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1208 The Issue of Communication

Chapter 1208: The Issue of Communication
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"Hey! This kid's really playing this match with spirit!" In Happy's player area, everyone was overjoyed.

Mo Fan was still that silent, still that uncommunicative, so even though they chose him to go onstage, no one knew how he planned to fight. But this match, he won beautifully. Seeing He Ming's cold face as he came offstage on Miracle's side, it was clear how depressing that match had been for him.

"Not bad at all." Happy's players showered him with praise, but sadly this was the group arena, so for now the victorious Mo Fan had no way of receiving everyone's congratulations. As for how the next battle would play out, no one knew.

Looking at Miracle's player area, they saw their second player standing up.

Jia Xing, Battle Mage, character Prideful Mage.

"What a villain-like name, as soon as you hear it you know he's going to lose!" As Fang Rui expressed this, Jia Xing walked onstage.

The map was still Wuchuan Path, and if nothing out of the ordinary happened, the two characters would still meet at the winery at the center of the map. Because, as of right now, neither of them had taken a roundabout route or slowed their, they both rushed right toward the center.

However, as he approached the winery, Jia Xing still hesitated for a moment.

He had seen that in Mo Fan's fight with He Ming last round, he had fought a bit differently from his previous appearances. But would he regain his normal style in this battle?

After a moment of thinking, Jia Xing still controlled Prideful Mage to enter the winery more cautiously.

He constantly turned his camera from left to right, treating every corner of shadows as a place where the enemy could be waiting to ambush him.

Where was the opponent?

The crowd knew better than Jia Xing did.

Mo Fan didn't control Deception to hide in one corner. After he arrived at the winery, he first took a circle around outside, and after failing to discover the opponent's character, only then did he enter the winery. He was still moving around, evidently looking for the opponent.

He took an extremely active attitude. Clearly, for this battle, he was using the same new playstyle he had used in the previous battle, preparing to find the opponent and face them head-on. But because this map had this winery at its center, with twisting paths, the two didn't meet so easily.

"This kid, what's up with him today?" Fang Rui asked, slightly confused.

Ye Xiu shook his head. He wasn't clear either.

Last round, Mo Fan changed his normal playstyle. It was unexpected, but looking at the battle situation as a whole, the change he made was very reasonable, because last round his opponent was an Elementalist. Using this sort of active, aggressive, close-up style to attack fit the typical logic.

But in this round, the opponent was a Battle Mage, a class that was very good at direct confrontation, yet Mo Fan still used the same method he had last round. This led people to feel that his adjustment last round wasn't a decision made after seeing the class of his opponent, was it?

The two characters were playing hide and seek in the winery, and the crowd, with their omniscient view, were the most anxious. Especially one time when they were one wall apart, but one went left and the other went right, passing each other by so closely, provoking all sorts of sighs from the audience.

Finally, the two characters met in the lane formed by the gap between two courtyard walls.

Mo Fan was calm, but Jia Xing jumped. He thought that the opponent had been hiding somewhere, only for him to just boldly appear before him like this.

What was going on, Jia Xing already had a general guess. Since we've met like this, let's just fight!

The lane wasn't very wide. The two characters met, were stunned for a second, and suddenly charged forward.


The Ninja had some long-range skills. As Deception rushed forward, he had already thrown out a Shuriken.

Prideful Mage twisted his body to dodge. His movement didn't slow, and his spear was already lifted.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

Happy's Tang Rou often used this as a powerful opening move, and Jia Xing felt that it was a suitable move for this current terrain, and so he directly used this powerful skill as he sprinted forward.

Surrounded by a rippling magic aura, Prideful Mage rushed forward with his spear. The sound of his footsteps against the limestone-paved path rang in the air.

In the narrow channel, the magic flow from the Dragon Breaks the Ranks filled the space, and it looked like there was no place for Deception to hide.


Mo Fan turned his camera, and Deception instantly ran toward one of the walls at the side. Jump up, stab ninjato into the wall, use that to jump up again, and Deception was already flying in the air. The Dragon Breaks the Ranks passed below him, and the aura was enough to send his clothes flapping, but it didn't affect his body. Here, he was outside of the attack range of Dragon Breaks the Ranks.

As Deception twisted in the air, his two hands were flying to form seals.

Ninjutsu: Shadow Dance!

Mo Fan didn't hold back, directly using a powerful attack against the opponent. Dozens of Deception's shadow clones chased the silhouette of Prideful Mage behind the Dragon Breaks the Ranks.

But Prideful Mage suddenly jumped up, turning in midair.

Seeing Deception dodge the Dragon Breaks the Ranks so nimbly, Jia Xing immediately stopped the attack. He anticipated that the opponent would immediately try and attack him, so he borrowed his lingering momentum and jumped up, twisted. Magic fluctuated around his spear, and he swung it down.

