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636 Final Resolution

Chapter 636: Final Resolution

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Samsara agreed on twenty million. However, Samsara’s manager had a request. The twenty million wouldn’t be paid all at once. Five million would be paid in advance, while the other fifteen million would be paid monthly over 24 months.

The total number seemed to be fixed, but there could still be ways around it. Ye Xiu had to try and fight for it. With the number already agreed upon, the two sides were much more relaxed. You give in a little bit, I give in a little bit and so on. In the end, Ye Xiu was able to get eight million in advance and twelve million paid monthly over the next 12 months.

After the negotiation finished, Ye Xiu suddenly had an idea. He asked if he could use a portion of the money to be paid in materials from the game. Samsara’s manager brightened up at this proposal, but when Ye Xiu listed his requirements, the manager shook his head.

No way. If it were normal materials, perhaps they could discuss it, but nearly all of the materials that Ye Xiu had asked for were only dropped from wild bosses. If these materials could be bought, Samsara’s manager would have easily spent that twenty million to buy what they could. The only reason that they would sell their materials would be if Samsara lost their ambition to win the championships, but with Samsara’s current momentum and resolve, how was that a possibility?

So when he heard Ye Xiu’s proposal, the manager immediately rejected it. When the manager proposed enormous amounts of materials that could be found in dungeons, Ye Xiu also refused. He shook his head just like what Samsara’s manager had done towards his proposal.

One was a manager, one was a pro player. Neither of them were stupid. Both of them knew that the value of dungeon materials and wild boss materials were on a completely different scale. Dungeon materials could be easily bought if one had money, but wild boss materials were difficult to buy even if one had the money for it. This negotiation was different from before. Previously, Ye Xiu had something that Samsara needed, so he had the advantage. With the overall deal finished, small arguments over minor details wouldn’t stop the deal from being renegotiated, so most parties would slowly discuss the following matters. Samsara didn’t have the time though. After buying the method, they needed to immediately use it and upgrade their characters. They didn’t have much time left until the playoffs, so the manager didn’t dare delay any longer over small details.

From his observations, when Ye Xiu had rejected the dungeon materials, Ye Xiu had shook his head, but he hadn’t been too resolute. So after talking about it for awhile, the two sides began figuring out how to trade the materials for money. They obviously wouldn’t be going according to market price. Ye Xiu tried to lower the price, while Samsara’s manager naturally wanted to raise the price. The manager talked about all sorts of troubles that Samsara was going through. He sounded as if they would be out on the streets if they went with Ye Xiu’s prices.

Ye Xiu obviously wouldn’t trust him. He hard-heartedly fought back, occasionally reminding the manager that Samsara was busy and didn’t have time. If not, he would threaten the manager by asking about the storages for Tyranny, Blue Rain, Tiny Herb, etc and ask whether or not they might take the offer.

Samsara’s manager listened to him. Ye Xiu was being so shameless! The two sides had already agreed on the deal, but they hadn’t officially signed anything yet, so he was playing the back out card! Ye Xiu was saying it to his face too! Shouldn’t he feel embarrassed!

However, Samsara’s manager had a certain amount of confidence in this deal for materials. Don’t look at how Ye Xiu was constantly telling them that they needed to hurry. The manager also knew that Ye Xiu was in a hurry too. Since he planned on building a team from scratch, he needed materials very badly. They wouldn’t be able to enter the pro scene with a bunch of Purple and Orange equipment. Wild boss materials couldn’t be bought, but researching self-made equipment also required lots of dungeon materials. Even though dungeon materials could be readily bought with money, Samsara’s manager was certain that as long as they gave a price lower than the usual market price, Ye Xiu would be tempted.

The manager’s analysis was correct. After going back and forth for awhile, Ye Xiu didn’t continue to persist. He also knew that if he traded dungeon materials in this deal, he would be saving a lot of money in the future. As for whether or not these materials would have a lower value in the future, Ye Xiu didn’t care. His job wasn’t to invest in the material market. After taking these materials, he would be using them and he needed to use them immediately. There was no time to wait for the prices to rise or fall.

In the end, Ye Xiu and Samsara’s manager agreed upon a trade of two million RMB for dungeon materials. Ye Xiu gave a call and had Wei Chen send them a copy of their needs, whether it was for his Death Hand or other self-made equipment requirements.

The copy that Wei Chen sent over also had wild boss materials, but Samsara wouldn’t budge on this point. Ye Xiu could only erase them.

