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1108 Shards of the Ghost King’s Chamber

Chapter 1108: Shards of the Ghost King’s Chamber

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The two teams took a path each and soon made their way through the gap on top. Two large boulders laid between them.

Before they got a good understanding of the Ghost Lair, it was reasonable for the two teams to not have any real conflicts. However, they still secretly hoped that when the other team climbed over, another boulder would immediately come to squish them flat.

Unfortunately, both sides were disappointed. After they climbed over the boulder, the whole path stayed clear. After they walked through the same path as before, the dungeon finally started to open up more.

"This seems like a tomb." The five members of Happy reached the tunnel's end. The room was square and very spacious. It was also e quite tidy. Apart from the chamber... there seemed to be no other constructions in the dungeon.

After he spoke, the center of the room started to move and creak, a stone coffin slowly rose up from the ground.

"Hm? Is the boss about to spawn?" Ye Xiu asked.

"Ghost king?"

"This easy? We gained without spending any effort!" Ye Xiu spoke while the five members of Happy started to stand in formation.

"We should figure out the boss's attack patterns before we start our attacks. We don't have a healer, so everyone should be extra careful." Ye Xiu reminded. Judging from the general event, the ghosts had high attack, but weak defenses. It was easy to handle them after their weakness was found, but before that, they were hard to deal with.

Thinking back to the seaweed monster, the boss should be able to deal damage at that level. That ghost's attack was strong to the point it could instant kill anyone.

Happy scattered and stood in position. The stone coffin was also finally able to rise up completely from the ground. A a creaking sound came out as the coffin lid was pushed aside.

The five were relatively calm because they had seen too many of these tricks in the game. A player might find it mysterious and terrifying the first time, but they grew insensitive to these long ago.

When the coffin lid was shifted halfway, a pale, slim hand rose up to grab the edge of the coffin. The thing that was previously sleeping in there quickly sat up.

It was a female ghost.

The hair, skin, and clothing. All gave hints about it being a female ghost.

Ye Xiu didn't hesitate and threw a grenade into the stone coffin.

The grenade exploded and the female ghost shrieked, her voice sounded as if she was terrified. Being scared by this type of skill wasn't something that should happen to a boss.

The female ghost flew out from the stone coffin and rushed towards Lord Grim's direction with a shrill shriek.

The surrounding area instantly turned piercing cold.

"Ice attack!" Ye Xiu called and Lord Grim had already rolled to the side.

Dancing Rain set up her cannon, and three consecutive shots were let out. The female ghost was very quick and knew how to dodge the attacks. This was indeed the sort of intellect only bosses possessed.

After dodging past the three Anti-Tank Missiles, Tang Rou's Soft Mist blocked her way. She used series of low-level skills, combined with Chasers. This forced the female ghost to a point she couldn't fight back.

"Be careful, don't fight too close together!" Ye Xiu reminded.

"Understood." Tang Rou's focus was concentrated. What other unknown attacks did this female ghost have? They didn't know, but someone had to try. They wouldn't be able to test her thoroughly if they relied on long-ranged attacks, so they could only try with different methods.

A Fire Chaser flew out. The buff from the Fire Chaser wrapped around Soft Mist's arms and her strength increased significantly. The female ghost let out another mournful scream.

"She's afraid of fire, so she's a pure ice-type!" Ye Xiu recognized firmly.

"Gasoline Bottle!" Ye Xiu shouted at Steamed Bun.

Steamed Bun Invasion threw out a Gasoline Bottle, and as expected, the female ghost was suffering and enraged in every way.

"Flame Cut!" Ye Xiu called again.

Deception sprinted ahead.Trails of fire followed behind the ninja blades as they sliced the female ghost's body.

The female ghost continued to shriek miserably. As the blade pierced her body, it directly left a cutting mark that seemed burnt. It seemed that this was more effective than the previous fire-type attacks.

However, the female ghost's counterattacks also became incisive. She opened her mouth and blew out a gust of icy whirlwind. It was quick and covered a large area. Deception tried to dodge, but he wasn't able to dodge it fully, so his left arm, which got caught in the wind, turned into an ice block.

"What happened?" Ye Xiu asked. He wanted to know the effect of this attack.

"It's frozen." Mo Fan replied. This was the state the system gave Deception's left arm at the time.

"Can you still form seals?" Ye Xiu asked.

"No." Mo Fan said. All his controls that included movements with his left arm were forcibly deactivated. All the seals naturally required both hands, so without his left arm, the seals couldn't be formed.

"Then it would be like a Silence?" Ye Xiu said. Steamed Bun was a good fellow, when he saw Mo Fan's Deception was injured, he gave up his safety to help. However, the female ghost was very agile, so after she had injured Deception, she immediately turned around to blow towards Steamed Bun Invasion.

"Be careful, Steamed Bun!" Ye Xiu reminded immediately. Steamed Bun had already dashed behind the female ghost, but he didn't expect her to suddenly turn around and blow straight onto Steamed Bun Invasion's head.

Could it be that his head would be sealed? What were the results of that? Would his Intelligence decrease drastically? Because his brain was frozen?

Steamed Bun roared even sharper than the female ghost's scream. Of course, his roar didn't deal any damage, because key presses were required for an attack.

Steamed Bun Invasion, who faced the female ghost directly, lifted both his arms with a calm and collected manner.

