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Chapter 785: Clash of Champions!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Is that so?"

A sneer came out of the wind. Before Dayan Mangban could finish speaking, floomf! A violet flame shot of the skies and wrapped around Dayan Mangban's Stellar Energy barrier, setting it aflame.


Dayan Mangban let out a low yelp. He had immediately sensed that his internal Stellar Energy was being burned away, and even though he was at the Saint Martial realm, he could do nothing against this strange violet flame.

"Bastard! Filthy brat, what martial art is this?"

Dayan Mangban growled as he struck out with a palm. Boom! To his surprise, Wang Chong had chosen to meet palm with palm.

Dayan Mangban remained in the same place, but Wang Chong and his horse needed to back up several steps before finally dispersing the power of the blow.

"Saint Martial realm! Impossible! In just a few months, how did you manage to reach the Saint Martial realm?"

Surprisingly, it was the winner of this exchange, Dayan Mangban, who seemed stunned. He was even more surprised than when Wang Chong's five thousand Wushang Cavalry had stopped the advance of his White Braves.

Dayan Mangban was a Brigadier General, a high-tier Saint Martial expert. One needed to be a Saint Martial expert themselves to block his blow.

In other words, Wang Chong was also a Saint Martial expert.

But how?!

In their last meeting, Wang Chong had only been at Tier 9 of the Imperial Martial realm! And that had been only two months ago.

Between Imperial Martial realm Tier 9 and the Saint Martial realm was a massive threshold, far larger than the gap between Imperial Martial Tier 1 and Tier 9. To cross this fissure in two months was simply impossible. Not even the most talented person would be able to accomplish this.

Even Dayan Mangban, a Brigadier General and Asura War God of Ü-Tsang, would not dare claim that he was capable of such a feat.

No! It wasn't just him! No Great General in all the Tibetan Plateau had this capability!

"Wait! What sort of armor is that?"

Dayan Mangban's pupils constricted as his eyes locked onto that black armor that had suddenly appeared on Wang Chong's body. This black armor was different from any that Dayan Mangban had ever seen.

This armor was pitch-black, but its darkness exuded an indescribable majesty and grandeur, as if this was a king among armors.

Any armor, even this special suit of plate armor granted to him by the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple, would lose out to Wang Chong's pitch-black armor, like a foot soldier standing before a sovereign.

Even more unbelievable was that all armor in the world should have been heavy, as they were all forged from metal, but Wang Chong's armor appeared to be as light as a feather.

And though the exterior seemed very normal, Dayan Mangban could sense that this armor appeared to bizarrely have a life of its own, matching Wang Chong's every breath.

This mysterious energy seemed to be twisting the light in a radius of three zhang around Wang Chong, making the area seem dark and gloomy.

This was no normal armor, and moreover, Dayan Mangban clearly remembered that Wang Chong had not been wearing this armor in their exchange just moments ago.

In the space of a single thought, he had equipped this armor, and Dayan Mangban had no idea how he had done it.

"Hahaha, Dayan Mangban, after a separation of three days, you need to look at someone in a new light. You think that I'm some ignorant person unwilling to learn? In this battle, I don't only want to utterly vanquish your White Braves, but also behead you and let all the Tibetans know what happens to those who oppose the Great Tang."

Wang Chong gripped his sword, his eyes shining with a sharp light, his entire body exploding with a powerful will to battle. Wang Chong had already activated both of the items he had bought from the Stone of Destiny, the Stellar Energy Igniter and the Karmic Battle Armor.

When Wang Chong had poured his Stellar Energy into the Karmic Battle Armor, he had instantly felt himself fusing with it. The Karmic Battle Armor had become one with his skin, hair, bones, and limbs, breathing in and out with him.

Most importantly, upon wearing this armor, Wang Chong instantly felt his strength leap past that massive barrier and reach that lofty realm of power.

The Saint Martial realm!

In this new life, Wang Chong had once again reached that realm of supreme power, and the pleasure he felt was simply indescribable.

Come! Dayan Mangban! War Saint versus War God! Let's see who the strongest truly is.

With this thought, Wang Chong galloped forward.


There was a flash of light, and Wang Chong was suddenly three, each of them riding a horse, glowing with a purple energy as they charged toward Dayan Mangban.

