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584 Creating an Environmen

Even though everyone saw the scene clearly with their own eyes, not many of them apart from Unrivaled Super Hottie’s helper team understood what exactly had happened.

Unrivaled Super Hottie was obviously in a team. He had come over with Tyrannical Ambition. Although he wasn’t officially a part of the guild, he still joined one of their teams. When Dazzling Spring’s brilliant attacks engulfed him, everyone felt like he was definitely dead. At this moment, a message appeared in Unrivaled Super Hottie’s team.

One word: Revive. Next to the word were detailed coordinates of his position.

With these instructions, the team’s Clerics cast a Revive. As for Unrivaled Super Hottie? He might have died, but he had sent out the message. After being revived, he didn’t hurry and get back up. He lay there, acting dead, waiting for Dazzling Spring to turn around before launching a surprise attack.

“How despicable......”

The team members who knew the truth couldn’t help but give this remark in private, despite their bias towards their teammate. 

Charge, Heroic Leap, Shield Attack, Upward Slash......

Unrivaled Super Hottie’s movements were very quick. He chained his attacks in an instant, striking down the target, who had been sent up into the air by the initial Charge. These moves weren’t things most Knights could do.

Dazzling Spring wasn’t worried about the damage from this combo. He had a stronger reaction towards those words.

“Who are you?” Dazzling Spring made all sorts of guesses, but he wasn’t certain about any one of them.

“What have you been busy with this year? Could you really have been preparing to leave just to run to the game and bully noobs?” Unrivaled Super Hottie asked. His voice wasn’t loud, just enough for Dazzling Spring to hear. Otherwise, if these top elites in the game heard themselves being called bullied noobs, who knew how angry they would be.

Dazzling Spring didn’t answer. He suddenly focused and amidst Unrivaled Super Hottie’s continuous attacks, he dodged and actually escaped from the combo.

“Tch.......” Unrivaled Super Hottie clicked his tongue. He immediately fell back and Dazzling Spring chased after him.

Dazzling Spring immediately won back the upper hand in that instant.

The players from the three big guilds were even feeling slightly annoyed at the boss’s existence right now. The boss was interfering with this incredible show. If they couldn’t determine the skill levels of these two players, they weren’t worthy of being players in the Heavenly Domain.

“This Unrivaled Super Hottie, could he be......” Someone moved close to Jiang You and whispered to him. 

“Yes, I have an idea. Don’t worry.” Jiang You appeared to be becoming more and more calm.

“Heal, heal, heal! Why aren’t there any Clerics healing!!!” Everyone heard Unrivaled Super Hottie shout loudly as he dodged Dazzling Spring’s attacks.

Everyone had heard these sort of words coming from Knights countless times. No one gave much thought to them. Knights were tanks. Wasn’t it normal for them to tell the Clerics to heal? But the problem this time was that it looked like a 1v1 duel. This Knight was actually telling them to help. Wasn’t that too disgraceful? Many of them were disappointed.

“Heal him.” Jiang You decisively gave the order.

Unrivaled Super Hottie soon began to glow with white light. He immediately stood still and stopped dodging Dazzling Spring’s attacks. He was about to go forward and trade blows.

“How shameless!!!” The players from Blossom Hundred Valleys shouted angrily.

With several Clerics healing him, this guy wanted to trade blows with a Spitfire? Wasn’t that too shameless? In theory, for team battles, supporting a tank while having him charge through the troops was a very common strategy, but the confrontation between Dazzling Spring and Unrivaled Super Hottie clearly indicated that these two certainly weren’t ordinary players. As soon as everyone saw them as being on a higher level, everyone’s requirements went up another level too. Wasn’t asking others for help in a PK very normal? But everyone felt like it was too unstylish for someone so high class.

“F*ck!” Dazzling Spring shouted. He clearly despised his opponent’s action, but he could only run away. No one could directly win over a tank with a bunch of Clerics healing him. When he saw this action, Dazzling Spring was now very certain who this person was! He he originally thought it was highly probable it was this person, after all, no one else had the spare time to run over to the game to fight a boss. 

“Don’t run. Let me give you a good lesson. Did you really think you could go on a rampage without any fear in the game?” With help from the Clerics, Unrivaled Super Hottie clearly became more arrogant.