so he couldn't hear the applause, so the Blue Rain fans' cheering didn't last too long. When Mo Fan walked out of the player booth and came offstage, mocking applause and jeers also arrived like a tidal wave.
A rookie player generally would have a hard time facing such a situation, especially when they lost an almost perfect match to their opponent in the group arena. That was burden for the entire team and put great pressure on them. However, Mo Fan remained emotionless, as if none of this had anything to do with him, as if he were a bystander, walking right back the way he came. His reaction, or lack thereof, had the audience soon losing interest.

To Mo Fan, the jeers weren't just because of the match. The ones guiding the fans in the audience stands were Blue Brook's higher ups, and scrap picker Deception had been a huge trouble to them. Some of them had even been scrap picked by Mo Fan before and never managed to get revenge.

Now that they had a chance for revenge, they would naturally put their all into guiding these jeers. Yet Mo Fan's reaction had them losing interest.

"Not bad," The jeers that filled the stadium didn't bother Happy's members. Ye Xiu stood and spoke to the returning Mo Fan. "You might not have dealt much damage, but you've at least depleted a lot of his mana!"

"Yeah," Mo Fan nodded and returned to his seat.