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Chapter 1109: Two 1v4s

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"He's too arrogant." Ye Xiu sighed deeply upon seeing the ferocity of Tang Hao's Demon Subduer. "Old Lin was never so indecent, despite playing a Brawler his whole life."

"Steamed Bun, why is your head still frozen?" Ye Xiu spoke as he turned around to see Steamed Bun Invasion's big frozen head.

Steamed Bun shook his big frozen head and expressed helplessness and regret.

Demon Subduer arrived. He was currently the blade of Wind Howl, a dagger that was even sharper than when Lin Jingyan was present.

Poison Needle, Gasoline Bottle, Sand Toss...

Demon Subduer used a series of skills the moment he arrived. Lord Grim opened up his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella into its shield form. Tang Hao was enraged and made Demon Subduer leap up. He stamped directly onto Lord Grim's head as he flew above the Myriad Manifestations Umbrella.

The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella contracted immediately. Behind the umbrella stood Dancing Rain's cannon, which was already set in place.

Tang Hao's heart thudded. The ray from Laser Rifle was launched out of the mouth of Dancing Rain's cannon.

Eagle Stamp!

Demon Subduer forcibly used this technique in midair, which seemed to have allowed him to halt momentarily during the time he stamped. He used the very technique Han Wenqing had used against Sun Xiang in the All Stars Challenge.

However, the AoE that the Laser Rifle covered wasn't something one could fully dodge just by making small changes such as a temporary halt in midair. Half of Demon Subduer's body was blasted by the Laser Rifle, and the strong force made him go spiraling through the air. There was a roof because they were in a dungeon. In the end, Demon Subduer didn't continue to fly in midair, but instead crashed rather tragically into the ceiling…..

"Young people…" Ye Xiu sighed emotionally as he enjoyed the sight of Demon Subduer embedded in the roof.

Tang Hao felt extremely aggravated, such a penetrating charge was instantly defused with the snap of a finger. He was even embedded into the ceiling like some sort of hanging light, how could he endure this?

However, that wasn't all!

Ye Xiu wouldn't let things slip when given the opportunity. Such as now, he was sighing with emotion as the muzzle of the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella was aimed at Demon Subduer. With the addition of Dancing Rain, two sets of Gatling Guns were brought out together. The bullets crossed and shot Demon Subduer in sync. The attacks were very satisfying.

Unsightly, it was too unsightly.

Even the teammates of Tang Hao found it difficult to watch. They rushed ahead to save him. As a result of this, it was Happy's turn to act tyrannically.

Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

Tang Rou's Soft Mist sprinted ahead by using her customary starting skill. The players of Wind Howl, who sprinted ahead and were ready to attack, went past her like a strong gale. Soft Mist didn't bother with the charging players ahead, but passed through a gap between them to look for the healer standing behind them instead.

The players of Wind Howl were stuck in a difficult situation. They had their captain at the front, and the healer at the back. Who should they save first?

"Save the healer!" Their leader finally gave them a command.

Everyone retreated to save the healer in a hurry. Lord Grim and Dancing Rain's joint shooting was also finally complete, and Demon Subduer fell down. Tang Hao impatiently wanted to attack.

A shadow suddenly flickered behind him.

Tang Hao was able to notice it, but since he was still adjusting himself in midair, he wasn't able to make too many movements freely.

It was as if the other team had prepared for it, because they started their attacks immediately.

Countless shadows scattered around Demon Subduer.

Ninjutsu: Shadow Dance!

Mo Fan was the one who attacked. Deception grabbed onto the chance by giving Demon Subduer a wave of fierce attacks as he dropped from the air.

Tang Hao was on the verge of coughing up blood. He had never been beaten into such a wretched state like this, not even when he was playing in professional matches. He was passive in every way, powerless to fight back.

He longed for reinforcement, but he had just told everyone to save the healer. If he immediately called out for them to help again, wouldn't it become a joke? Would he have any reputation left?

Tang Hao could only grit his teeth and endure.

Wait until I reach the ground!

He thought to himself.

He finally reached the ground.

What met him were Poison Needles, a Gasoline Bottle, and a Sand Toss!

He used these three skills earlier when he sprinted boldly ahead with the grandeur of annihilating Happy all by himself. As Happy welcomed his landing with joy, they used the same three skills.

Steamed Bun finally attacked. When the ice around his head melted, his condition returned to normal and he became exceptionally nimble.

Tang Hao wanted to avoid it, but couldn't. He truly longed for reinforcements, so he spun his camera around. He then realized that Happy had Tang Rou take on the four players of Wind Howl by herself.

It's been so long and you still haven't taken her down? Tang Hao was truly angry. Honestly speaking, he had never really thought much of Happy, including Ye Xiu.

Ever since he had gained fame in the All Stars Weekend by usurping the senior as a junior, he naturally possessed a strong psychological advantage when he fought with the older generation.

For him, Team Happy was just a combination of old farts and rookies. What was there to fear? A bunch of Gods were even seriously analyzing the members of Happy in the pro player chat. Was that necessary?

And now, it seemed that the four from his team weren't able to swiftly take down Soft Mist like he had expected. After feeling mad, he realized that he needed to face Happy seriously.

Soft Mist was fighting four by herself, and he was currently fighting four as well. Despite fighting the same numbers, they were in completely different situations: she had the initiative, while he didn't.