'Three Horse Division' was an extremely powerful Saint Martial realm horse technique. It not only produced illusions of oneself as well as one's horse, but the illusions were very difficult to distinguish from the real one.

Wang Chong originally did not have the ability to use this powerful charging technique, but now that he was at the Saint Martial realm, many techniques had become available to him.


Dayan Mangban raised his head in shock at this sight. Wang Chong gave off a completely different feeling. He was now the gleaming edge of a sword, fierce and dreadful.

"Blood Sea Whirlpool!"

Although he was shocked, Dayan Mangban's reaction was not the slightest bit slow. With a shake of his spear, a bloody stream of light shot forward as he executed a secret technique of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple.

Boom! Space seemed to cave in around the area struck by his spear, and a massive vortex appeared, exuding a crimson light.

Wang Chong's three illusions were instantly shrouded within this vortex.


As the illusions were dispelled, Wang Chong's sword blazing with violet flame clashed against Dayan Mangban's spear.

But before Dayan Mangban could counterattack, two slender fingers fired a fierce stream of Sword Qi. As it flew through the air, space itself seemed to be cleaved in two, and it left a vacuum in its wake.

"Not good!"

Dayan Mangban's expression chilled, and he immediately shifted his head to the side. That milky-white Sword Qi only two fingers thick swept past, traveling ten-some zhang and striking a White Brave who had been doing battle in the background.

The 'Great Bon Defense' shrouding the White Brave that had allowed him to block a full-force blow from the Wushang Cavalry was instantly destroyed, that white shroud of light lasting only for a second before being pierced through, the Sword Qi boring past both it and the plate armor beneath.

The Sword Qi continued unabated, piercing through a second, third… In the end, it punched through five White Braves before finally dispersing.

Without even a sound, the White Braves dropped to the ground, their bodies rigid.

"Great Snow Mountain Devil Dragon Art!"

A furious light raged in Dayan Mangban's eyes as he snatched out with his right hand. The earth cracked and black smoke began to surge. A massive black dragon, its eyes like lakes and its body like a mountain range, suddenly appeared behind Dayan Mangban, making him seem like an apocalyptic god descended from the high heavens.


Dayan Mangban immediately lunged forward with his spear. The earth groaned and cracked as a destructive and chilling Stellar Energy raged, sweeping over the world to meet the attacks of Wang Chong and Li Siye.


At almost the same time, Wang Chong and Li Siye leapt forward together. Wang Chong activated the Stellar Energy Igniter, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, and the Art of God and Demon Obliteration one after the other, and after them came the other techniques and skills that had become available to him upon reaching the Saint Martial realm.

As the Grand Marshal from his last life, the supreme War Saint, Wang Chong now had many supreme techniques available, even though many of the most powerful were still locked away because he had not yet returned to his peak.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Wang Chong moved like lightning, his sword weaving in and out as he fired off stream after stream of Sword Qi from the Art of God and Demon Obliteration, making the area in a radius of several dozen zhang a most dangerous hell. Meanwhile, in each exchange, Dayan Mangban would have a portion of his Stellar Energy burned away. The Stellar Energy Igniter was proving extremely effective in this battle against Dayan Mangban.

In contrast, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was not as effective against a Tibetan Brigadier General, a high-tier Saint Martial expert, as it would be on other warriors. Moreover, it was clear that Dayan Mangban had further honed his internal energy after the battle at the City of Steel, making it even more difficult for the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to absorb his energy.

Even so, a continuous stream of energy was still flowing into Wang Chong's body. Not even the Asura War God could change this fact.

And this was only with the relatively immature form of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, as Wang Chong had not been cultivating it for very long.

Boomboomboom! Gusting wind scattered dust and gravel everywhere as both Wang Chong and Dayan Mangban moved at incredible speeds. Even though they were mounted, they moved with just as much speed and flexibility as if they were dismounted. Even the Wushang Cavalry were lacking in comparison.

"Barbarian of the plateau, hand over your life!"

Fierce gales wreaked havoc around the site of Dayan Mangban and Wang Chong's battle as Li Siye incessantly swung down his massive Wootz Steel sword, his furious roars ringing through the skies. Each strike had enough power to shatter mountains, and each blow rang out with a peal of thunder. Within a radius of one hundred zhang, the earth swayed and the air buzzed, and it seemed like a tsunami was imminent.