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1111 Wind Howl Internal Strife

Chapter 1111: Wind Howl Internal Strife

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Just like this, Tang Hao became the first member of Team Wind Howl to get eliminated, but at this moment, Fang Rui didn't have time to pay attention to Tang Hao's expression. After understanding Team Happy's intentions, a feeling of dizziness washed over him, making him almost fail to hold onto his own mouse.

If this were the competitive stage, Wind Howl might be down a member, but they had the overall advantage right now. Happy had sacrificed a lot of health to take down Demon Subduer. Let alone having no healer, even if Happy did have a healer, in a situation where every team member was at low health, it was very possible for the healing speed to not be able to keep up, resulting in the team being killed off one by one.

But the problem was that this wasn't on the competitive stage.

As a result, Happy had previously been fighting in disregard for everything else, but now they were running away as fast as possible.

"Where are you running!" Zhao Yuzhe roared. How could he put up with Happy running away? Elementalists had powerful attacks and strong AoE skills, the bane of Happy, whose members were on the brink of death.

Their captain's sacrifice couldn't be wasted!

Zhao Yuzhe was quite confident. His Elementalist charged forward like a Battle Mage.

"Careful!" Fang Rui immediately warned.

He hadn't seen what exactly Happy had set up, but since their intentions were so obvious, how could Happy not have made any arrangements for their escape? Let Wind Howl chase and kill them? If that was the case, it was no different from seeking their own deaths. 

Fang Rui's intention told him that Happy definitely had traps set up during their escape. Rashly chasing after them was dangerous.  

But Zhao Yuzhe seemed to not be able to hear him. Even though Fang Rui was his senior in the team and had named a God for a long time, playing dirty was looked down upon by many. Zhao Yuzhe rather liked Tang Hao's vigor with his "the junior succeeds the senior". He didn't admire Fang Rui's dirty playing from the bottom of his heart. Although he didn't dare disrespect his senior most of the time, his hot-bloodedness had consumed him. There were a bunch of nearly dead players in front of him, ripe for him to kill. It wasn't hard to understand why he ignored Fang Rui's warning.


Zhao Yuzhe was afraid of letting go of even a single player from Happy. He directly teleported into the enemy ranks in an attempt to kill all five of them at once. When he teleported, he had already activated Mobile Cast. His magic staff glowed with light, ready to release a spell.

Fang Rui saw Zhao Yuzhe's audaciousness and was stupefied. The opponents were at low health, but they weren't dead. For him to advance prematurely, did he really think these five were frightened dungeon monsters? Or did he think that his bold move would catch Happy off guard…

Okay, Fang Rui admitted. From a reverse psychology standpoint, such a stupid decision was truly surprising. He only hoped that everyone in Happy was too smart and think that it wasn't possible for someone to be so stupid! Maybe because Zhao Yuzhe had done it so quickly, the other side wouldn't be able to react in time?

He looked back. Beautiful Light 1 was already laying on the ground…

Fang Rui felt it was a pity that he couldn't see the expressions on everyone in Happy. Were they surprised? Were they in admiration of Zhao Yuzhe's boundless bravery? They didn't seem to think twice though. After Beautiful Light was smacked to the ground, he was quickly smacked into the air. Then, Lord Grim and Soft Mist both used Falling Flower Palms, sending him back along with an artillery shell from Dancing Rain.

After all, no one in Happy had a lot of heath. They didn't dare keep fighting. After sending away Beautiful Light, they borrowed his body as their first form of obstruction and then utilized long-ranged attacks to suppress them further. The team's Knight wanted to rush forward and block the damage, but in the end, he was yelled at by Fang Rui.

"Why aren't you all attacking!!!" Zhao Yuzhe's Beautiful Light climbed up from the ground after being sent back and shouted thunderously. In this instant, his dissatisfaction towards Fang Rui had reached its peak.

"The other side has made preparations beforehand. They're just waiting for us to fall into their trap." Fang Rui said.

"How would you know if you don't try!" Zhao Yuzhe yelled.

"Did you not just try?" Fang Rui asked back.

Zhao Yuzhe was suddenly at a loss for words. He had tried, but he really wanted to say that Happy's way of dealing with him didn't seem to be the result of careful preparation. But why did it turn out the way it did? Because he had been an idiot! In a moment of hot-bloodedness and impulse, he had made a move thinking he was invincible. The other side didn't need any careful set ups to deal with him. The openings that he showed were too big so much so that they instantly swatted him away. However, Zhao Yuzhe was unwilling to admit that he was stupid to Fang Rui. He felt like if he had just been a bit faster, the ones lying on the ground would Happy.

"Hurry up and chase!" Zhao Yuzhe didn't reply to Fang Rui's retort. He just called over the other two members to give chase. 

