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Chapter 1084: Change

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Someone was finally taking over for Excellent Era.

The news came out on the day that Xia Zhongtian and Qiu Fei came to visit. The fans of Excellent Era, who had fallen into despair, were all suddenly brought back to life. Especially after they heard who had taken over, they were even more excited. Which City H person didn't know Ch'ien Green Tea's influence?

But soon enough, in the press conference Excellent Era held, they found out the truth.

The decision to buy Excellent Era was completely a personal decision made by Xia Zhongtian. It had nothing to do with Ch'ien Green Tea. In addition, Ch'ien Green Tea Didn't intend to sponsor Excellent Era because of their relationship with Xia Zhongtian. The ones that they were sponsoring was Team Happy, who had defeated Excellent Era and joined the Alliance.

What was going on? The excited Excellent Era fans didn't have the calm to try and figure it out. It wasn't as wonderful as they first thought, but Excellent Era still existed and there was nothing that was more of a delight than that. It was just a shame that One Autumn Leaf left them. They hoped that the symbol of Excellent Era would stay with them and fight beside them forever.

But it was all too late for that.

Qiu Fei, Combat Form.

For the press conference, this was the way that the fans saw Excellent Era's future. The Excellent Era of the new season would continue to compete in the Challenger League. This time, they were no longer a powerhouse, no longer an insurmountable presence in the Challenger League. They would fight with their all against every team and keep winning until they eventually reached the end and returned to the alliance to rebuild the glory of Excellent Era.

Long live Excellent Era!

Tonight was the first time in a long time that Excellent Era fans had tasted happiness. Their hopes were not in vain. No matter how small hope was still hope.

Goodbye, powerhouse. New Excellent Era has begun its journey!

The news used headlines like this to report Excellent Era's final transactions. By now, it seemed that all of what made up Excellent Era had been sold.
The old Club Excellent Era had been completely reconstructed and New Excellent Era had moved to the place 20 kilometres away next to Stone Road. Everything had become very simple and crude, but everything was still there

As for Happy, they had all settled into their new headquarters. Everyone had started doing what was done on holidays in their own rooms.

"Brother Ye, someone is looking for you." That was when one of the employees of the Internet cafe came up to deliver this message. Since the upper floor was Happy's headquarters now, they naturally wouldn't let just anybody come up.

"Coming," Ye Xiu replied, leaving his computer. After exiting the training room, he took the chance to light a cigarette and took a few quick puffs.

Smoking wasn't allowed in the training room. That was a rule that Chen Guo had took from the other clubs. This made Ye Xiu and Wei Chen extremely uncomfortable. However, the veterans of the team should be role models for the others, so the two had to endure it. What made things even more painful was that there was no point in them being role models because they were the only ones who smoked in the team.

"Who's looking for me?" Ye Xiu took a few steps towards the Internet cafe employee, and by then half his cigarette was already gone.

"He said his surname was Tao." The Internet cafe employee said.

"Surname Tao?" Ye Xiu paused for a moment, looking down. It was Tao Xuan.

"Want to come up and chat?" Ye Xiu asked.

"That's not necessary, I'm about to leave," Tao Xuan replied.

Ye Xiu noticed the luggage beside him. It seemed like he was going somewhere far away.


"After being exhausted for so long, I plan to go and enjoy myself," Tao Xuan said.


"Somewhere out of the country! All these years and I spent most of it locked up indoors. I want to go out of the country and experience what life has to offer," Tao Xuan said.

"Oh? Are you going to check out foreign Glory leagues and their Glory teams?" Ye Xiu asked.
Tao Xuan paused for a long while before nodding. "Maybe!"

"I wish you success," Ye Xiu said.

"And I you."


Cigarette burn out.

In the time it took to smoke half a cigarette, Tao Xuan had left. He had come all this way to visit, but left with just a few simple words.

Were they still friends? Ye Xiu didn't know either.

He knew that everyone had their own path. These paths might converge, but they might also diverge. No matter what, you had to walk your own path. He would continue to walk down his. Tao Xuan would too, probably.

Ye Xiu threw the cigarette nub away, returning to the upper floor. He entered the training room and returned to his own seat.
"Who was it?" Su Mucheng's current seat was beside his and she asked him nonchalantly.
"Tao Xuan," Ye Xiu said.

"Tao Xuan, what did he come here for?"

"He said he's going to visit some other countries," Ye Xiu replied.

"Is it necessary? To hide so far?" Su Mucheng said.

"Is he hiding? Maybe!" Ye Xiu smiled, putting his headphones back on and going back to the game.

"Where did you all go?" Ye Xiu send the message into the guild chat, Guild Happy.

They were still playing in the online game.