Soft Mist was doing what he had originally intended to do! He was able to sprint ahead with daring spirit because he had planned to stall the majority of the opposition's main force by himself like what Soft Mist was achieving right now. Then, his side would have the numbers advantage. This was the role of an ace.

But now, he was on the back end.

It could be said that the purpose of him as the ace was completely blown off by Happy. He had walked straight into the trap!

However, he didn't want to lose face. He didn't want to call for reinforcements because he wanted to take on the burden of the current situation by himself.

After Steamed Bun Invasion had greeted him with three skills after his landing, he dashed ahead with a Strangle.

Tang Hao was naturally incomparably familiar with the Brawler skills. When Steamed Bun Invasion slightly moved his shoulder, he predicted that a Strangle was coming. Tang Hao hastily controlled Demon Subduer to dodge. No matter what happened at this moment, he would not allow himself to be hit by this type of CC skill.

Despite having avoided Steamed Bun Invasion's Strangle, Demon Subduer was still caught in a Strangle.

Lord Grim's Strangle.

This was a low level skill under Level 20, so it was natural for the unspecialised Lord Grim to use it.

The Strangle was the starting signal for focusing a target. When he was taken down by the Strangle, the other three immediately launched another wave of targeted attacks. They wouldn't be able to recover because they didn't bring any healers, which increased the risk in fighting, but when focusing on a single target, their attacks stirred the soul.

On the other side, Fang Rui's group of four was dealing with Tang Rou. Even though Fang Rui was an expert, his style of playing dirty was never a quick-paced fighting method. His specialty lay in continuous consumption. However, Tang Rou's ferocity and boldness made Fang Rui feel uneasy. He most definitely did not disapprove of the players of Happy like Tang Hao. There was no problem in taking Soft Mist down at all, but it definitely was not as easy as taking her down in one go the moment they reached her. More time was needed.

If they needed more time on their side, what about Tang Hao? Could he hold on?

Fang Rui soon recognized this problem. However, the moment he looked at the other side, he witnessed Tang Hao being in a complete mess as he was tortured by the other four. His situation was more miserable than that of Tang Rou's.

Fang Rui sighed. He knew that Tang Hao's pride wouldn't allow him to call for help. But at the moment, he really, really needed reinforcement.

Switch targets!

Under the signal of Fang Rui, Zhao Yuzhe's group of three sprinted to assist Tang Hao. They left Tang Rou for Fang Rui to fight by himself because they didn't have any doubts about Fang Rui's abilities.

When the three switched targets to reinforce the other side, Tang Rou now had a much easier time. After all, Tang Rou wasn't able to take care of every single one of the four.

However, the moment they left the battle to switch targets, Fang Rui immediately said: "F*ck."

Soft Mist immediately increased her speed.

By going from a 1v4 to a 1v1, it was natural for her to suddenly release her battle prowess after the pressure dropped. What Fang Rui didn't expect was Soft Mist's immediate increase in speed to be so astonishing. What type of acceleration was this? At this moment, Fang Rui felt threatened and nearly lost his composure.

He was the master at playing dirty, after all. Patience and calmness were top qualities that this style required. However, a mere increase in speed but nothing else had frightened Fang Rui.

Then, her hand speed burst forth. A wave of powerful attacks pursued and rumbled its way towards Fang Rui's Doubtful Demon, the only target. Fang Rui realized that Tang Rou's sudden increase in speed had covered all of the distance between them. He was too busy being shocked that he actually forgot to pull away to a comfortable distance.

Thieves weren't specialized in close-combat fights. After suddenly having Soft Mist sticking with him, the wave of power smashed Fang Rui's heart into pieces. What made it worse was that the power didn't seem to have an end to it. What type of fighting spirit is this? Fang Rui was unable to relate this with the pretty girl in the report, who was beautiful to the point that one's heart would feel untroubled and pleased.

What a troublesome person!

Fang Rui came up with this complete analysis. However, despite being hard to deal with, he still believed that he could handle her. Doubtful Demon was on the defensive under Soft Mist's suppression and continued to retreat step by step. However, they were moving straight towards the direction Fang Rui had hoped to reach.

Nearly there!

Fang Rui counted quietly. As a master at playing dirty, it would be impossible for him to forget where he had previously planted his trap. That was alway his strongest weapon.

Young people!

Seeing Tang Rou's ferocity when she fought closed up, Fang Rui thought to himself.

But it's over now.

Fang Rui smiled. He was about to succeed in fooling a person. He enjoyed this kind of feeling, the delight when a prey lost it composure the moment it was caught in a trap.

What sort of reaction would this pretty girl make?

Fang Rui looked forward to it.

However, the moment Soft Mist was about to run into his trap, she stopped.

Switch positions!

"I'm here!" Ye Xiu shouted. The spear form of Lord Grim's Myriad Manifestation Umbrella flew forward and followed after Soft Mist's previous attack.

"What did you come here for?" Fang Rui fumed. It was as if a good scene was just about to unfold before him, but someone called out "cut"! Itt was too anticlimactic!

"I'm here to teach you how to play dirty!" Ye Xiu yelled. There weren't many people who dared to say those words to the master.

"F*ck off!" Fang Rui yelled. When facing Ye Xiu, the majority of the pro players would lose their composure...