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652 Team Blue Rain’s Tactics

Chapter 652: Team Blue Rain’s Tactics

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales
Even though Huang Shaotian’s childish trash talk spoiled the beautiful scene, the brilliant escape he had made couldn’t be erased from their memories. The audience had been hoping for a slow-motion playback so they could revisit that brilliant escape once more. Instead, the camera zoomed out to let the audience see that the other four members of Team Blue Rain had quietly circled around behind Team Samsara while Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain had been distracting them.

“Ah!!” Many fans of Samsara cried out in alarm, dying to go up and warn the players. Unfortunately, this was something they couldn’t do no matter how hard they tried, even for the audience members present at the match. No matter how loud they shouted, they wouldn’t be able to penetrate the soundproof booths surrounding the players.

The players were completely focused on the surroundings of Grass Blowing in the Wind. However, even though Samsara was about to be ambushed by Team Blue Rain, it seemed as if they still had plans for Troubling Rain as they advanced in the direction that Troubling Rain had escaped towards.


The four players from Team Blue Rain had already drawn near.

The hearts of the home team’s fans leapt into their throats. The away team’s fans were also sweating nervously.


The other four members of Team Blue Rain had finally reached a satisfactory position. Their characters were hiding among the grass, getting ready to attack using all sorts of offensive skills.

Different skills required different activations. The players also had different hand speeds, so every skill required a different amount of preparation time. However, Team Blue Rain released their offensive skills at the same time.

Crimson Storm!

Among the attacks, the one with the greatest surge of momentum, came from Yu Feng’s Brilliant Edge. He went straight for one of the level 70 Berserker skills as his opening move. Rushing Thunder Sword, the silver weapon of Glory’s number one Berserker, possessed a passive ability that imbued his attacks with the light element. In the midst of Crimson Storm’s pervading valor, a blue and white light traveled up and down the blade, causing its power to appear very great. As the sword sliced downwards, the sky and earth was covered in a vast expanse of green that swallowed everything up.

Swoksaar’s Silver weapon, Curse of Destruction, had long since filled the air with black gas. At this moment, the black gas converged overhead towards a single point. When Brilliant Edge attacked with his Crimson Storm, a black, whirling door that seemed to connect to another dimension solidified. The whirling door revolved gently. The black gas that permeated the air, mixed with wisps of blood, and converged into threatening tentacles that grabbed at different targets.

Warlock skill: Death’s Door. Compared to the damage it dealt, its crowd control effect was more valued in team battles. After the skill was released, the tentacles from the door would automatically pursue and attack targets within the range of 18 units. Once it grabbed a target, it would quickly drag them into the door and deal a high amount of damage.

Just from these two high-leveled moves alone, their momentum was already astonishing enough , but there was still a third player who still airborne.

The moment this character dashed rapidly from the grass, he formed a sphere with his two hands on the right side of his bottom. Boundless energy seemed to be condensing between his palms. Every audience present, including the commentator and even experienced pro players like Ye Xiu or Wei Chen found out to their surprise that the character who had dashed out from the grass was Receding Tides.

Receding Tides was a Qi Master character played by Song Xiao from Team Blue Rain. He was the sixth person in the list of names who would appear on stage from Team Blue Rain before the match. The list could not be falsified, so the only possibility was that he had been switched in sometime during the match. It was a great mistake by the cameraman to not notice anything this entire time. In this case, no one would have been able to notice it in front of the television without a special angle of the scene.

“Team Blue Rain’s Song Xiao unexpectedly makes a move! When was he switched in? We didn’t notice it at all!!” The commentator voiced out everyone’s thoughts. At the same time, Receding Tides launched his attack. He pushed out both his hands in midair where a blast of strong energy shot down from the sky.

Qi Master skill: Sky Piercing Strike!

Although the skill was named as Sky Piercing Strike, it wasn’t actually necessary to release it towards the sky. Whether it was towards the flat ground or at various other angles or positions, as long as you could successfully complete the required actions, then the move could be used.

Crimson Storm, Death’s Door, Sky Piercing Strike.

All the opening moves launched by Team Blue Rain were all high-leveled moves that covered a wide area. Evidently, they planned on inflicting serious damage to Samsara in one blow. No one would have thought that Team Blue Rain would take the initiative in their away-game. Huang Shaotian’s harassment drew Samsara’s attention, while the other members of the team took this chance to close in and unleash powerful attacks. In contrast, it was Team Blue Rain who took advantage of Grass Blowing in the Wind’s feature and gave Team Samsara a wave of surprises.

Accompanying those waves of attacks were fans of Team Blue Rain cheering, while the fans of Samsara clenched their firsts with handfuls of sweat. How would the home team defuse these offensive attacks?

They didn’t defuse them!

By the time Team Samsara’s players noticed what happened, the attacks made by the three Team Blue Rain players rained down on them, covering the entire area. Because of the the existence of Death’s Door, a skill that had prominent crowd control, the players of Team Samsara wanted to avoid being grabbed by the tentacles from Death’s Door while trying to fleeing from its range, so it was inevitable that they would receive damage from the other two attacks. After being restricted by the two attacks, dodging the tentacles from Death’s Door became an issue once again.

