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1268 Personal Grudge

"Haha, and you have the face to celebrate about your tempo!" That was when Ye Xiu cut in.

Huang Shaotian was enraged, immediately remembering how when he had cheered "this is the tempo of victory", that guy had spoken up with a seemly random "can't tell". It was clear that Ye Xiu understood Huang Shaotian's playstyle and predicted that his and Zhou Zekai's partnership would eventually go wrong, so he didn't rush things. In the end, Huang Shaotian had messed up the tempo practically the moment after he yelled about the tempo of victory. Even Zhou Zekai had voiced a "huh?" in response to him. It was obvious how much his judgement had failed him.

What tempo of victory? This was the tempo of slapping himself in the face!

"Everyone stop moving! It's time to settle a personal grudge, 1v1 me!!!" Huang Shaotian suddenly roared.

Everyone was stunned. The characters turned their view, like they were looking around at each other.

Then, Dancing Rain unhitched her cannon from her shoulder, Windy Rain lowered his raised staff, and Cloud Piercer sheathed his revolves back in the holsters inside his trench coat. Yu Feng, who had finally arrived, looked around for a while before stabbing his sword into the ground. Even the others in Team B had stopped. He was Huang Shaotian's old teammate too, so he had to give him face.

This time, it was the audience that had their eyes wide in shock.

What the hell was this?

This was the team competition! But everyone really did stop and let these two duel each other. This, this… they were so… not serious! This All-Stars competition was the most unorthodox ever; a Cleric had gone to the group arena, now they were having a one on one duel in the team competition… What… What kind of team competition was this?

But… it really was interesting!

Silence enveloped the stadium for a moment before excitement erupted through the crowd. This All-Stars Competition was really something. So what if it wasn't strict and serious? There were ten of those each week, and sometimes, people just wanted to see such an unorthodox match!

All the characters had stopped over here. As for the other side, Xiao Shiqin's Life Extinguisher had just arrived and originally wanted to go and help Tang Hao. After looking at what was happening here, he wasn't sure what to do anymore.

"What about them? Are we going to let them duel one on one as well?" Xiao Shiqin asked. Wang Jiexi and Tang Hao were still entangled in a fierce battle!

No one paid him any attention. The other characters over here had formed a circle around Lord Grim and Troubling Rain, turning into spectators.

Xiao Shiqin looked around in shock before his Life Extinguisher eventually ran over to stand in the circle with his Mechanical Box.

"You sure this is what you want? After you die, your team will be down two people," Ye Xiu warned the other.

"Bah! You're the one that's gonna die," Huang Shaotian replied.

"What? With the tempo that you're going at?" Ye Xiu struck.

"Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off!" It hit Huang Shaotian's weak point.

"Fine!" Ye Xiu had Lord Grim take a step forwards.

Huang Shaotian took a deep breath, sending a kill emoji as Troubling Rain hiked up Ice Rain, preparing to turn and charge forwards

"Wait!" Ye Xiu suddenly yelled.

"What?!" Huang Shaotian raged. He had just hyped himself up just now.

"Referee, can you hear me, referee?" Ye Xiu called out.

After a moment of silence, a system message popped up in the global channel. "What?"

The audience burst into laughter. This was a system message! They couldn't believe that the referee would send a system message filled with such emotion. How interesting.

"Can I request that the voice function be turned off temporarily?" Ye Xiu asked.

"Go die!" Huang Shaotian yelled, He didn't show any more mercy. Troubling Rain whipped forth sword-light, starting with a Sword Draw.

Ye Xiu didn't back down, using a Slide Kick to slide under the sword-light before launching an offensive.

However, Troubling Rain had already jumped up with a Falling Light Blade, stabbing down towards the sliding Lord Grim.

Lord Grim was reclined, yet the Myriad Manifestations had already changed to spear form, stabbing up at Troubling Rain with Dragon Tooth. Spears were longer than swords. No matter how you looked at it, it was Troubling Rain who would be hit first.

However, Huang Shaotian was truly worthy of being called a top expert. Faced with this situation, he sent his sword straight at the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella, the two attacks becoming a parry.


The two Silver weapons clashed and Troubling Rain landed behind from there, sword-light flickering once more with an Immortal Guides the Way.

This skill was a knockback attack, but Lord Grim was lying flat on the ground. He obviously couldn't be knocked into the ground, so under these circumstances, knockbacks would cause a small stun. Ye Xiu knew this and Lord Grim rolled to the side. Immortals Guide the Way's sword-light slashed down, sending chunks of earth flying. Lord Grim rolled to a stand, a grenade already thrown. Troubling Rain raised his returning sword-light and with a boom, the grenade exploded into light and fire between them.

Everyone watched them anxiously, not wanting to miss even a moment. Neither of them had much health left. Just once chance would be enough for either of them to claim victory. A pro player's offensive didn't just end with one attack. When one skill hit, there would be many more follow-ups to maximize damage. Currently, the two played extremely cautiously, knowing that a single hit could mean the end.

The smoke from the grenade hadn't even dispersed when Lord Grim snatched the initiative to attack. Shadow Cloak streaked out of the smoke like a ghost, but Huang Shaotian was well acquainted with Ye Xiu's antics. Naturally, he would move to counter it. The instant the Grenade exploded, he was already jumping back to make Troubling Rain dodge.
The Shadow Cloak hit thin air and Huang Shaotian couldn't help but feel triumphant for a moment. He was about to speak, when the earth beneath his feet loosened.