Shattering Heaven and Earth!

Powerful attack, another powerful attack, Jia Xing also retaliated with a powerful attack.

The shadow clones of the Shadow Dance hadn't had the chance to all attack Prideful Mage when this powerful attack enveloped all of them.

Shadow clones, how much life could they have? They definitely couldn't resist this bold level 75 Battle Mage attack, which produced waves of magic enough to stir a mountain. In an instant, these clones were dissipated into light, leaving not a single one.

Not a single one?

This situation was very similar to when He Ming earlier used Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire to blast away all of the shadow clones. Not a single one remaining meant that Deception had already hidden somewhere that was out of sight.


Prideful Mage's spear already thrusted downward, but no, he wasn't there…

Everyone saw, Deception was coming at him from behind, using skills like Shadow Clone Technique to instantly send himself to this position.

The ambush of a Ninja was of course silent and stealthy. As soon as Prideful Mage's spear hit nothing, Jia Xing knew that something was wrong, but it was already too late to react, Deception had gotten behind him.


The Ninja's knock up skill sent Prideful Mage into the air.

And then, Ninjutsu: Flickering Charge!

The rapidly moving silhouette seemed to flash in the air, chasing Prideful Mage with attack after attack. As Flickering Charge was executed, Prideful Mage's body was still floating in the air. He hadn't had the time to fall back down, but he suddenly waved the hand that wasn't holding his spear.

A purple shadow flew forth.

This Battle Mage had the Witch's low-level skill Night Cloak.

Night Cloak's Grab effect was extremely good, but Mo Fan's reaction was fast. Deception swiftly jumped backward, and this Night Cloak hit air. But immediately afterward, a burst of something that looked like stardust scattered in front of them, and Deception was unable to dodge it cleanly.

Disperse Powder, another Witch skill.

Using these two instant Witch skills, Jia Xing won back the initiative. The speed-lowering effect of Disperse Powder had a significant impact on the Ninja, who relied on agility.

Jia Xing easily controlled to dodge Deception's follow-up attack, and then he began his counterattack.

Just in this narrow alleyway, the Battle Mage and the Ninja began a fierce confrontation.

The two competed in observation, reaction, hand speed.

Neither of them thought to use some opening to retreat and adjust before coming back. It was as though the entire map were limited to just this little area and leaving would be dying. The two traded blows, both refusing to back down.

But the Ninja class, in terms of style, wasn't entirely suited for this sort of hard, direct battle. Compared to the opponent, he was at a disadvantage.

But the battle was still that intense. The disadvantage was only evident in the speed at which the health of the two characters decreased. But no one dared to confidently say right now who would win and who would lose. In this sort of confrontation, one slip-up could be seized by the opponent to reach a new high. An advantage right now could be completely turned around by such a high.

This was Miracle's home game, and so there were more supporters of Miracle and Jia Xing.

Right now Prideful Mage had the slight upper hand, but no one dared to relax. They worried, their hearts raced, every clash made them jump.

"At a time like this, wouldn't it be better for him to adjust his rhythm a bit?" At Happy's player area, the players were discussing the situation at hand.

"From the way he's acting, it looks like he's prepared to fight like this until the end," Ye Xiu said.

"This Battle Mage seems quite tough, Mo Fan really should've used his normal playstyle to wear him down," Fang Rui said.

"Yeah…" Ye Xiu agreed, but the problem was, no one knew what Mo Fan was thinking. Worse, even after he came offstage they still might not get an answer. Lack of communication was always Mo Fan's biggest problem.

At last, this battle ended with Jia Xing's victory. Prideful Mage still had just under a third of his health left, not a bad situation.

Over at Happy, they were sighing. For this battle, Mo Fan's health had lagged behind at the start, but if he had used his normal style for this battle instead of the direct confrontation, he might have had a greater chance.

Watching Mo Fan walk back step by step, Happy's members maintained their silence, all the way until he returned to the player room.

"Not bad," Ye Xiu put simply.

Mo Fan looked at him, didn't say anything and headed back toward his own seat.

Ye Xiu gave Su Mucheng a meaningful look. At Happy, the only one who could have any bit of communication with Mo Fan was Su Mucheng.

Su Mucheng smiled. She twisted her head to look back at where Mo Fan heading back to his seat and called, "It's a bit sad that you lost, how come you played in such a rush?"

Mo Fan stopped and looked back, but his gaze landed not upon Su Mucheng, but upon Fang Rui.

"In a hurry," Mo Fan said.

Everyone was stunned.

"You useless dim sum! Are you looking for death! Hurry up and kneel!" Ye Xiu hit Fang Rui on the head.

"My mistake, my mistake!" Fang Rui was weeping and crying. The others didn't know whether to be angry or amused. This communication issue was really a big problem!