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1047 Disregard All Else

Chapter 1047: Disregard All Else
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Had Steamed Bun Invasion's barrage of chaotic attacks happened at any other time, it probably wouldn't have brought him any form of praise from any expert. However, it had coincidentally coincided with this moment, when Excellent Era was trying to bring Lord Grim down while disregarding all else. His actions were extremely disruptive to Excellent Era's tempo.

It wasn't that Excellent Era had no way of dealing with his chaotic attacks, but that they didn't want to waste time on Steamed Bun Invasion. They had just set their target as Lord Grim. If they suddenly focus fired a different target, then their determination just now would be nothing but a joke.

Excellent Era's players never would have thought that Steamed Bun's playstyle would give them so much trouble. Those unpredictable attacks had somehow managed to constrain them.

They couldn't just do nothing about it, but what if this was another of Happy's traps?

Before Xiao Shiqin made a decision, Sun Xiang had already struck first.

It wasn't hard to deal with Steamed Bun, but what made things difficult was that Lord Grim hadn't been killed yet! Under such a chaotic rhythm, Sun Xiang's sudden target switch left an opening that Ye Xiu immediately took advantage of. Lord Grim had been faster and managed to capture One Autumn Leaf first.

Battle God One Autumn Leaf had become Ye Xiu's weapon...
Although this had been the case for the past ten years, but this time it was completely different.

One Autumn Leaf was roughly slammed down by Lord Grim and then hurled at Matchstick.

Wang Ze was completely caught off guard. Matchstick and One Autumn Leaf were thrown into a heap on the ground. Lord Grim then turned and threw a Sky Strike at Combat Form who was advancing on him from behind. Combat Form's spear trembled, his Double Stab parrying the first stab and striking with the second.

Double Stab's Cancel and Combo Technique!

The technique Qiu Fei had missed out on using a year ago. The technique that Ye Xiu had used to deal damage to him in the Group Arena a year later.

In reality, Qiu Fei had already mastered this technique and now used it to parry Lord Grim's Sky Strike. The second strike stabbed forward without any hesitation.

Following this strike up with a combo was enough to kill Lord Grim. Lord Grim didn't have that much health left, so this combo didn't need to be too complicated. Qiu Fei had confidence that he could do it.
It was just that since this technique was one that was deeply imprinted into his mind, Qiu Fei was rather moved.

"Thank you!"

After sending the two words into the global chat, Qiu Fei went to complete his next actions.

Yet that was when Lord Grim's character suddenly crouched. The second stab of Double Stab hit nothing but air and then Lord Grim's outstretched hands grabbed Combat Form's waist.

"You've still got a ways to go!"

Lord Grim straightened, arching backwards and throwing Combat Form head-over-heels into the ground.

Back Throw!

In that moment, One Autumn Leaf and Combat Form, Excellent Era's Battle Mage duo, had been successively smashed into the ground by Lord Grim. The one to disrupt Excellent Era's rhythm was Steamed Bun, but the one to truly turn the situation around was still Ye Xiu!

They really should have wiped him from the game earlier! Xiao Shiqin was vexed, but also knew that regrets would do nothing for them now, determinedly charging forth.

"Ghost Feast," Ye Xiu said in the chat.

"Roger," Qiao Yifan responded. One Inch Ash revealed the edge of his blade and the ghost boundaries that were scattered across the ground swelled up like rolling waves.

Ghost Feast!

The power of the Phantom Demon was released from all the boundaries, exploding and creating a blanket of flashing lights and silhouettes. Xiao Shiqin had charged forwards, but the lighting created by the explosions made it impossible for him to locate his targets. He could only make judgements according to the positions he had last seen of the characters. That was when Life Extinguisher's waist was grabbed.
Xiao Shiqin lowered his view and found Steamed Bun Invasion squatting in front of him.

Back Throw...

Life Extinguisher was also slammed to the ground, head-over-heels, by a Back
Throw. That was when the smoke from Ghost Feast's explosion dispersed. Another of Excellent Era's character names went grey. Wang Ze and his Matchstick had been eliminated.

Life Extinguisher swiftly rolled to his feet and saw Lord Grim, One Inch Ash, and Steamed Bun Invasion all advancing on him amidst the dispersing light.

Xiao Shiqin didn't retreat, his finger rapidly tapping. Life Extinguisher immediately summoned three gadgets, splitting up heading for a different character. With the ghost boundaries gone, his gadgets were finally able to shine.
Bang bang bang!
Lord Grim aimed, fired, and with three successive gunshots, caused three explosions with startling speed.

The gadgets that Life Extinguisher had only just sent out were instantly destroyed by Ye Xiu's precise shots.

One Inch Ash's Moonlight Slash swept over and Xiao Shiqin hurriedly had Life Extinguisher dodge. Then, the back of his head was hit by a Brick; Steamed Bun Invasion's Brick.

Xiao Shiqin felt like he was going to go crazy.

This Steamed Bun was sometimes utterly chaotic, not in sync with his teammates at all, but sometimes he somehow managed to get into a dead angle to deliver critical strikes.