Underground Tunneling Technique!

Lord Grim suddenly leaped out from the earth, causing many to cry out in surprise.

Huang Shaotian's amazing reaction speed was clearly reflected by this event. This strike was not at all within his expectations. But through his fast reaction speed and immense hand speed, Troubling Rain still managed a backwards jump to dodge, and even send out a slash with his sword as well. Unfortunately, activating a skill in such a short time was impossible, so this was only a normal attack. Lord Grim jumped up with the Underground Tunneling Technique, knocking the slash aside. His other hand swung up, sending a strike at Troubling Rain's face.

Sand Toss!

The blind this skill dealt was very annoying. Huang Shaotian hurriedly turned his character's head part way, but he knew that the other would try to grasp this chance while he was looking away. His sword was already slashing down, activating Triple Slash and sending his character into motion.

The Sand Toss didn't manage to blind Troubling Rain, and Triple Slash didn't move him too far. Huang Shaotian's Triple Slash was a two step movement in a small area. Under the flickering of the sword-light, Troubling Rain used it to arrive behind Lord Grim with the first two slashes and then sent out the final slash.
Lord Grim didn't bother to turn. The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella already on his shoulder. With a whoosh, the umbrella was opened and the slash landed on the shield.

However, shields wouldn't completely block the damage. With the slash colliding with the shield, Huang Shaotian felt that he had gotten a small advantage.

Was he going to go on the offensive?

That was the thought that suddenly surfaced in Huang Shaotian's mind. Lord Grim didn't have as much health as him. After all, he had been subject to Zhou Zekai and Huang Shaotian's combined offensive before, almost entirely relying on his shield to reduce damage. If he had been fiercer and had managed to bring his DPS high enough, then he and Zhou Zekai might have been able to kill him.

Just as the thought flashed by, still in the ending lag of Triple Slash, Lord Grim jumped back without even putting the umbrella away.

"You're such a crafty bastard!" Huang Shaotian cursed. With that jump, the umbrella shield was practically on top of him. Troubling Rain didn't have any space to move anymore! He had to be careful of the unspecialized quick offensive after the umbrella was closed.

Wait, something's wrong!
How come...

Huang Shaotian suddenly realized, shocked, that his Troubling Rain… was Dizzy!
What the bloody hell? Huang Shaotian abrupted came to a conclusion.

"Shield Attack, huh…" Someone in the circle of spectators said. Everyone turned to look; it was Vaccaria.

"How come you've come over?" As Xiao Shiqin asked his, he turned Life Extinguisher's view.

"I'm done with the battle," Wang Jiexi replied.

As expected, over there, Tang Hao's Demon Subduer had vanished, clearly having been killed.

As for the duel over here? The outcome was set. Huang Shaotian had only trashtalk left, his words filled with rage and dissatisfaction.

Jumping backwards with an umbrella hitched on his shoulder, was he trying to take up Troubling Rain's room to attack? Of course it wasn't that nice. This was a fucking Shield Attack, a Knight's Shield Attack that would apply a Dizzy effect!

Huang Shaotian hadn't realized at first because, one, Shield Attack wasn't a low level skill, and two, with that thing open, he had thought of it as an umbrella. He knew it had the effects of a shield, but he hadn't taken it as a proper shield. In addition, it was a backwards jump after settling the umbrella on his shoulder. Who could have expected Shield Attack to be hidden in there?

After making Troubling Rain dizzy, Lord Grim steadily poised himself to strike before giving Troubling Rain a beating. Without much health left, Troubling Rain finally fell amidst Huang Shaotian's cursing.

Now, Team A only had two people left, Zhou Zekai and Xiao Shiqin, who had only arrived and done nothing but spectated.

As for Team B? They weren't that healthy, but all five were still alive. There was little suspense to the results of the match now. After Wang Jiexi had dealt with Tang Hao, Wang Jiexi had chosen a position to spectate that Xiao Shiqin understood immediately. Wang Jiexi was in a position where he could immediately coordinate with Ye Xiu and form a pincer attack on his Mechanic.

"So, that's it then?" Xiao Shiqin looked around, saying.

"What on earth did we even come here for?" Yu Feng asked Xiao Shiqin. They had arrived, then watched the two duel and then… there wasn't any more to it.

"What about you two duel too?" The others suggested teasingly.

"Nah!" Xiao Shiqin clearly had little interest.

"Yeah, let's not." Yu Feng didn't seem willing either.

"Then let's finish this!" Wang Jiexi said as Vaccaria swung his broom towards Life Extinguisher. Xiao Shiqin responded instinctively, immediately dodging and counterattacking. Then it was a two on five and after a short battle, Team B won without pressure.

Both the audience at the venue and those watching the broadcast were still thinking back to the All-Stars Competition after it ended. The final two on five wasn't interesting, but before that, there was so much to see.

The TV broadcast team was left in a rather awkward position though. In the end, the Team Competition, the climax of the All-Stars Competition, had lasted not even five minutes.

"Only five minutes?" The audience, who only noticed this afterhand, were amazed. These five minutes had really been filled with too much content!