The female ghost opened her mouth to blow a gust of icy whirlwind, but she was lifted horizontally in midair. Steamed Bun was able to brush straight past her.

Back Throw!

Steamed Bun Invasion threw the female ghost out with a Back Throw, so the icy whirlwind didn't even manage to brush him.

"This guy..." Ye Xiu was covered in cold sweat head to toe. He managed to use Back Throw's control to dodge the attack. Ye Xiu wasn't sure whether Steamed Bun consciously knew what he was doing, but it was a brilliant move nonetheless by replacing defense with offense.

"So close so close!" In the next second, Steamed Bun exclaimed and controlled his character to escape by rolling and crawling. He carefully kept his distance between the female ghost.

They had discovered the female ghost's weakness and had witnessed her attacks. Ye Xiu quickly adjusted his strategical thoughts, and commanded how everyone should deal with the ghost.

The grave chamber was instantly filled with shrill shrieks of the female ghost. After further inspection, the ice-type attack she activated through her shrieks was the fastest and strongest. Finally, with the cost of Steamed Bun Invasion's head being frozen, the female ghost was completely taken down within some wave of attacks.

Everyone hurriedly rushed ahead to surround Steamed Bun.

There was a large ice cube on his head. At this moment, Steamed Bun Invasion looked like a bean sprout.

"What's up, is your Intelligence still normal?" Ye Xiu was concerned about his hypothesis.

"There's nothing wrong with my IQ." Steamed Bun said.

Ye Xiu noticed that his voice was weak. It was obvious that the sound didn't come from the game. His voice had reached his ear in the training room, but it had been sealed in the game. This was very realistic because his mouth was one of the parts that were frozen!

"I mean your Intelligence stat." Ye Xiu spoke while he clicked onto Steamed Bun to check his stats.

His Intelligence was normal.

The hypothesis that a frozen brain meant lower Intelligence proved to be false.

Keeping up with the large, frozen head, Steamed Bun Invasion took a few steps forward. He swayed to and fro, which showed his terrible balance. This was probably due to the destruction dealt by the freeze.

"Look, what's this!" When everyone surrounded Steamed Bun Invasion, Su Mucheng noticed an item dropped by the female ghost.

Shard for the Ghost King's Chamber.

"Hm…..." Ye Xiu saw it.

If there was one shard, there would definitely be a second one, as well as a third, fourth, or fifth. The female ghost was obviously not the Ghost King, but one of his subordinates. The shards of this chamber was probably a type of key to unlock the hidden chamber. How many shards were there? Were they still on the boss? Since they have already collected it, if someone else wanted it, would they have to kill them in order for the shard to drop? Could the teams cooperate by using the shards together?

He tried to use it by right-clicking it. The system said that they needed the second, third, fourth, and fifth shard.

As expected.

Between the five teams, the five shards could only be used when they were put together. Through this type of method, only one team out of the five would have the opportunity to fight the Ghost King in the end.

Countless of thoughts flashed past Ye Xiu's head. At that moment, the wall facing them started to crumble. In an instant, the wall vanished. The crushed stones left on the ground didn't seem to match the quantity lost on the wall.

When the wall tumbled down, the chamber became even more spacious. Ye Xiu immediately saw a team before them who also just finished watching the wall tumble. Most importantly, a ghost's corpse also laid on their side. It wasn't the fully pale female ghost, but it should have been a ghost on the same level.

The people on both sides were startled at first, then they became aware of something. The pupils of the players on both sides contracted.

Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire!

The opponent's attacks came quicker and more direct. Young people! They were always rather impatient.

The people who came over from the opposite side of Happy belonged to Team Wind Howl. Zhao Yuzhe immediately launched an attack. He attacked while using the spell's lights to cover his team. The tomb chamber was wide and spacious, so there were no covers. After going through two years of his career life, Zhao Yuzhe was no longer a fresh rookie. He was one of the excellent players from the new generation, despite not having received a God's title yet.

The five from Happy dodged hurriedly.

It was pretty easy to dodge such a high-level skill when it was launched straight ahead without any base. Even Steamed Bun Invasion, who still carried the large ice cube on his head managed to sway aside and dodge.

However, Zhao Yuzhe's aim wasn't to attack in the first place, his intentions mainly laid in screening.

This was a fairly mature way of fighting for Wind Howl. Under the cover of his spell's light, Wind Howl's master of playing dirty, Fang Rui, started to fill the ground with his traps.

"Retreat for now." Ye Xiu informed. Steamed Bu Invasion's rhythm was slow and his balance was messed up because his head was still frozen. Happy couldn't fight at full power at the moment, so they could only keep away from the vanguard temporarily.

Unfortunately, Team Wind Howl's captain and ace, Tang Hao, was the type who wouldn't let things slip when he had a reason not to.

The more Happy retreated, the fiercer he rushed ahead.

The Brawler was originally a class that was very nimble and could change constantly. But with the class in his hands at this moment, Demon Subduer was brave and fierce like Desert Dust, the King of Fighting.

Tang Hao was extremely annoyed over the fact that his Brawler didn't have an impressive title.

Just like the Battle God, Great Gunner, Sword Saint, and King of Fighting, Demon Subduer should have an extravagant title too.

Demon Subduer then rushed ahead with a tyranny that his class didn't originally possess...