Xiao Shiqin had researched every single one of Happy's opponents. For this Steamed Bun, he really didn't know how to describe him because he had never seen a player like this. You had no idea what he was doing. Looking at the previous matches, he seemed to flow with the tactical arrangements, but in the next match, his fluency with the very same tactical arrangements seemed to have vanished.

In Xiao Shiqin's tactic handbook, he had written and erased, erased and rewritten, written and edited the information on Steamed Bun. Every match, he would discover something new, and none of what he saw would repeat.

In the end, in Xiao Shiqin's notebook, only one sentence had remained unchanged in regards to Steamed Bun: an incredibly unstable player.

Yes, that was the final judgement Xiao Shiqin had made for Steamed Bun. As for this match, it adhered to Xiao Shiqin's judgement perfectly. After making this judgement, Xiao Shiqin couldn't think of any way to deal with this player tactically because there was no way of predicting this guy, so he could only deal with his actions as they came.

Yet at the crucial moment, Excellent Era had been sent into chaos by Steamed Bun and then dismantled by Ye Xiu.

Now, Xiao Shiqin himself had been CCed with a Brick from Steamed Bun.

Lord Grim and One Inch Ash's attacks came not a beat too late, knocking Life Extinguisher all over the place. If it wasn't for Sun Xiang and Qiu Fei running over to support, Xiao Shiqin would worry that he was about to be one wave rushed.

As soon as One Autumn Leaf and Combat Form arrived, Happy's three immediately ran.

"Don't let them get away!" Xiao Shiqin yelled.

After Ghost Feast, the field was completely clean and it was a great time to charge. Xiao Shiqin's Life Extinguisher advanced while keeping an eye out and making sure to interrupt One Inch Ash's attacks. ghost boundaries were all chanted skills. If you managed to quickly notice and interrupt them, it would make a Phantom Demon's life very difficult.

Apart from that, there was also that Steamed Bun Invasion. Half of Xiao Shiqin's focus was on him. He couldn't let this guy throw the situation into chaos again.

Xiao Shiqin keeping an eye on the two by himself was naturally to give Sun Xiang and Qiu Fei a chance. During the Ghost Feast's explosion, he had healed himself a little and was now at 8 percent health. However, his health was still in the range of being wiped out in a single wave by the two members of Excellent Era.

Would there be a reason for Ye Xiu to face the two head on? Of course not. Lord Grim began to lead the two about in all sorts of tactical maneuverings.

Seeing this, Xiao Shiqin felt a headache come on.

Playing dirty...

Just went they had to finish things as quickly as possible, Ye Xiu began to play dirty. One Autumn Leaf and Combat Form were melee classes and Lord Grim had ranged firepower. If he started to play dirty, the two would have little chance of catching up quickly.

Xiao Shiqin took a look at the time and contemplated for a moment… it should be about time, right?

A message popped up in Excellent Era's chat.

One Autumn Leaf and Combat Form had suddenly switched directions while chasing Lord Grim.

The viewers quickly understood. These two had gone off to catch the healer Little Cold Hands.

Xiao Shiqin clearly knew where the support zones on the map were. His error in judgement before had naturally been taken note of. That meant that this time he should be correct. Otherwise, if it were somewhere else, the support zone would be way too far.

This time, Xiao Shiqin hadn't guessed wrong. One Autumn Leaf and Combat Form's change in direction really did take them in Little Cold Hands' direction. The two hadn't gone far before they saw Little Cold Hands.

Yet, behind them, Team Happy's other three members lunged for Xiao Shiqin's Life Extinguisher like hungry wolves.

They weren't going to rescue their Cleric?

Xiao Shiqin was puzzled.
In reality, they didn't have any way to easily and quickly kill off their opponent's Cleric. However, this was the greatest threat to Excellent Era's victory. Happy would definitely protect their Cleric with their lives.

If that happened, then Excellent Era would have successfully caused a lot of trouble for Happy. With a target to protect, Happy would be a lot less flexible with their movements. And Xiao Shiqin's primary goal in this lure for Happy to support was to trap Ye Xiu and kill Lord Grim. However, he would have never thought that Happy would ignore their Cleric and instead focus their fire on his Life Extinguisher.

Xiao Shiqin was confused. If this trade was successful, they might be in a three versus two situation, but Lord Grim only had so much health left. He wouldn't be able to turn that situation around with the pitiful amount of healing his unspecialized possessed. Three versus two had a high risk for them, no? What were they relying on? The CC from ghost boundaries? Phantom Demons were good at controlling, but the problem was that ghost boundaries still had their limits. After killing Happy's Cleric, Excellent Era would be much less pressed for time. In this sort of situation, two Battle Mages still had the ability to break through ghost boundaries.

Xiao Shiqin couldn't figure it out, but he wasn't going to stop there and let himself die. Life Extinguisher hurriedly went to retreat, but then realized that Ye Xiu playing dirty just now had "dirty played" his character into a perfect position. His current and only path of retreat was being blocked by Lord Grim.

They had planned this!

After realizing this, Xiao Shiqin felt uneasy. The opponent had planned this. That meant the current situation was still within their expectations.

That was when Xiao Shiqin suddenly saw Sun Xiang yell in the chat: "Holy shit, this Cleric is so fast!!"

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