The Immortal Player
111 Not That Building!
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The Immortal Player
Author :RDestroyer
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111 Not That Building!

Hearing the old man's cry, Pedro sheathed his Katana and drank as many potions as he can. Since the developers wanted the game to be as real as possible. The potions had no cooldowns after use. Hence, Pedro can use as many potions he can.

Despite it, other players didn't dare consume potions like that. It was because the players wanted to maximize the use of their potions since it was not cheap and they needed to use a lot of it.

The more potions they can conserve, the longer they can farm monsters and become stronger. Thus, the majority of the players, still, drank one potion at a time.

Pedro wiped his face and stood from his knees. The whole arena was still stunned by the scream of the old man. Their view of the battle area became clearer as the smoke disappears. And their jaws went agape upon seeing the curled up old man on the floor.

'Oops! I think I went a little overboard?!' Pedro forced out a smile.

'Don't worry. He's an old human. He must have at least one or two siblings that inherit and will continue their bloodline. If he was young like you... Even I... would have taken pity to him and his bloodline.' Faunia pulled the chain back to the ring and shrugged off the dust at her shoulder.

"Let's he~"


Before Pedro could approach and help the old man who was in pain. The entrance was opened and Medical personnel rushed in to attend to the old man's injury.

"I guess they can manage."

Pedro's eyes returned back to its normal state and dusted off his overcoat as he departed from the battle area. Faunia followed behind him as the observers watched them leave.


Back in the viewers' area, Beatrice, Talia, and Mathew woke up.

Talia's mouth went agape upon seeing the old man curled up in the ground. This old man was strong to the point that his brother, Mathew, assessed the old man to even be a level 100 or so NPC.

Before she could utter a single word, Mathew stood emotionlessly and headed towards the pathway, to meet up with Pedro and Faunia.

"Ah! Brother! Wait!" Talia stood and chased after Mathew, "Do~Do you know how did Expert Bro defeat the old man, brother?"

"No..." Mathew replied in a cold tone, "When I woke up, the battle was already over. If you wanna know how he did it... Why don't you ask him personally?"
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Mathew pointed towards Pedro and Faunia who was heading towards them.

"Oh!" Talia stopped for a second before waving her hand towards Pedro.

"Expert Bro! Expert Bro!" Talia rushed towards Pedro with excitement.

Mathew can't help but shook his head. He knew his younger sister well. She loved games, especially the part where she can exploit bugs or even abuse it. Thus, upon seeing the results of the 'spar', She was amazed that Pedro was able to defeat an NPC more than twice his level.

"Expert Bro! How did you defeat that old man? I mean... That old man scared the shit out of me and brother after we first met at the meeting earlier."

"Hahaha! I'm sorry but... I'd like to keep it as a secret for now." Pedro was happy to see that Talia was interested, but he decided to keep it to himself because once he told it to others... no matter how trustworthy that person was... the information he would reveal would be leaked.

"Expert Brother, Don't mind this little girl! We still have other important matters to attend. The final phase of the recruitment event, approval of applications."

Mathew pulled Talia on one of her ears.

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" Talia cried, but Mathew acted as if he didn't hear anything.

"Let's go, Expert Bro!" Mathew led as they departed the arena.

Pedro responded with a simple nod.


Back to the viewers' area, Paul Solares watched the Medical Personnel heal the old man who was in pain. Beatrice remained quiet as mixed emotions filled her deep inside.

"What do you think we should do?" Paul broke the silence with a question, that made Beatrice look at him with confusion.


"I mean... That man, the Vice Almirante chose as her apprentice... My guts are telling me to join back at the Karakoa fleet. But doing so... might affect my image and authority on our ship, Felippe." Paul paused for a second and continued, "Senior Kentaro entrusted his ship to me... If I join the fleet again... It would only look like I failed as his apprentice and showed everyone that I'm not strong enough to lead the ship."

"You think too much, Captain!" Beatrice sighed, "Joining back the fleet, doesn't mean that you failed as Senior Kentaro's apprentice... It doesn't also mean that you are not strong enough to lead the ship. Don't you remember what the Vice Almirante always said?"

"Ranks does not matter, as long as we can help those who are in need!" They uttered at the same time.

Paul went silent, contemplating his final decision. After almost a minute of silence, paul stood and said, "I have decided! We'll join the fleet once again! Besides... He is still new to the organization. He needs someone to guide him to the ins and outs of the organization."

"Hehe... As you wish, Captain!" Beatrice smiled.


Aspiring recruits were lined up outside a three-story building. Each second that passes, the line becomes longer and the area starts to become noisier.

At the entrance of the building, a sign can be seen with some text written in it.

"Recruitment Area!"

Pedro and the rest arrived outside the building.

"Woah! It looks like we have a lot of work to do!" Pedro smiled.

The Karakoa Fleet needed more crew and personnel. The reason why he went to the trouble of attending the event. However, just as he was about to walk towards the building, Mathew stopped him.

"Wait, Expert Brother!"

"Hmm?" Pedro looked back towards Mathew.

Mathew walked towards Pedro and whispered, "Not that building! That one!"

Mathew pointed to an adjacent two-story, abandoned-looking, building.

"Recruitment Area! (Karakoa Fleet)"

Pedro's smile vanished upon seeing the sign placed near its entrance.


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