Because it was just for dungeon materials, the amount of materials traded for two million RMB wouldn’t be a small amount. After talking about it for awhile, they finally reached a deal. The exact amount of money wasn’t definite yet, but Ye Xiu had gathered together his requirements. After giving the list of materials over to Samsara’s manager, the manager handed it over to the specialists, who gave an estimate for the materials according the manager’s prices. After doing some rounding, they finalized the amount that they would receive for two million.

When Ye Xiu saw these huge quantities of materials being traded without Samsara even blinking an eye, Ye Xiu was inwardly surprised at Samsara’s resources. Their explosive growth this season wasn’t without reason.

The other details took another half day to finalize. That night, the two sides drew up a contract and signed their names. Once Samsara arranged to transfer over the advance, Ye Xiu finally relaxed. He downloaded the guide from his e-mail and handed it to Samsara.

“Tsk tsk tsk……” Samsara’s manager personally inspected the goods to make sure that the quest list Ye Xiu had given them was the same as in this document. When he saw that they had spent twenty million for this document, the manager sighed repeatedly.

After inspecting the list, he had the specialists verify the content with the drop rate data that Ye Xiu had provided beforehand. This wasn’t an easy task, but it was necessary. The contract had a stipulation, meaning that if the guide didn’t match the drop rate data provided, Samsara had the right to adjust the price accordingly.

Because of this clause, Ye Xiu couldn’t help but feel nervous, waiting for the confirmation. If Concealed Light had made a silly mistake and somehow messed up a digit or two, it could be troublesome, but when he thought of Concealed Light’s diligence, he managed to calm himself down a bit.

This examination took place all night. Samsara’s manager deserved to be in the gaming industry. He didn’t have any problems staying up all night with Ye Xiu to watch over it.

Finally, at 4:37 AM, the data verification was completed. There were no mistakes. Samsara’s manager shook Ye Xiu’s hand. The largest deal in the history of Glory had officially concluded. It was only a pity that this deal wouldn’t be announced to the public. From here on out, Samsara had full authority to do what they wanted with the guide. If Ye Xiu wanted to use it, he would need Samsara’s permission too. Of course, Ye Xiu had guaranteed that it wouldn’t restrict their team’s strength. He had stressed this and Samsara also understood, so they didn’t have any overly excessive demands. They just made sure that Ye Xiu would not be able to sell this method to anyone else.

“It’s been a long day. Let’s get some rest. Come over tomorrow afternoon. We should host a feast for you!” All of the issues had been resolved. Samsara’s manager naturally loosened up. He didn’t immediately kick Ye Xiu and instead maintained his cordiality.

“There’s no need for that! I’ve got to hurry and return as well. I will have to come back anyways sooner or later.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ha ha, that’s true. I hope that time comes soon.” Samsara’s manager said.

“I’ll see you then.”

“You don’t want to stay for dinner?”

“No need!” Ye Xiu waved his hands and left Samsara.

When he walked out of the elevator and turned around to look back. There were quite a few rooms still lit. Ye Xiu reckoned that Samsara would be staying up all night to upgrade their characters. When Samsara’s players woke up, they would have characters with skill points unrivaled in the Alliance.

Seeing how Samsara was spending the night working, he guessed that knowledge of the guide wouldn’t be passed down to the pro players. After all, pro players moved teams. Even if they signed a non-disclosure agreement, it was still another potential source of uncertainty. It would be better to simply keep the knowledge from spreading to as little people as possible. As for what Samsara was planning on doing with this in the future, Ye Xiu didn’t know either, but he was certain that Samsara was well aware of the issues with this guide. The reason that they bought it out was for their goal of becoming champions. Ye Xiu didn’t think that Samsara would use this guide as a money-making tool.

Only studios would think of using it for profit. The Clubs were at the top in terms of making money. Those below them were making far less too.

A player or character transfer easily went into the millions and with how fast the scene was growing, it wouldn’t be long until it broke into the tens of millions. The characters in the Alliance relied on the existence of the game, but because of the Alliance, the value of these characters far surpassed those of normal game accounts. The Glory Alliance was a brand name even higher than the game itself.

When Ye Xiu returned to the hotel, he bought a plane ticket home. That night, Ye Xiu returned to Happy Internet Cafe. He went to the practice room and saw everyone gathered there. Seeing Ye Xiu return, everyone quieted down.

“How much money did we get!” Wei Chen’s voice was dry and rough. Ye Xiu had been in touch with them these past two days. They obviously wanted to know the results, but Ye Xiu wouldn’t tell them. This was because the deal hadn’t been completely closed yet, so Ye Xiu didn’t want to get their hopes up. In order to prevent them from having their worlds turn from heaven to hell, Ye Xiu had kept it a secret. He would finally reveal the price to them now.