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Chapter 707: The Peril of the Lunar Eclipse III

Chapter 707: The Peril of the Lunar Eclipse (III)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong moved with incredible speed, and in the blink of an eye, he neared the area the screams had originated from. In the distance, Wang Chong could see a brightly lit stone house ringed by Wushang villagers, all of their faces fraught with concern.

"Who goes there!"

"It's those outsiders!!"

"What are you planning! Hurry and leave!"

"Stop, hurry and stop! Or else don't blame us for being rude!"


The Wushang villagers watched Wang Chong approach with great apprehension and vigilance. A few villagers immediately stepped forward and began to shout, hoping that Wang Chong would stop and keep a distance.

It's too late!

Wang Chong was deeply concerned.

Everyone in Wushang Village maintained an extreme vigilance and aversion toward him, which was why Wang Chong had not brought up this tragedy during the day. No one would believe him, and in the worst case, the Wushang would believe that he was cursing them and immediately drive him out.

But this time was different. Probably not even the Wushang knew just how many people they would lose tonight.

The Wushang were far too powerful. Even Gao Feng and Nie Yan, who had fought alongside him on the battlefield, sighed in praise at their strength. But Wang Chong was deeply aware that the power of the Wushang came with a price. Beneath the veneer of power were a terrible drawback and pain that no ordinary person could imagine.

This drawback was normally bearable, but on the night of a lunar eclipse, it would suddenly explode in intensity.

This was the Achilles' Heel of the Wushang.

"Make way!"

Wang Chong's eyes turned cold. He had no time for explanations, and he shook his wrists, unleashing a powerful wave of Stellar Energy, creating an energy vortex in a radius of several zhang around him.


Before the Wushang could approach, they were sent flying by an invisible energy.


A harsh voice came from the entrance to the stone house as a Wushang elder that Wang Chong had seen during the day charged out, his face ashen. Accompanying him were five small swords floating in the air.


These five small swords were about the size of thumbs and seemed insignificant while floating in the air. However, the aura they exuded was like that of one thousand jun, as heavy as mountains. It made one feel like Mount Tai itself was hanging over their head, that their life was hanging by a thread.

Metal element ability!

Wang Chong's face also flickered.

Wushang Village was surrounded by mountains, so it was easy to train Earth element abilities here, especially those related to stone. Huang Botian's Stone General was one such case. But the Wushang elder before him could actually use the Metal element, and he seemed even more powerful than Huang Botian in his Stone General.

This Wushang Village surrounded by rocks was truly an inconceivable place.

It's the Five Elements Sword Mountain!

Wang Chong suddenly remembered something.

The majority of Wushang Village's martial arts were related to stone and earth, but nothing was absolute. Wang Chong knew that one elder of the village had cultivated the Metal element, and his martial art was called 'Five Elements Sword Mountain'. He was exceptionally powerful and was Wushang Village's sole Metal element warrior.

'Five Elements Sword Mountain' was extremely powerful, and its most unique point was the five small swords.

Each of these swords weighed more than one thousand jun. Unlike other swords, they relied not on their edge, but their incredible weight. Any person who dared to underestimate them even slightly would end up having their body pulverized.

Alas, this Metal element elder's emergence was as brief as the morning dew. Just like the others, he died in the great calamity.

Wang Chong hadn't expected that he would run into him.

"My apologies for my offense!"

Even though he knew who this elder was, not only did Wang Chong not back down, he increased his speed as he charged toward the elder.

"Seeking death!"

The elder's eyes chilled. Elder Wu Jiumei was currently injured and time was urgent. No matter how high Wang Chong's status was, even if he might be a marquis, he was still an outsider. If he still tried to force his way through, the elder could not be blamed for what came next.


The five small swords began to ring in the air. Though only several inches long, they were like whales in the ocean, leaving massive vortices in their wake as they shot through the air. With this sudden burst of speed, the five swords shot toward Wang Chong like five mountains.

If struck, Wang Chong would instantly be pulped, his body pounded into paste!

Wang Chong lightly snorted at this sight, no fear in his eyes. 'Five Elements Sword Mountain' truly was powerful, with one small sword being equivalent to a mountain. Yet not even the 'Five Elements Sword Mountain' was a match for one of the Ten Supreme Arts of the Central Plains, the greatest of the evil arts, the 'Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art'!

Rumble! Wang Chong shot toward the five swords like a cannonball. As he approached them, Wang Chong immediately pushed the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to its limit.