Under such coordination, dodging was most definitely not the best method.

Even though the damage from Crimson Storm and Sky Piercing Strike was fearful, at this moment, the core of the opponent’s waves of attacks was definitely the Warlocks’ Death’s Door. It was Death’s Door that caused Samsara’s players to feel trapped with no way out.

The key was to break through the control of Death’s Door!

Samsara’s Cloud Piercer rolled and escaped from the tentacles coming out of Death’s Door. His two hands glowed as he activated Sharpshooter’s Rapid Firing. The bullets spat out from his guns at a high speed and flew directly towards Swoksaar.

Team Blue Rain’s attacks had already cleared all of the grass neatly from this place. At this moment, they could no longer use the grass to hide themselves. As for Zhou Zekai, he was letting Cloud Piercer receive damage from the attacks in order to interrupt Swoksaar’s spell. With Death’s Door’s crowd control and high damage output, it was definitely not something the user could just cast and then do something else. It required the player to continue controlling it. If they received an attack at that moment, then Death’s Door would be interrupted very easily.

Zhou Zekai made a decisive action, but Team Blue Rain seemed to have anticipated this would happen. Soul Speaker, Xu Jingxi’s Paladin, had appeared at this moment and encased himself in a golden light cover. He cast a Holy Shield, which could resist any damage. He stood right in front of Swoksaar.

When the bullets flew towards the golden light cover, they were swallowed up without even a trace remaining. Xu Jingxi’s Soul Speaker didn’t receive any kind of damage.The Holy Shield’s light only dimmed a little after receiving such attacks.

Immediately after Cloud Piercer had shot his bullets, the Wave Formation from Jiang Botao’s Spellblade passed. Holy Shield’s light cover flickered for a bit, but Soul Speaker was still unharmed.

And after that? After that, the other two offensive type players of Samsara weren’t able to exert any of their power. The other two characters were respectively, an Assassin and a Grappler. Neither of them had any long-ranged attacks. By the time they rushed over to attack, they would already have escaped beyond Death’s Door’s boundaries. What would be the point of interrupting?

Team Blue Rain’s tactical arrangement had thoroughly thought over all factors of Samsara’s classes. A combination of mid-ranged attacks had directly disarmed the two Team Samsara players.

Their decision to interrupt Swoksaar’s spell at this time was relatively prompt, but had they considered all of the possibilities to cover? Did they consider if they could break through the opponent’s cover with their own attacking methods in the required time?

Doubt had already risen within numerous people, but they didn’t have time to discuss because the match continued to progress and many events would happen in a blink of an eye. Just when everyone doubted them and started to think about how Samsara’s style of having Zhou Zekai shoulder everything alone couldn’t deal with Team Blue Rain’s exquisite teamwork, Zhou Zekai’s Cloud Piercer continued to attack.

Under Rapid Firing, Cloud Piercer swung out a Gatling Gun. The cartridge cases of the bullets that flew out from the gun’s muzzle flew out crazily and scattered around his feet. The bullets from the rapid firing shot out in a straight line like a laser beam as it pierced through the light cover on Soul Speaker. The light cover continued to swallow up the bullets as it flickered, but it still showed no sign of being shattered. However, these attacks caused Xu Jingxi to feel a little nervous. He had already noticed Jiang Botao’s Empty Waves using Wave Formation attacks one after another. It was only when he had to dodge the tentacles from Death’s Door’s that his attacks would be displaced. The Wave Formation scraped past Holy Shield’s light cover as it passed over, so it didn’t inflicts its full damage. At this moment, the firing from Cloud Piercer’s Gatling Gun had ended, but the Hold Shield was still there.

At this moment, because of Crimson Storm and Sky Piercing Strike, a few Team Samsara players were captured by the tentacles from Death’s Door. They were quickly dragged towards the door. As for Team Blue Rain, Yu Feng and Song Xiao had already finished their attacks and were prepared to follow up with another wave of attacks.

“I managed to withstand it……” Xu Jiangxi was extremely astonished. He managed to fulfill the task of protecting Swoksaar with his Holy Shield.

“Right?” But at this moment, amidst the bloody light and black tentacles, Cloud Piercer swung his gun as he was pulled towards the door. He lifted his gun and aimed towards a reflection…...


Thunder Snipe, a level 70 Sharpshooter skill.

The bullets exited the muzzle. Xu Jingxi saw a black dot enlarge at a rapid pace before his eyes, then he clearly saw the single bullet pause on his Holy Shield. Immediately after that, it wasn’t swallowed up because the Holy Shield had been broken.


A spurt of blood sprayed out from in between Soul Speaker’s eyes.

“It’s enough to only break through my Holy Shield! You still have to get through me!” Xu Jingxi thought, when he heard a similar sound coming from behind him.