Without captain Tang Hao, there was a clear disagreement to how Wind Howl should fight. The Knight and Cleric weren't entirely focused on the game. They stole a glance at Fang Rui and Zhao Yuzhe outside of the game. In the end, they didn't move. Zhao Yuzhe's was an important part of Wind Howl's future, but Fang Rui was their team's most experienced senior. In addition to Fang Rui's status as vice-captain, the two didn't move, implying that they recognized Fang Rui's authority.

Zhao Yuzhe's Beautiful Light rushed out, but discovered that the other two didn't go with him. This time, he didn't dare charge into Happy's enemy ranks so simply. In the end, he could only have his Beautiful Light stop. Outside of the game, he glared fiercely at those two players. He didn't dare be too brazen to Fang Rui, but he wasn't scared of those two at all. 

The entire practice room was deathly silent. There were only five players that could form a team to this Ghost Lair. The other five team members, who weren't participating, hadn't left. They also wanted to see what this Ghost Lair was all about. Instead, they got an internal conflict between their team's players.

Most of the people there felt very uneasy, but a certain resolute person watched with interest at everything that was happening.

Liu Hao.

He gave up on Thunderclap and transferred to Wind Howl.  

It hadn't been long since he had joined the team. He didn't impatiently jump into the team and instead carefully observed this new team. Because this time, he truly wanted a achieve something here unlike with Team Thunderclap. In his eyes, Thunderclap was nothing more than a stepping stone. That type of small team couldn't contain this senior.

Speaking of which, Liu Hao felt like his strength was enough to replace Team Samsara's Jiang Botao. Unfortunately, Samsara was clearly very satisfied with the synergy between Jiang Botao and Zhou Zekai. They had invited Liu Hao's former teammate, Sun Xiang and One Autumn Leaf, but they definitely had no intentions of dropping Jiang Botao. In the end, Liu Hao was brought into Team Wind Howl. This rising team had performed outstandingly last season. Liu Hao was very satisfied and decided that he would do well here.

However, in Team Wind Howl, Tang Hao was their core. Zhao Yuzhe was the Best Rookie. His talent and growth would put him as a star in the future. Fang Rui was an All Star and their team's most experienced member. The team couldn't lack any healers, so of the five positions, only one spot remained.

Was this spot for Liu Hao?

From what he saw, he didn't think that Wind Howl valued him that much. They didn't seem to have determined that Liu Hao was the missing jigsaw piece. They were still searching for the most suitable combination. As for Liu Hao, as someone skilled and someone who free transferred, their thoughts were that they might as well sign him and test him out.

This type of attitude meant that they weren't particularly fervent about signing Liu Hao. In fact, there were many other teams that were sincerely interested in him such as Team Miracle. 

This team had took in three Excellent Era players. They had contacted Liu Hao too and gave him sincere promises. Core, team captain. They had prepared a generous offer and clearly laid it out to Liu Hao, but he rejected it without much thought.

Miracle? In Liu Hao's eyes, more like joke*. They were a team that had just gotten into the Alliance, and they wanted him to play for them? He might as well have just stayed on Thunderclap then! Core? Team captain? You think I care about being the core or team captain of a team like that?

Liu Hao ignored their sincere offer. When Team Wind Howl expressed their interest towards him, he immediately accepted. This type of powerhouse with hopes of winning the championships was where he hoped to be!

Liu Hao. At the moment, he was just one of Team Wind Howl's choices. Rather than saying that their sincerity moved Liu Hao, it was more like Liu Hao's eagerness moved them to just sign him along in the passing.

The team didn't need to offer any signing bonuses to a free player. The only requirement was to provide a salary. To be champions, no team would find it difficult to try out a player like that. As a result, Team Wind Howl moved quickly and immediately took Liu Hao as soon as the transfer window opened.

Wind Howl hoped that Liu Hao would bring change to the team. However, they didn't have any clear plans at the moment. They were still studying Liu Hao, so Liu Hao could feel that he didn't have a stable position in the team right now. As a result, he was careful. As someone who had once been a part of a powerhouse, he obviously knew how to find opportunities in the team.

And at this moment, a conflict had erupted in Team Wind Howl. Liu Hao observed it with interest.  

Fang Rui.

Zhao Yuzhe.

It was a common conflict between a rookie and a senior. The rookie felt like the senior was blocking his path forward. The senior felt like the rookie was a threat to his position… This type of conflict didn't appear only in pro teams. It happened all the time in all levels of society.

Right now, at Wind Howl, the conflict was fully out in the open. However, whether it was Fang Rui or Zhao Yuzhe, they weren't the players with the most authority in the team! The direction that this conflict would move towards would depend on Team Wind Howl's captain and core, Tang Hao.

Yes, Tang Hao. The Tang Hao who had become famous with his "junior succeeds the senior". Liu Hao realized that the resolution to this conflict was very easy to predict.