Buzz! In the blink of an eye, a massive attractive force exploded out of Wang Chong's body. Space in a radius of ten-some zhang began to twist, along with everything else within that area.

The Metal element elder standing in the stone house instantly felt like everything outside the house had begun to twist and grow blurry. Not only that, the five swords he had sent out were altering their course under the influence of some inconceivably powerful force.

"Not good!"

The elder paled, knowing that he had underestimated this Young Marquis. He instantly began to circulate more Stellar Energy, his dantian resonating as he attempted to gain back control and stop Wang Chong. But he was too late.

Bzzt! A thin and slender palm, like that of a ghost, suddenly pressed against the elder's belly, on his dantian. The elder's Stellar Energy immediately began to flood out, pouring into Wang Chong's body.

However, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art's dominance did not merely reside in something like absorbing energy. The moment Wang Chong touched the elder's body, the Stellar Energy within the elder grew turbulent, falling out of his control and into Wang Chong's.

And if an elite expert were to have all his Stellar Energy controlled by another, they would instantly turn from this supreme expert into an ordinary person who couldn't even truss a chicken, incapable of any sort of counterattack.

Such was the terror of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. Once one got close, the only fate awaiting a person was death, of being sucked dry of energy.

"Senior, I've wronged you!"

Upon gaining control of the elder's Stellar Energy, Wang Chong pulled with both hands and threw him outside, at the same time, sealing off his acupuncture points and Stellar Energy.

If one did not want to kill a person with the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, this move was the most straightforward. Of the older experts of the martial world, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had captured and humiliated many of them using this method.

As someone personally taught by the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Wang Chong was far too familiar with this move.

After dealing with the Metal element elder, Wang Chong immediately charged into the house. A turpentine lamp faintly illuminated the simple room.

A stone bed had been placed in the innermost depths of the house. Wang Chong saw that Wushang Elder Wu Jiumei was lying on the bed, his two eyes showing their whites and his mouth foaming. His thin body was as stiff as a board, and his skin was suffused with a blackish hue.

The veins under his skin were bulging out and twitching like earthworms.

"What are you doing?"

"Lord Marquis, didn't we already agree? You will leave at daybreak. The matters of the village are none of your concern!"

"Leave, leave, hurry! If you don't leave now, we can't be blamed for treating you rudely!"


By the bed, several Protectors and elders no weaker than Huang Botian viewed Wang Chong warily, their expressions stern. Although they had permitted Wang Chong to stay for the night, the wariness the Wushang had of outsiders was not that easy to dispel.

Especially at a time like this!

"Lord Marquis, please mind your manners!"

With these last words, the bearish Wushang Protectors immediately tensed up, prepared to attack. If Wang Chong made the slightest strange movement or took another step forward, they would immediately attack as one.

"Whether I leave or not is a matter for tomorrow, but isn't the most urgent matter at hand Elder Wu? It looks to me like he won't be able to last for very long," Wang Chong said, peering behind those people.

At Wang Chong's words, they all immediately turned around. Wu Jiumei's stiff body had suddenly begun to shudder and twitch. Not only that, blood was beginning to leak out of his mouth and the corners of his eyes.

This was a sign that his organs had been injured.

"What's going on?"

The Wushang paled in alarm. No matter how slow they could be, even they could tell that Wu Jiumei's condition was extremely poor. For blood to be leaking out of the eyes and mouth, black blood at that, meant that his internal organs were damaged.

This sort of illness wouldn't be as serious in a younger individual, but Wu Jiumei was very old. If a solution could not be found, the situation was liable to end very poorly.

"Wujian grass! Quickly, use wujian grass!"

"Elder has already taken it, but it showed no effect."

"Elder's body has been afflicted by this illness for a long time, and because he's taken too much wujian grass already, these things no longer have any effect."

"Then what do we do! Think of a way, think!"

"Call the Chief! Only the Chief knows what to do."

"I've already sent someone, but Botian and the others still haven't come back!"


The room instantly fell into disarray. At this moment, no one had any mind for Wang Chong. Whoosh! In a split second, while the room was in chaos and everyone had their minds on other things, a silhouette shot toward the side of the bed. Two fingers of the right hand extended out, opened Wu Jiumei's mouth, and thrust a pill inside.



"What are you doing?!"


The Wushang all paled. No one had expected Wang Chong to exploit their lack of attention.