Even though they had entered the Alliance and become a pro team, for a grassroots team like Happy, their pro players couldn't leave the grunt work to others. They had to fight in the online game to deal with their lack of resources. All this was like how the Alliance was when it first started. The players of every team spent all of their free time in the game. They trained as they earned materials and equipment. Back then it was common to see all those famous IDs in the game.
But now, even if a player wanted to do this, it wouldn't be the same. If the current pro players wanted to play in the online game, they had to use a smurf account. As for their pro accounts, most of them were parked in the Arena.

For Happy, We had to continue working hard in the game. In fact, they had to work even harder because their future opponents would all be at the level of the final boss, Excellent Era, in their last season. They couldn't ensure that their skill would peak each match and they would achieve a miracle every single time. They had to improve, improve continuously. This was like a race. From the very beginning, they were never on the same starting line as their opponents.

Happy was working hard in the online game, but this time, it wasn't just them who was working so hard.

"We prepared for this match for a full year."

That was what Ye Xiu had answered in the first press conference he attended after he won the championship of the Challenger League. The memory was fresh in Xiao Shiqin's mind.

Happy's defeat of Excellent Era was known as a miracle.

However, miracles couldn't lack hard work. Happy had worked hard and accomplished a miracle.

What had Excellent Era been doing in this year?

Excellent Era was also working hard, but all of the hard work was directed towards the Alliance. The only thing that they discussed was what they would do after returning to the Alliance.

They had neglected the Challenger League because they thought that this was something that couldn't go wrong. Even Xiao Shiqin had thought the same way. If he didn't think that way, then he would have never joined Excellent Era.

It wasn't until Ye Xiu and Happy slowly surfaced, that Xiao Shiqin found that even though Excellent Era said that they didn't think Happy was any sort of threat, in their hearts, they were actually terrified of Ye Xiu. It was then that Excellent Era started taking the Challenger League seriously, but this seriousness was only directed at Ye Xiu.

To win the finals, Excellent Era had also worked hard. However, compared to the full year that Happy had spent, Excellent Era hadn't done nearly as much.

Opportunity always smiles on those who are prepared.

This was something that was always said, something that everyone said, but when everyone was prepared, who would opportunity smile upon? It was obviously those who were more prepared. Happy had been more prepared, so they were the ones that were given an opportunity, an opportunity that was called a miracle.

Most people would think that Xiao Shiqin had wasted a year, but Xiao Shiqin thought that he had been taught an important lesson in this year.

Now, he had returned to Thunderclap. He would never again be the person who wasn't prepared enough. He had to be more prepared than anyone. From the very first day, he began to prepare with the entire team.

It had been a year since the big update, but things had yet to stabilize. As the competitions came to a close, the players of the pro teams wouldn't invest so much into the online game. Now the start of the summer holidays, Xiao Shiqin felt that this was the perfect time to fortify his team. To defeat Excellent Era, a team like Happy could prepare for a year. If they, Thunderclap, wanted to do well in the Alliance, then they would have to start early.

Dumb birds fly first. Why had he never thought of that before?

"Captain Xiao, Team Three's four members have arrived at their positions." The voice coming from the game brought Xiao Shiqin back to the present.

"Oh, tell them to make sure to keep hidden. Chengtai, take a team to the right flank; Yanqi, you go with Chengtai."

"Hey, you've only come back for a few days, captain, and you're already chasing me away. I want to stay with captain." Dai Yanqi sulked.

"Don't joke around, hurry up and follow." Xiao Shiqin started to sweat. He hadn't seen her for a year and she had got an even bolder, daring to tease even him. She was Thunderclap's Devil. Who knew what Thunderclap would be like if she ever became the captain?
However, Dai Yanqi was merely joking around. Her Elementalist had already begun following Chengtai's team as she spoke.

"Captain Xiao, Captain Xiao!" That was when a character ran over, yelling for him.

"What's wrong?"

"Another guild has arrived." The newcomer said.

"Which one?"

"It's Happy!"

Happy… Just hearing this name would cause Xiao Shiqin's emotions to go haywire, but he soon composed himself. "How many people and how far are they?"
"About one team, they'll be here in about 5 minutes," the newcomer said.

That guy would definitely be in Happy's formation. Compared to the Challenger League last season, the Pro League would be even harder. They would definitely start preparing earlier and spend a lot of time in the online game. This was something that he had taken out of their book.

He hadn't thought that they would have the chance to fight again so soon.

"Everyone over here, come with me. Avoid Happy for now." As Xiao Shiqin spoke, he led the team away from their original hiding spot.

"Traps! Don't leave traps, go and dismantle them!" Xiao Shiqin acted as if he were leading a pro match, serious and careful.

Thunderclap's players all felt that after their captain had left for a year and come back, he had changed.

In the past, his arrangements and tactics had given the feeling of doing all you could under heaven's mandate. Now, it felt like he wanted to rebel against fate.

Thunderclap would definitely change because of this!